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  1. Ghee, just reading this makes me sad…..I’m from South Africa, and we get nothing, not even in magazines about Alex. I have to surf the net for any info…..We are still busy with Season 1….that SUCKS!!!! big time…..


  3. HEADS UP FRIENDS— Don’t think we’ll see Sophia with our Alex any time soon. She’s pregnant, looks as cute as a button, little belly and full face. Congrts to her. Now who should we pair him up with???? 🙂

    1. Carrie, Sophia is not pregnant, it’s a wrong info. I’m a big fan of Sophia and I’m a member of the site “simply sophia myles”.

    2. Carrie, Where did you find this info?

      1. I too follow ‘simply sophia” but this info was from a British interview, and I can’t find the website. I’ll post it when I do. Perhaps its not correct but I was just sharing what I heard.Hope your correct on this one. ^_^

  4. Simply a sweetheart….Love it!!! :kiss:

  5. Dios que guapo es cuando quiera que se venga para España concretamente para las islas Canarias que yo lo espero aquí uuuufffff 😉 xD

  6. agree with wubby wubby Melinda, perfect couple! we have not heard from Sophia and his engagement, may be, it is more question and She is free again …… and yes, Alex and Soph is the most incredible couple. perfect chemistry!!! :love:

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    Thanks for the update. Now if Sophia got a divorce that to me IS the perfect couple.

  8. I can’t even imagine being dumped by someone as hot as Alex. Then to have to see and here about him on T.V. magizines, and the internet. OMG Amber is going to have a hard time getting over him, especially when he keeps looking better and better. It looked like he was being gentel with her feelings at the airport, but then she had to drive back home with out him. I can only pray her pain heals quickly. 🙁

    1. Awwww, so sorry to hear about Amber. I would love to know why he broke up with her. I wonder if we have another Gerard Butler? He’s another one that plays the field and never seems to hook up with anyone he can stay with. I saw a few pics of Alex with a brunette. They were walking together on a road on a Sunday afternoon. I hope he finds someone that just fits him. You know, one of those “love at first sight” things that just knocks him off his feet and she feels the same. 😀 I’ve know a couple of guys like him that just enjoy their freedom. No problem with that for them but the girls must be heartbroken when he says goodbye. ;-(

  9. OK here it is officially—Alex is no longer dating Amber— per web site—SPOILERTV.COM I am so so sad. I feel there is someone in his life besides Dusty, no matter what he says about working long hours. I just can’t belive he left her, I’m sure it was after Christmas when he was returning to Hawaii. Lets hope he didn’t go back to Holly. If Sophia Myles get divorced then they could get toghter. What if he starts dating one of his FANS!!! 🙂

    1. Hi Annie Wow that’s sad about Amber. I also feel there is someone in his life besides Dusty, no matter how busy he is. Wow didn’t know that Sophia Myles got married, the last I read she had just gotten engaged.

      1. ANNIE-DIANE Gee, can’t belive it. I thought she was so tiny, pretty and natural. Wonder what happened. He says he surfs alot, do you think he met someone there? Keep us posted if anyone hears ^_^ anything.

    2. Annie, do you have a link for where you found this on SpoilerTV? I’ve tried searching for 20 min. and can’t find a thing about it.

  10. “MOOLIGHT” MARATHON – JULY 19 – SYFY – ENJOY!! :heart:

    1. watched it today b4 i went to work, needless to say I had to sit down and watch as if first time seeing it. got me more excited then the other dozen times I watched. I just so loved him with the longer hair, dark clothes, long jacket(oh yeah) and even reall teeth. His character was so warm & and gential. And the chemistry with Beth- unbelivable. I would love to see her on H5O, and finally get romatic… 😀

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        😀 😀 :love: :love: :love: :love:
        I DID IT WAS WONDERFUL AS USUALLY ! ! :heart: :heart:

  11. Hi Tiffany, Sorry, it’s been awhile since I’ve last commented on this wonderful site. The pictures are great of Alex. Like everyone, I agree that he’s one beautiful man inside and out. I won’t comment on his personal life, because he does need some privacy, but I woudn’t shed a tear if he was single once again. Hee! Thanks again for keeping us all up to date about Alex and H50. It will seem too long until September but thankfully, we can still watch reruns of season one. Any word yet when season one comes out on dvd? Have a good week and wonderful summer. Your Canadian friend, Lisa

