Catch Three Rivers on Netflix!!

Many thanks to Elaine for pointing out to me that Three Rivers is now available for streaming on Netflix! Woot!

You cannot order the DVDs but if you have a subscription you can stream the episodes instantly to your TV via gaming consoles (we use Wii and Xbox for this), DVRs, and HDTVs. I have been a subscriber for about a year and watch lots of older TV shows this way.. Buffy, Roswell, Stargate SG1, etc. and now I can watch Three Rivers again… finally. Will anyone be watching with me this summer?

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  1. Tiffany Thx so much…

  2. I taped all the Three Rivers episodes when it was on TV. I agree that Three rivers should of had more than one season. At least we get to see Alex in H5O and it is coming on for a second season, can’t wait. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  3. I recently added Net-Flix…and started using the Instant Watch option. I just finished watching the 1st season of Three Rivers, and enjoyed it. Can’t understand why it was cancelled. I know the writer’s strike killed off Moonlight, but Three Rivers deserved more than one season too. :heart:

  4. I downloaded Three Rivers, Moonlight, and the new Hawaii five 0 from i-tunes onto my computer. I will have the new season of five0 automatically downloaded each week in the fall after I pay $50 some dollars–well worth it.

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    Me too Dee. Have been dying to get the Three Rivers DVD for ages. This sounded so awesome but sadly even tho I subscribe to Netflix I don’t have access to any of those methods of streaming the episodes… hoo.

  6. Three Rivers has been on my “unknown” release date since last year!!! finally….

  7. already watched it last month,if i had to between the doc,vampire or cop would choose the cop,hawaii50 is awesome! 🙂

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