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  1. Truly great! Alex and Jennifer :love: :heart: have such an amazing chemistry together. Both good people :love: in their inside and outside of who they are. Both can be proud of. Looking forward to have them both again. Compatible partners who makes people happy, too.

  2. omg hij is facking lekker!

    omg omg :heart:

  3. wow wow wow!! i guess j.lo finally “got” her a real man…lol…i am soooo jealous of her right now…

  4. The “V” is often referred to as the “Treasure Trail” by us gen X’rs. And my god what a treasure that man is! Tiffany you do a fantastic job keeping this site up to date and feeding us constant eye candy. The man is funny, intelligent, witty, drop dead gorgeous, and just a perfect specimen of a man. Num Yummy!!!!

  5. WOW!!! Alex is sooooo hot, sorry for my husband, but Alex is the sexiest man on this planet!
    Thanks Tiffany for sharing this beautiful man with us…

  6. one of the most beautiful “happy trail” I have ever seen 🙂 sigh …faint …sigh… faint
    Thank you for posting such great pics

  7. Amazing pics, thank you for sharing!

  8. Que ganas de ver la pelicula la ultima foto me a vuelto loca.Cada dia esta mejor.gracias Tiffany que hariamos sin ti.

  9. OMG what a beautiful man! Thanks for taking such good care of us Tiffany.

  10. oh my god i die and want to heaven if only i could see him right here right now so i could ask him all about and just look at them eyes he is a very very good looking man

  11. Oh MY! The man is simply delicious.

  12. The second and third photos are the best ones. I really wanna watch that film!!

  13. Thank you soooooooooooo much!! WOW!!
    That just made my whole day 😀

  14. Hot…Hotter…ALEX!!!! Wow…what a Man!!!! Thanks for this great pictures!!!

  15. OMG, what a man, what a man, what a man, what a man, he’s too delicious. My heart just skipped a beat. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Thanks for the great shots, Alex is total “eye candy”. Tiffany, you are doing a fab job, keep it coming.!

  17. NEW PICS!!!

    Alex throws out the first pitch before the MLB game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium, September 15, 2009.
    Here’s the link:


  18. WOW! WOW! WOW!
    Minha Nossa Senhora de Fátima!!!
    Meu bom Menino Jesus!!!
    Santo Deus!!!!
    Este homem é uma benção dos céus, absolutamente delicioso e perfeito!!!
    Estou estarrecida com tanta perfeição…

    Alex is an absolute PERFECTION!

  19. The man is a GOD!!! He makes me proud to be Australian, I wonder if CBS are still wondering why MOONLIGHT had such a huge fan base? A picture is worth a thousand words, he is just divine. I can’t wait for Three Rivers and the Back Up Plan, yum, yumm, yummy. HOT. HOT. HOT.

  20. I shall well like to be instead of Jennifer! What a chance! Alex is simply splendid!

    Oh punaise, ça y est je suis amoureuse !!!!!!

  21. The Most Gorgeous Man On Earth !!! Thanks Tiffany !
    ….. Sigh ….


  23. Oh Gee, what more could be said ….couldn’t believe my eyes, but then again any picture of Alex has this effect on me. These are especially awesome and a great finale to a fabulous week of Alex …and BTW, did you guys see him again on Craig Ferguson’s repeat of last Labor Day’s show. It was another nice surprise to see him late last nite. I was just disappointed earlier tonite that I couldn’t get to see him throw out that baseball in LA. Maybe it’ll show up on You tube.

  24. I do like the lean look on Alex. I want to “THANK” this photogapher for an AWESOME photo of shirtless heaven. Thanks Tiffany for a nice ending to a long exhausting day. I am not so tired anymore Ha ha

  25. did it get hot in here all the suddent.. <>

  26. TIFFANY ! You have been working over-time this week!!! Thank you for all the articles, interviews and pictures. We all owe you a big debt of thanks. Even Alex should thank you..
    PS. Bet Jennifer did want to go home to hubby after spending a day with Alex!!!!!

  27. OMG is right. Alex is so sexy. I suspect his weight loss was due to being sick in Mexico like he mentioned on tv the other night. And oh my yes those pants are low. I too would like to be 30 yrs younger but even us old gals can dream and think about having that body close by. Wonderful pics Tiffany. Thanks and can’t wait for the movie. To see Alex on the big screen again and this time with more viewing time than Whiteout.

  28. Oh Me Oh My!!! He gives me Butterflies…. He’s my new obsession after Michael Jackson passed…

  29. OMG, THank you Tiffany for these gorgeous photos!! and thank God I have a strong heart!! He is amazing, a what a body!!! and what a “V”. I am so happy for ALex, he is a wonderful actor, i truly feel he can play any role given him!!! Again thank you TiffanY!!

  30. OMG! THUD!! I just picked myself off the floor. Brains and an incredible body. WOW!!

  31. I agree with Nana. Holy crap.

  32. Someone call a DOCTOR. WOW. Don’t care what critics say this Man is HOT and can play any role given him. Can’t wait for the release. To see him on the Big Screen that is where
    he belongs.

  33. as Rachael Ray would say……….YUMMO…………..had heart palpitations !!!!

  34. thanks for the photosalex looks good to good with no shirt on very sexty
    and very hot

  35. *THUD* Wow! If those pants were any lower……!!!
    Natalie–does the movie come out 1/22/2010 you mean?

    1. Yes, the movie does come out in the U.S. on 1/22/2010. See Tiffany’s archive on The Back-Up Plan photos she got during filming.

  36. Honestly, I am breathless right now. To open up this e-mail and see that gorgeous
    man has left me speechless. Alex has lost a lot of weight since Moonlight. His body
    is amazing. I can’t wait for this movie to come out. Wow !!!


  38. That last picture makes me wish I was 35 years younger. OMG , it just takes my breath away and gives me feelings I haven’t had in years!!! The things I could do with that body!!!!! HOT!!!

    1. 35 yrs… um, yup… I hear you Meredith, and of well…. to put it in a nice way… that of …..very nice photos …. thats all…

    2. oh god who could not like that, that is my kind of'” dying and going to heaven”

  39. WOW!! He looks so great, I really love this guy…Thanks Tiffany.

  40. OMG *faint*, so gorgeous. Now I really can’t wait for The Back-Up Plan movie on 1/22/2009. My heart just goes thump thump thump. The man looks great, lean, glistening, ohhhhhh. Thank you to Tiffany and LovelyLopez.net for letting us have a look at Alex, yum.

  41. WOW!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR THESE!!!!!

    1. Oh my God! He’s beautiful.

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