Hawaii Five 0 Fan Fiction -SEAL of Approval-Part 4

We last left off with Steve being taken away in seal form as Danny found him on the beach outside the house and called for help. As we move on in this next part of SEAL of Approval, find out where they took Steve and what is next. What will he tell Danny? What will happen to him?


Part 4

hawaii five 0 seal of approval fan fiction


“Koa?  My love, are you there?”

He hears the wonderful lilting voice of his love and tries to clear his mind.  He slowly opens his eyes and finds himself surrounded by medical equipment, but not the kind he’s used to seeing.  Trying to move, he feels trapped and then realizes he’s still a seal.  Grunting, he tries to move around and finds it difficult. 

“Hey, there, big guy.  You’re finally awake.”  The soft voice fills the air.  He tries to see where it’s coming from but can’t get his head around.  He tries to pull away when he feels kind, gentle hands on his side and realizes they aren’t trying to hurt him. 

“You had us scared for a bit.  You’ve been out for over 24 hours.  We weren’t sure you were gonna make it.”  A pretty face comes into his view.  She smiles at him as her hand gently rubs his side.  He feels the pulling of the stitches where they’d repaired his side, but the pain is minimal.  They must have given him some kind of pain medication. 

“My love, are you there?”  He hears in his head. 

“I’m here, my dear.  I’m here.”

“I have been so afraid.  After you told me to stay away, I have been trying to find you.  Are you hurt?”

“I was but that has been tended to.  I will be fine.  Are you and the pups okay?”

“We are well.  I have done what you said and stayed where I am.  I have told the pups and they have stayed away as well.  What is happening?”

He doesn’t want to worry her, but they have always been honest.  “Hunters.  They caught me, but I was able to get away.   I went to my human home where I was found.  I will be better soon.”

“Hunters?  They are not allowed.  You told me that.”

“I know, my dear.  They are not to hunt, but humans do not always obey.  I am sorry.” 

“You have nothing to sorry for.  You did not do this to yourself, my love.  I will be near.  I will be here for you when you return.” 

“Be safe, my dear.  Do not put yourself in any danger for me.  Keep the pups away.”

“We will be safe.  You heal and come back to us.” 

He looks back at the kind face hovering above his head.  The exchange with Lilly had taken only moments.  He concentrates on what she is saying but finds it difficult.  He’s never been in seal form for this long and it may be taking its toll on him. 

“Don’t worry, big guy.  Another day or two and we will have you back in the water.  You seem to be wanting it, so we will get you there.  Then, if there are no complications, we should have you back in that big ocean in ten days to two weeks.”  She gently pats him and walks away. 

Two weeks?  How will I ever explain this to Danny.  He hates it when I just disappear and this time?  I will have to tell him this secret now.  I have no choice. 


“Yeah, yeah.  I understand, Joe.  It’s been over a week, though, and not a word from him.  I thought if he’s off on some super-secret mission, you would know.  I appreciate you checking.  Thanks.” 

Danny hangs up the phone and walks back out to the beach.  He’s been over here checking for Steve every day and today, Charlie had insisted on coming with him. 

“Uncle Steve?” He asks his father, looking up from the sand castle he’s making. 

“Sorry, buddy.  No.  That was a good friend of your uncle’s, though.  He hasn’t heard from him, either.  But I’m sure he’s safe and sound.  You know your Uncle Steve.”

“I know Danno.  I just don’t like you being so worried all the time.”  He continues to build. 

Danny, shocked by how attuned his son is to him, shakes his head.  “I am worried, but you don’t worry about me.  I’ll be fine.” 

“Okay, Danno.  I’m sure Uncle Steve will be, too.  I just wish he would come home.” 

“Well, Charlie, that’s your Uncle Steve.  He disappears from time to time, and always come home.  He is a SEAL, after all.” 


Steve swims around the pond, relishing the feel of being able to move and glide through the water.  A few days ago, when they first put him back in the water, he’d been elated.  It had been too long and needed the water.  The pull from it was undeniable.  He had spoken several times with Lilly, keeping her informed of his status. 

When they’d lowered him into the water for the first time since the incident, he’d jumped and flipped and loved the feel of the water all around him.  It had been like coming home. 

They hadn’t been sure how he would do, but he handled it so well, they left him in the pond area.  He was alone, but Lilly was always present in his mind, so he never felt lonely.  He knew they weren’t going to let him go until they were sure he was well on his way to being fully healed, but he longed to get back out in the ocean and to his human home. 


He has been a seal for so long he almost forgot he was human.  This is the longest he’s ever remained a seal and, as far as he can tell, neither his father nor grandfather had ever been one this long.  He is not sure the effect it will have on him but he has no choice.  If he’d remained human after breaking the harpoon, he would have died.  And if he didn’t die, how would he explain the injury?  No, he has to remain in this form.  Though, yesterday he did dive deep, making sure no one could see him, and he did revert for a moment.  He’d needed to be sure he could still become human.  The pain he felt in that form was too much and he was more than glad to become a seal again. 

Moving through the water, he is overjoyed to hear a familiar tone in his head. 

“My love?  Are you there?”

“Yes, my dear.  I am here.  Is everything all right?”

“Everything is fine.  I am checking in.”

“I miss you, my dear.  I am back in the water, yet I wish to be with you.”

“I miss you, too, my love.  I will be here when you return.  Do not fret.”

“I hope it to be soon.  I am healing well, and they talk of letting me go soon.”

“That day will be filled with joy.  I look forward to it.”

He can feel her presence disappear and knows she must have been near.   He longs to be near her again, but he also longs to get to his human home.  To let everyone know he’s fine.  He knows Danny must be going out of his mind and will be so pissed when he tells him ‘it’s classified’.  He has no choice.  At least not until he can tell him the full story.  He hopes he will understand.

To Be Continued...


Story by P_Street_7609

Fan Art by Becoming_Bryna



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