  12. Alex is always gracious to his fans and in interviews (as far as I can tell). He wouldn’t want to alienate any of his fans, but if you noticed he said “my demographic” is between 18 and 65. He didn’t say it was his preference!! Besides, under 18 is illegal, and over 65 (notice he sort of made a face before he said the number) is social securityville. btw, I’m 62 and hopelessly infatuated with him :\ :heart:

    1. SHARON.. right on… I seen the face also, :angel: (made me smile) How old do you think his mum is? Talk about infatuated.. I’m beyond that… my grandkids make fun of me.. oh, and by the way I’m 58, so we both have a chance…LOL

  13. My grandkids have been following this web site on my computer. Checked in today to see what it’s all about. i’m happy I just found out that I am his type. “”I have teeth and am between 18 and 65 years old”” Who would have thought! :woot:

  14. tiffany I like your answer. I agree, he’s to nice for that. Very, Very, NICE. Going to make someone a very happy girl. 8)

  15. What do you think the pause and “ah no, not really” meant when he was asked if there was “another” significate other? Not sure if a relationship has gone that far, or involved in more then one? Tiffany can you find out? By the way just love these pictures.yum yum :heart:

  16. Yes I heard that the second season for H5O will start in Sept. can’t wait. I have my magazine. A real nice article inside as well as some nice pictures. Yes I also heard that now he has his own house in Hawaii he wants to raise a family in it, but I do not think it will be with JOL. Alex probably wants his own family. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  17. I hope that’s not true. He is way to fine for her. He is just yummy, can you imagine those arms around you!!!! OMG 👿

  18. OK, SOMTHING TO THINK ABOUT–in one of Alex’s interviews he stated “Hawaii was home, I bought a house here and will raise a family here” ( belive those were his words about a family) I was hoping Amber but what say you about JLO? They couldn’t say enough about each other during TBUP. She is getting a divorce, and I always wondered if she slept with him as she did with other co-stars. She also has two kids which he made a point to bring up. so there is the family! WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK ? Tell me I’m crazy, please 🙁

    1. I was thinking the same. They had a great chemistry in TBUP.

      1. I don’t think Alex would visit their home and befriend her husband and meet her kids and then start an affair with her. He got to interact with her husband and kids many times while filming and I think Alex has more integrity than that.

    2. Please don’t even suggest anything with JLo. Alex has way too much sense.

  19. xD thos foles they leave bad poeple out there & they arrest good once…how stupid…mcgarrett kept them save for long now they turn him the favore 🙁
    dont worry steve :love:

  20. Thx for the new photo’s and I agree about him being arrested who would do that except for anyone of us so we can keep him for ourselves. LOL You all know I’m right.

  21. hi thanks for the great photos of alex i just wanted to let every body now the men fitness is out i just found them in the book store so i got two they should but alex on more copies on mags well i just wanted you guys to now

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    omg, why? he is too fine to be arrested ever, much love and aloha :love: :kiss: :heart:

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    OMG…not again…how could they….I so agree with you Tiffany..how could anyone arrest someone wholooks that fine. My heart was aching…he looked so upset. And oh yes, love the new hair style…He is one fantastically gorgeous creature. Thanks for this. Have been so missinghim in the magazines…Waiting anxiously to get my issue of Men’s Fitness.

  24. they can handcuff me to Alex anytime…

    1. Oh Dee , you took the words right from my mouth… Thx Tiffany

  25. Thanks for the photos,I like Alex’s hair spikier hair too. Makes me feel sad to see Steve get arrested. 🙁

  26. Mahalo Tiffany for all you do. Loved the interview and the photo pics from the new season. You make my day every week with your Alex updates!

  27. I like the spikier hair look, too. And doesn’t he wear the color navy beautifully? Nobody does justice to cargo pants the way Alex can.

  28. I love his interviews, he is such a sweetie. So, between 18 and 65, a very generous range. Better not let him near the shaved ice. He will either get arrested or at least make the ice melt (ha ha). Thank you Tiffany.


    1. His son has a “baby face”. He’s a cute boy but I think he prob. looks more like his mom. There are some facial resemblances but he’s kinda young now to tell for sure what he will look like when he’s older. He looks like he’s very close with Alex by his body language. 🙂

  30. Couldn’t agree more, Tiffany! Thanks! :love: :heart:

  31. That injutice, our Steve does not deserve it.
    I offer to bring a cake with a file within. Bye. Mary :ninja:

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