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It’s Wednesday and what that means is two things. One is it is just two days now until we all have to say Aloha to Max and the other thing which won’t take up any tissues, is it is Whimsical Wednesday and time for some more fanart!

This week it seems that the many faces of Alex’s different characters was the unspoken theme. All the way back to Michael from Feed to today’s McGarrett, there is a little sampling of Alex through the years. Based on that we will work chronologically this time.



First comes Michael from Feed. For most this movie was hard to watch, but for those that have, it is agreed that Alex’s acting was amazing in this different type of role including Sonja who did these pieces below. In the first one, he is in character with the feeling of the flames from hell which is where Michael probably ended up. In the second one  Alex was doing interviews for the Feed movie itself. Michael is one of Alex’s character that gets little attention so it is nice to see people still remember him now and then.

alex o'loughlin michael feed fanart


alex o'loughlin feed interview fanart

Credit Sonja (Sonni)


Next in succession would be the beloved character of Mick. This character is certainly not forgotten and some will even say it is one of Alex’s most popular roles among his fans. This piece comes from Gaby who took from the beach scene where Mick was actually human and could be out in the sun. The feel of this pic is freeing which is also how Mick probably felt at that time since he always grappled with his vampirism. Oh, and if you have not noticed, Alex is also shirtless, which of course adds to its appeal.

alex o'loughlin mick st john fanart

Credit H50Europe



On to Three Rivers with this colorful pencil sketch of Dr. Andy. Andy has always been Alex fans’ favorite doctor with many offering to get sick more often if it meant seeing him regularly. 

alex o'loughlin threee rivers fanart




Next, from Silvia , from the Back Up Plan here is Stan. This was done some time ago as she did not have time for something new this week. In memory of this funny scene in the movie. Alex’s expressions once again were spot on including the one which was caught here.

Alex o'loughlin back up plan fan art

Credit PurpCanary



Monika takes us into the current character of McGarrett with this simple graphic of his beautiful face, as she puts it. It is hard to argue with that and simple sometimes brings out the best in art because it truly emphasizes the subject. In this case Alex is a pretty great subject to emphasize.

alex o'loughlin steve mcgarrett fanart

Credit Monika Wawrzenietz



And Bryna brings us even further into the years of McGarrett with her usual movie poster style. The Commander is the star of the Hunt for Red October instead of Sean Connery. He could have pulled it off too, if he just wasn’t a teenager at the time of its release.

Hunt for Red October - alex o'loughlin

Credit Becoming_Bryna



This was a good sampling of fanart from Alex’s different roles he has played over his career. It does not include them all and many favorites are missing but it is a nice display. Hopefully there will be some more after Five-0, too. Hope you enjoyed the collection of characters.





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  1. Wow, I love all of those. The only thing he did that I haven’t seen I think are Feed & White Out!

    1. You have to be in the mood for Feed and ready to stomach it as well. Alex’s acting in it is superb.

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