First Look at Hawaii Five-O With Alex O’Loughlin

Squee… a picture from the set! Alex is looking GOOD in uniform! Here he is with Daniel Dae Kim from LOST and they are filming a funeral at the National Cemetery of the Pacific on Oahu.


alex o'loughlin on set of Hawaii Five O


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  1. Que homem maravilhoso e abençoado por Deus, Alex merecia o título de homem mais sexy do mundo, o olhar dele derrete corações e o sorriso nem se fala, tenho fé em Deus que ele será muito feliz em tudo, estou contando os dias para o filme The Black Up Plan chegue logo nas telonas e hawai 5.0 nas telinhas. Eta homem lindoooooooo

  2. I just watched Moonlight all yesterday morning before going to work in the afternoon…OMG! He’s beautiful! And sexy…and his voice melts me! ; ) I watched Moonlight when it was on CBS just not regularly, but thought it was a great show. I will definitely be watching H5O just for him! Hugs N Kisses Alex!!! ; )

  3. Yes, Jackie – I watched every episode of JAG but really loved it when “Mac” came on board. Talk about chemistry – – I think now the actress is in “Army Wives” – anyway – So looking forward to seeing Alex in full dress Navy whites too – just yummy!.

  4. Thanks again Tiffany for this awesome info on Alex. Yes, I can’t wait for the Fall to get here. We just have to spread the good word around for us the “Alex believers” that they do watch the pilot in May.

  5. Thanks Tiffany, for the great photo of Alex on the Hawaii Five-0 set. What a gorgeous man he is. He simply takes my breath away.I can hardly wait until the fall when it airs. I have no doubt that three is the charm for him and I look forward to watching. Please send more photos if possible. Thanks again Tiffany, you rock!

  6. So I’m another “older lady” and I really think Alex is so gorgeus and talented (sighs…). Love him in his uniform!

  7. I can hardly wait to see this show – Alex looks so yummy in his uniform!!


  9. Wow!!! Alex does look wonderful in uniform. Thanks for the picture. I do hope that this will be the third time’s the charm for Alex and that the show gets picked up.

  10. OMG!!!! I have always had a weakness for a man in uniform…and Alex wears it so well:-)!!! He looks gorgeous! Can’t wait for this show. Crossing fingers that it will be picked up. Thanks for the great picture and hoping to see many more!

    1. So do I. I get real giddy and weak when I see any man in Armed Forces uniform. I don’t get like that when I see police men. I have cousins who are in the Police industry and sorry It doesn’t do anything for me. Boy, I will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed and keep thing positive that I will be picked up. Good day Mate!!!

  11. GROAN!!! What a squared-away hunk!

  12. Alex looks wonderful. Hopefully CBS gives this series an honest shot! Thanks Tiffany for all the wonderful news and updates you keep sending our way!

  13. Oh My Goodness!! Alex Just gets better and better. He definitely knows how to wear a suit.
    Thank you Tiffany for the First Course Picture, please keep supplying us with the Main course and the Dessert piccs!!! I pray hard that Hawaii Five-O will show all those in power that Alex is a Fantastic Actor and will boost their ratings no end. Why does CBS try so hard to make anything Alex does – FAIL. Well not this time. GO ALEX. WE YOUR DEDICATED FANS IN LONDON AND EVERYWHERE will never desert you. All the VERY BEST TO YOU.

  14. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love a man in uniform – he looks incredible, again. He looks just as hot as David James Elliott looked in JAG, the original show that brought us NCIS and now NCIS/LA.
    Would definitely love to see this look on a weekly basis. Thanks, Tiffany for giving us our Alex fix.

    1. Wow someone else who used to watch JAG… I thought he was gorgeous too!!! but Alex looks AMAZIN in that uniform .don’t see enough of him in the UK .. thought he was strangely sexy in Criminal Minds in that ‘old man’s’ underwear??? was really good playing a bad xxx

  15. I’m very excited of the new series….I just pray that CBS does give it a decent night slot.
    and overdue to go out of their way to make this a hit show.
    They can do it….look at NCIS LA.

  16. Just adding my drooling to the rest of you out there. I, too, am an older woman who just adores the adorable and yummy Alex. Thanks for the picture. Keep ’em coming. I, too, hope that CBS gives this show a decent time slot so that it can take off. The summer idea I thinks has merit.

    1. I agree with you Charlene…we older ladies have great taste, dont we? 🙂 Alex is yummy and deserves a chance to be successful in a show….lets hope that TPTB dont screw him over again! Maybe the third time will be the charm!

