Win a Private Screening to The Back-up Plan!

The Back-up Plan Movie

I found it very ironic a couple weeks ago when a company I have promoted in my “day job” announced that they were holding a contest to screen The Back-up Plan. It really is a small world! The company is Kid Basix and they are the designers of the Safe Sippy, a stainless steel, BPA free sippy cup that we use in our home and which I promote on another blog of mine.

safe sippy

The Safe Sippy makes an appearance throughout The Back-up Plan so this company, in conjunction with CBS films, is holding this unique contest. The winner gets a private screening for themselves and 50 of their friends and family in or around your home city!! This contest ends in 2 weeks so enter fast. Good luck!!

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  1. Good Luck for you, lucky people, I think that all I can do here in Brazil is wait for the movie… June, 30… Life is not fair!!!

  2. well who ever happens to win this… more power to them.. and may they have a wonderful; time too!
    as for me.. well, lets just say that come the 23rd, that i ‘ll just old fashion way and go, get in line at the movie plex and do it that way.

    yet of to who wins this… again .. may you have a really wondeful time indeed!

  3. Good luck to all in the USA, I will have to wait patiently for the movie to reach the UK, still will think of you lucky people and wonders if Alex will make an appearance to the screening?

  4. Does anyone know when this showng will be”? Or where”? Any place in the US, the world:? What a great idea….please let us all know when this will happen.. Love to Alex, thanks a millionto you Tiffany Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan

    1. In the US only and when and where likely depends on who wins.

  5. Thanks! I don’t think I know that many people but I entered anyway! LOL

    1. Same here, Connie – LOL…

  6. Thanks, Tiffany!!! How cool! I’m smiling from ear to ear right now at the thought! 🙂

  7. I would be thrilled, thrilled, thrilled to go see Alex in my home town and was planning on doing it anyway….AND taking Lots of my friends!!!! Oh, please let it be me! I have written good things about Alex on so any sites my fingers are wearing out! Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan

  8. hi thanks i put my name in thanks a lot

  9. Not much good for us in Britain either. Still nice thought Tiffany! Good site btw.

  10. Very good for you Americans sisters, not much good for us people from Oz. Still never mind.

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