Hawaii Five-O Season Two Spoilers

An article from Entertainment has some season two spoilers. Apparently McGarrett will have a new lady love and she will be female version of himself. Hmmm.. sounds interesting.

According to TVGuide, “she’s a Homeland Security agent that the new governor has assigned to McGarrett’s team—to spy on them, according to McGarrett. Though they get off to a rocky start, we can reveal that clothes will be shed during one of their first meetings!”

Can’t wait to see who they pick for this role…

And for the record Hawaii Five-O season two premiers September 19, 2011 at 10:00 PM.

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  1. HELP!! I’ve only had internet access for 2wks and everything is trial and error. Can somebody tell me how to add the little smiley faces/heart etc at the bottom of the page to my comments?? I obviously screwed up on my last message. Thanks.

  2. It was hard to feel an emotional connection to Steve’s relationship with Catherine because it seemed more like “friends with benefits”, not a romance. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see them build an out-of-character vulnerability for Steve by having him fall in love? I saw an interview once where Alex said he was in disagreement with the writers of Moonlight who wanted to consummate the relationship between Mick and Beth, and he thought it was better to wonder if they would get together or not. Do the writers of H-50 realize how good Alex is with that “tortured in love” look???

    1. I agree it would be great to see a vulnerable side of Steve and to have him fall deeply in love. However, don’t you think that would kill the show? What makes this show work is the interaction between the lead actors, the action scenes and the beautiful scenery. I think any love interest story (no matter how delicious) would have to take a backseat for that reason. :love :heart

    2. I think that’s why Alex would make a great James Bond–that steely stare that looks right thru you. Then those same eyes can undress and drink you in. (Sigh!) What a man! :love:

      1. OH, Cheri…u hit the nail on the confin, as to speak. Alex sooo good…..CBS is clue less !!!! 😉

  3. D’accord avec Michlela, mais bon je pense qu’il faut aussi tourner la page du couple Mick/ Beth…

  4. on ne peut pas parler de chimie entre cath et steve car leur relation était surtout basée sur le sexe !!!!!
    j’aimerais beaucoup que sophia myles revienne là oui , ils étaient vraiment en osmose et je suis sure que tous ceux qui l’on vu n’ont pas oublié mick et beth
    ce serait vraiment au top de les retrouverà nouveau ensemble!!!

    1. Je suis tout à fait d’accord. Je trouve que Mick & Beth nous montrait quelque chose de très fort entre eux.
      J’aimerai bien qu’il y ait une suite à “Moonlight”.

  5. As a an Australian, I am glad to say that good things come out of Australia, which is where Alex was born and raised. But there isn’t much TV shows on that would be any good for Alex, that is why he went to the US, and has made a good life for himself over there. But he will always be proud to be an Australian. It just proves that good things happen for Australians in the US.

    It is a shame that not all Australians make it big in the US, as the people are so friendly.

    Can’t wait for series 2 of Hawaii Five-O, and I hope that series one comes out on DVD soon.

    1. But of course you Australians have tons of reasons to be proud of! Alex is my favorite, but how to ignore such great stars as Jackman, Kidman, Baker, McMahon, Crowe, Peta Wilson (the best Femme Nikita ever!!) among many others.
      Congrats and keep it up 😀

  6. Alex had chemistry with Cat. Sorry to see her go. Hope they find someone like her. Sept 19 can’t come soon enough! Thanks Tiffany for always keeping us up-to-date! :love: :heart:

  7. Thanks Tiffany for the update. I am glad they are bringing some romance into the show. They should build a relationship first rather then just the sex part. Of coarse I would love to see Alex shed clothes, I am just thinking whats best for H5O. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  8. I agree with the other ladies. Didn’t CBS learn ANYTHING from Moonlight?? The sexual tension between Mick and Beth was palpable–yet we never saw anything but kissing (which was GREAT by the way). There was good chemistry between Steve and Catherine–she could hold her own with him so I don’t know why they don’t continue with that story line. Anyway, I’ll take Alex sans clothes ANYDAY!! :love:

  9. Alex, shedding clothes? Can’t wait for that, but you guys are right, romance all the way! Thanks Tiffany, your making the summer go by faster. :heart:

  10. Totally agree with Audreyd WHAT SHE SAID !!!!!

  11. Thanks Tiffany for the info about the new season spoiler. I would have liked to see Catherine still involved with Steve too. Can’t say this new development with the storyline with Steve’s new lady friend won’t be interesting. Looking forward to the new H5O season. :heart:

  12. I agree with Faye. Sex is like a climax..once you’ve had it, it’s over and done. It’s the lead-up (romance) to the climax that’s important. It keeps you wondering “will they or won’t they”. To see the relationship and the bond develop between them is important, so that it’s not just “having sex” but some thing deeper and more meaningful. Be honest..wouldn’t we all rather have that kind of relationship with Alex??

  13. Sure I want to see clothes shed at some point. But not at their first meeting. I am looking for some romance not just sex. I was hoping Catherine would still around and something further would develop there but I guess not. Call me old fashioned but what appeals to me is romance with sex not just the sex part.

  14. Tiffany, thanks for the spoiler alert about Alex! I can hardly wait for the new season.

  15. Can’t wait either, Just a random thought. Cat is now on Combat Hospital. I thought it was funny that she is still in the military and she may be pregnant. All I can think about was the show that she and Steve were in bed. I keep thinking WHAT IF! Stupid, I know, but it just crossed my mind that that would have been about three months or so ago. Interesting!!!!!!!

    1. I was thinking the same thing Ella was waiting for yea my boyfriend Lt. Commander McGarret is the father but with it being ABC and CBS shows they can’t do that sadly. Did you see the other night that the former seal guy they accused of killing his wife on H5O was on Combat Hospital? Last season on H5O the guy that played Josh from Moonlight was on too and Steve/Alex shot him before they found out where the guys daughter was being held at. But come to find out she was waiting for him at the airport. I agree they should build up the new lady love romance between Steve and her but we could be reading “clothes will be shed” all wrong hopefully.

  16. Sorry to see “Cat” won’t be on 5.0..they had such great chemistry!! But she’s got a winner with Combat Hospital. Hope they cast someone that can measure up. I’m so glad they didn’t try to pair Steve up with Agent Kay…absolutely no sparks there. He is so HOT!! with or without his clothes. I’m sure we will all be envious of whomever they cast.

    1. muffie, Alex & Agent Kay…dullsville !!!! :sleep:

  17. I cant wait to see his clothes be shed 👿 :love: :heart: He is so perfect :kiss:

  18. You used my four favorite words when applied to Alex:
    CLOTHES WILL BE SHED!!!!!!! 👿 :love: :heart: 😆 :woot:

    1. I can relate to that phrase quite nicely…The words “Clothes will be shed” are synonymous with Alex that’s for sure. 👿 :heart: The two go hand in hand. :love:

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