Hawaii Five-O Season Two Blessing

And we are a go for Season 2! Here is a photo of the cast and crew of #H50 being blessed for the upcoming season. Mahalo! Photo Credit: CBS

Alex O’Loughlin and the rest of the gang are participating in the blessing at what looks like one of the sets for the show.

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  1. Still wish they would give Alex and the crew more publicitiy in the magazines and press here in the states.If it wasn’t for Tiffanys great site we woulnt know were they are or what they are doing!!! THere are other sites or course, but Tif, you are the best. Any the TV guide with all the so called Wonderful Bodies of men and women left a James bond movie to really get the attention… Saw a picture of Alex and his cute son…out the best!! :bandit: Don;t they have eyes? I think is gonna be couple years (like Alex in Saxon’s got DARK straight hair and they are a beauiful son’/father match/ God bless ’em!

    1. Yes suzanne faith, dont think CBS takes the time it needs to promote one show before going to another. Love to Alex & his son !! :heart:

    2. Where did you see photo of Alex and Saxon? I’ve never seen a photo of Saxon. Thanks

  2. What a beautiful ceremony to bless everyone involved with Hawaii Five-0. The show has truly touched the hearts of everyone in Hawaii and elsewhere. Congratulations to the beautiful and talented cast – they are all such a delight to watch – but my heart belongs to Alex !! It is an absolute delight to see this beautiful man every week on TV as McGarrett.
    Thank you, Tiffany, for sharing this with us.

  3. Tiffany, thank you so much for all that you share, but especially for this video. I have watched it twice now. One of my favorite things about the H50 show is the sense of family and friendship that permeates it. And now I can add the attention to Hawaiian culture demonstrated here that is so touching to me. I also noted that Alex’s first hug went to little Grace (also don’t know her real name) – that says so much about who he is – in addition to being so impossibly gorgeous. Mahalo.

  4. Thank You so very much Tiffany for the truly Wonderful video of the Blessing for the Season 2 of Hawaii 5 0. I was truly moved. It is more than apparent that the people of Hawaii have realy taken the series to their hearts. I am so very very happy for the cast and crew who have worked so hard to produce such a fantastic show and I pray it runs for a very long time.
    Big Kissess to Alex for being such a great and wonderful man.

  5. Thank you, Thank you Tiffany for the wonderful video. I hope there will be many more blessings each year for H5O. To me it seemed like a short summer break for all of them.Glad to see Alex looking so good. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  6. Tiffany, thank you for sharing this beautiful and meaningful video of the blessings for the H5O second season. I wish Alex and the H5O team the very best for the new season.

  7. Thanks for that Tiffany. I noticed Alex walked in initially in a t-shirt, then put a shirt over it. He gave little Grace, whatever her real name when they were told to hug somepne.

  8. I noticed in the second photo that Alex is wearing sandals. What?? McGarrett is abandoning his traditional SEAL boots? Frankly I’m glad–no one wears those things in Hawaii, tho I don’t know how he’s going to run very fast and get the bad guys in flip flops LOL!! Thanks for the video, Tiffany! Great job! 😀

  9. Such good to see Alex and the crew. So bless to have Alex and others on the blessing.
    So proud of them especially the most Alex is the best :love:

  10. Tiffany: Thank you so much. The video was incredible. Usually I can’t view it at work–it’s tyipically blocked–but I’m so glad that it wasn’t–first time! Very moving, and it’s great to see the cast being themselves and having a good time. I’m thinking getting the first season DVD would be worth it just for the extras–interviews, goofing around, etc. Thanks again.

  11. Thanks so much for posting the blessing…It was very nice to see that. :heart:

  12. OMG.. Tiffany Thx so much for showings us the blessing. I’m so excited for all the crew & Hawaii & us , the public who adore Alex and love watching his talent blossium !!! By the way his birthday is coming up…have you heard if anything special is planed ?? Thx again. :heart:

  13. Thanks Tiffany.i watched this and Blessings for h50 was great it’s sad some ppl use it to debate something else..Im olddd lol and i love this show .dont understand why ppl do the things they do.But it’s only my opinion .Love alex,scott,grace and daniel keep going .You all are doing great job!!!1 :whistle: :love: :heart:

  14. Thank you so much for showing this to us !! Great to see !!

  15. Super video pour la bénédiction de la saison 2 d’Hawaii 5-0. Je regrette que M. Peter Linkow n’ait pas daigné serrer la main de la Star Alex O’Loughlin… qui reste un peu seul à la fin de cette bénédiction. Encore bravo pour cette série qui nous fait un peu voyager à l’autre bout de notre planète. :heart:

    1. Bonjour,

      Ah ! Enfin quelqu’un qui a remarqué la même chose que moi !! Me suis sentie un peu seule pour ce pauvre Alex …. J’ai la chance d’être à Honolulu et je passe quasiment tous les matins devant ce fameux studio. J’ai croisé Grace Park au supermarket, alors pourquoi pas ce fantasme qu’est AOL !!!!!!