  17. Alex is unbelievably breathtaking in this photo. Wow!!! I love the cast they have hired for Hawaii Five-O anyway, but the addition of Jean Smart as the Governor is brilliant. She will bring just the right touch of iron backbone and toughness to the role. I can just imagine the great scenes she will have with Alex.

  18. OMG!!!. Pant pant pant. The wait was worth it. GOOD LOOKING as ever.Any Isea when CBS
    plans putting on the line-up? They seem to have problems with the fall shows they set up for Alex. How about Summer when all the other networks are in re-runs?
    No matter what can wait for the weekly dose of A L E X.

  19. Speak of an older women, my youngest son is older then Alex. They never made handsome hunks like that when I was young. He gets me all giddy like a school girl. I wonder if his granpa is as good lokking as him???

  20. Alex is sooo gorgeous in a uniform! Take it from an older lady, this is going to be one great show! This is going to be even better than the original HAWAII FIVE-O!! Thanks so much for the adorable picture, send more, more, more!

  21. WOW!!! Alex in uniform is to good for words. He is just so handsome. I think the show should be a big hit.. Hope he shows some bare chest with his tattoo’s. Still wish they could bring Sophia Myles(Moomlight) into the show somehow. They are so great together on screen. Love ya Alex.

    1. I agree with bringing Sophia on the show. She could guest star as a damsel in distress and of course Alex would come to her rescue. I just want to see some romance between the two of them again! I still miss MickBeth and Alex is still the sexiest man alive……..

  22. Oh, Alex looks so great! Thanks so much for posting, I love it. I know this show is going to be fantastic and a huge hit. Right on, Alex!!!

  23. Alex in Uniform? *Faints*!

  24. I have always been a sucker for a man in uniform, but OMG! this man in uniform is just to gorgeous yum yum yum…………. can’t wait for the show.

  25. · Edit

    I am happy beyond words. Alex looks soooo marvelous. Thanks for this great gift.

  26. Just when I think Alex can’t look any better, he shows up in a Navy uniform. Wow, Wow, Wow. I always had a weakness for sailors. He is just gorgeous. Can’t wait for this show.. Thanks Tiffany, I was just getting Alex withdrawals and you come up with this great picture.

  27. Wouldn’t it be so great if Sophia Miles guested stared ob this show, and the other casts from Moonlight as welll, but I would just love to see the two together again.

  28. WOW — Alex looks “great” in a uniform!!!! I think he and Daniel are going to be so cool together. This hopefully will be THE vehicle that will rocket both of them to super stardom. I love this series already. I loved the original Hawaii Five-O but I think this updated version is really going to the best.

  29. i love the photo of alex i cant wait to see it

  30. Alex is looking great…thanks for the preview pic!
    Thrilled to see Daniel Dae Kim with him and now if they can only get Henry Ian Cusick (my favorite LOST castmember) to guest star on the show, this fangirl will be in Heaven!
    Alex and Ian in the same show would be too delicious to describe! 🙂

  31. Such a beautiful sight! And just when you think Alex can’t possibly look better… be still my heart!!

  32. This picture was well worth the wait. Send more PLEASE! So I guess he’s now spending time in Hawaii. That fantastic bod is going to be deliously broonze. Steady my heart…

  33. Thank you! Thank you! At last a peek! Yum, yum!

    I saw Remember Me and guess what the first trailer was?????? Yep! Alex in all his glory on the big screen!!!! The audience laughed alot at the jokes and there definitely were some sighs when his magnificent shirtless chest hit the big screen!!!!!

  34. I’ve always loved a man in a uniform but Alex OMG!!! Thanks Tiffany.

  35. Thank you Tiffany! Love the picture! I’m very much looking forward to seeing this show. Hopefully, CBS will pick up the pilot! (How can they not??!!)

  36. Any idea when the pilot of HAWAII FIVE-O will hit the TV schedule?

    1. Usually the pilot for a show is shown only when the series had been given a pick up (will know in May) and is shown as the first episode. So if it’s picked up it will most likely air in the fall, unless it’s a mid-season replacement. I stress USUALLY!

  37. The story (old HAWAII FIVE-O) was great, hope this one turns out to be just as good. I have been keeping track of casting and it was disappointing that DANNO was not given to Michael Shanks. I am looking forward to Alex and the rest of the cast with the release of this production. I believe it will be a hit.

  38. Wow!! Handsome!! What a delightful eyefull!!

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