Alex Visits the Fellas at Cro Customs Again

Thanks Amy for the tip about new pictures of Alex riding his motorcycle. Check them all out here. Apparently he had his bike tweaked and then he took the guys out to lunch and chatted about the Whiteout Premiere. I wonder if those Cro Customs guys need a receptionist? I used to ride a motorcycle myself….

alex o'loughlin on motorcycle

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  1. lucky…

  2. I don’t know why, but this photo reminds me of Wild Hogs (I really like that movie). What I would give to have a motorbike just like that one (with Alex too).

  3. Alex is an Easy Rider!!!! It`s cool Man…thank you Tiffany for this picture!!!

  4. Hi Tiffany – thank you so much or all the great pictures of Alex – do you have any thing on Alex throwing out the first pitch at the Dogers Game today?? Just a bit anxious to see him in action.
    Thank you again.

  5. Nice photo of Alex and his bike. Good to see that he’s not working all the time and has some time for fun. Like Cozette, I’m old but not dead. I have pics of Elvis all over my house and now Elvis shares my walls with Alex. I have and wear Alex tee shirts all the time. A gal has to have someone to dream about.

  6. Hey!! Thanks so much for posting these. It’s great to seeAlex out enjoying one of his passions

  7. Thanks for the pics. That was sweet of Alex to buy lunch. As a friend of someone with a brain injury from a motorcycle crash, I’m happy to see Alex rides safely!!!

  8. WOW!!!!!!! He really looks good on a bike. Used to ride when I was alot younger. My Kids tease me about all the Pix of Alex in my room. I tell them I’m old not Dead. In fact my daughter got me a tee shirt that says: I’m not old I’m a recycled teenager. LOL.

    Only 18 more days til Three Rivers. It’s now the final countdown.

  9. hi thanks for the photo of alex my seft i would not ride a bike i guess i might be a liitle baby
    i give alex hands down

  10. Tiffany, I had no idea you rode. Cool. Alex on a bike with tats showing. Ultimate Cool!

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