  16. Hi Friends (or as they say in Hawaii, Aloha),

    Wow!!! I only join in once in a while (remember me, I’m the old lady of our bunch) but, when I do, I always have hopes that the H5O cast might read it because I keep my thoughts honest, upbeat and enlightening, and read much of the same from many other ladies. This one I hope they never see. I am a teenager from the “60’s” aka “flower child” and still believe that love and kindness is So very important. What happened to these chats being about how we enjoy our favorite show and favorite actors. I pray for world peace every day. How can we ever hope to obtain that with nasty connotations and an overabundance of rudeness – – – — Remember the words Love, Harmony, Respect, just to name a few. Gratefully we do have Freedom of Speech in our country, but that right does not include slander, prejudice or to humiliate our neighbors rights. Tiffany, thank you for what you share with us. Please don’t be discouraged by a few who need to learn manners and kindness. I am Wishing everyone…..actors, writers, fans and everyone who brings us our “Happy Hour” on Monday night this Fall — Peace, love and Great Success….again. PS.. And have a lot of fun too, while you’re at it! (ML..your writing was kind and heartfelt, I salute you.):heart: :kiss: :heart:

  17. Just as a side note, isn’t it incredible how fast Alex’ hair grew out from his buzz cut? Darn, I wish my hair grew that fast. Is there anything in which this man does not excell at?? LOL

  18. Okay first for the record, this was a blessing for the success of the show… it had nothing to do with gay marriage. And second please respect that not everyone cares what narrow, bigoted views you have. You don’t have to share every thought that comes into your head. As owner of this site (who also happens to be a gay rights activist) I am frankly PISSED that someone left an anti gay comment here. There are many things I let slide but this is not the place to discuss the Bible or your personal hate clauses. Take it somewhere else because it is SURELY not welcome here.

    ML thanks for taking the time to speak out against such nonsense.

  19. Amee wrote:
    you are very wrong, Hollywood does not reflect the morals of our society…just the morals of Hollywood…you will find that most Americans are very decent, law-abiding, moral people…

    :: I did not say that Hollywood reflected the morals of our society. I said they reflect the modern times in which we live, in that not more than fifty years ago, couples were never seen in a double bed and in the 30s, one of the couple had to have his/her feet on the floor when filmed in a bedroom scene. Times change, regarding what is acceptable as far as the norm. In no way was I implying Americans are not decent, law-abiding, moral people. I was saying that Hollywood does what it does because they are in business to make money and they produce movies and films which reflect the modern times. I was not casting aspersions on anyone. I am sorry you took it that way. I, for one, do not view same-sex marriage as immoral and that said, this is a site regarding HFO, we are here as Tiffany’s guests and I was responding to Heather’s comment. So, we shall leave it at that. I again, reiterate, I did not cast aspersions on anyone, merely stated how I felt. If this is offensive to you, then we shall have to resort to agreeing to disagree. Thank you.

    1. Staats……..i think you are right, good point (i agree whith you). We are here on this site to talk about Alex……. maybe Amee forget this???? HND

  20. Thanks Tiffany for the update. Always look forward to hearing from you. Loved the live video of the blessing. Here’s wishing all the best to the cast and crew, and many more seasons of Hawaii Five-0. This remake does justice to the original..I’m so glad they didn’t try to make it a carbon copy. The fact that it has it’s own unique characters brings a fresh new look to the show. LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!! :heart: :love:

  21. beautiful.. I in now way thought it was promoting gay marriage.. they just used two key people that are part of the show to do the honors…
    I was very touched to see that “hollywood” still believes and is not embarrassed to keep faith and ask blessing from above to be with the show this season, and not be ashamed to let everyone know… How cool to have the blessing before the first scene of the second season!! I didn’ t know they did it last year either… that’s awesome..Thanks for sharing this Tiffany. :heart:

    1. Ronda–the blessing is very important in Hawaiian culture. Many years ago when Americans first tried to build Pearl Harbor (before Hawaii was a state) they had so many catastrophes that they almost abandoned the effort. But a wise kahuna (priest) pointed out that a sacrifice to the shark goddess might help–so they did it. And Pearl Harbor was built without any further incidents. Since then it is expected that blessings be an integral part of any new undertaking on the Islands as a nod to the Hawaiian culture and an omen for good luck. I was glad to see that the H5O staff continued that tradition with the first season and now with the second. It can only mean we will have an AWESOME 2nd season!! :woot:

  22. Thanks Tiffany for sharing this beautiful Blessing video with us,I enjoyed it very much.
    Much blessings and lots of success for Hawaii Five-O Season 2. I am looking forward to the new season and many more seasons to come. Blessings and much success to the Hawaii Five-O cast and crew. :love:

  23. M L Staats: you are very wrong, Hollywood does not reflect the morals of our society…just the morals of Hollywood…you will find that most Americans are very decent, law-abiding, moral people…

  24. Heather, first let me say that you are entitled to your opinions, that is what this wonderful country stands for, but if you are trying to be funny, IMO, it didn’t work. There is so little love in this cold world, why would anyone begrudge another human being someone to love and care for? And to be practical, since we all pay taxes, all citizens should have the same rights.

    And if you were being silly, okay, but I don’t get it. It doesn’t matter to me whom anyone marries and if this picture did depict a blessing for a gay marriage, it would not influence me in the slightest regarding watching HFO.

    And as for why Hollywood goes against Biblical teaching, Hollywood reflects the modern times in which we live.

  25. thanks for the info i am going to watch it now i now last year they did this blessing last year what is wrong with that

  26. If the blessing is a gay marriage then it will be the last time I watch the show. Why does Hollywood have to go against Biblical teachings. :bandit:

    1. Heather???? Wake up and smell the coffee! This does not even pertain to gay marriages but only the blessing of the 2nd season of H50.

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