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  2. I LOVE YOU ,alex.miss you so much.

  3. I think you will faint when you get to see Alex ‘dressed’ and shirtless. Get the ice handy !! i did or the first season on DVD – waiting impatiently for it so I can have an ALEX Weekend!
    glory – Central Calif.

  4. Ohh yeah Alex shirtless and with uniform that is something you MUST SEE!!! That guy is just extremely HOT, ATTRACTIVE AND SEXY nOT not to mention how approachable he is in person with fans and other people.. Definitley blue is Alex color it suits him to perfection and it bring out those hazel-blue-green eyes more. I hope there are more stories in upcoming episodes where Steve uses his former SEAL skills and training, I love if that happens.

    1. I gotta say, I am a BIG fan of the pilot and the episode where Danny’s former partner’s murder (whew–what a mouthful!) was investigated because Alex showed up in dress blues in both those episodes. Peter said that they weren’t too sure about casting Alex until he showed up on set with that uniform and he looked like a stripper telegram–apt description, no?–and they were sold. So are we! Even though it hides that beautiful head of hair, I just love the hat. Does anyone have a fan? Is it getting hot in here? 😀

  5. You ladies are right–WOW!! Alex shirtless and in uniform all in one episode?? Can’t get any better than that! :love:

  6. Thanks for the update, Tiffany. I do appreciate very much your written reviews every week I have a hearing disability and if I miss something I can get it from your review. I again bought the entire season of Hawaii Five 0 from i-tunes and they download each episode for me automatically each Tuesday so I am very pleased with the service.

  7. Is there anything Alex can’t do?!!! Thanks Tiffany for the promo vid! Looking forward to it! :love: :heart:

  8. Thanks tiffany for sharing this video with us. Looking forward to this episode,Alex shirtless is hot! :heart:

  9. Alex loks even more ULTRA hot and sexy in this picture and I can’t
    wait to watch this episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kelly Ann Scovell :heart: :heart: :kiss: :kiss:

  10. Uniform and shirtless? (I can’t view video at work; will have to wait until this evening.) WOW!

    Yes, thank you so much, Tiffany, we appreciate your efforts–don’t get us wrong. We are just so passionate about Alex and his career and we care so much and want him to succeed. I’ll be honest; I’m selfish–if H50 succeeds, then I get my Alex fix weekly. If not, I can’t imagine the drought. Thanks again. If any consolation, Monday’s night’s ratings were listed as stable with a little over 11 million viewers–they said CBS scored big that night with 2 Broke Girls 2 1/2 Men, etc.

  11. loved the photo! :heart: :heart: :love:

  12. Thanks Tiffany for posting these previews. The channels that air H5-0 where I live don’t show them. Looks like more of Steve’s “Seal training” will come in handy in this episode. I can hardly wait to see it.

    Please don’t get discouraged by our comments. I think part of the problem is that Alex’s other shows did not work out and everyone is afraid that this one might go the same way. Another is that last season was awesome with an amazing cliff-hanger and we expect a lot of season 2. But, I remember that it took until Christmas before I really started paying attention to 5-0. We need to put our fears on hold and give this season a chance. As for redoing the original show’s plots – this is a REBOOT and part of what makes it work is that it is not a carbon-copy of Jack Lord’s 5-0. I miss Kono being part of the team and hope her situation in resolved soon. Thanks again, Tiffany. :heart: You do a great job of keeping us informed. :p

  13. Alex in uniform and shirtless on the same episode :love: :heart: 👿 ..It cant get any better than that :heart: :love: 😀 :woot:

  14. :heart: 😀 :love: :whistle: About sums it up…cant wait

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