Alex O’Loughlin in Cosmopolitan Magazine

Alex will be featured in Cosmo soon… and today they tweeted a photo from that shoot. Cute! Love the sheer shirt and jeans combo… looking GOOD!!

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  1. Shirley & Bonnilass, You can rent or buy from I own Back Up Plan, Oyster Farmer, August Rush & Moonlight. Waiting to buy H50 as soon as it’s released. Can’t get enough Alex !! But it’s better if you take it slow cause you just might OD !! Alex is such an awesom actor. Maybe one day CBS will wake up !! Thx for the post…

    1. I’d love to buy the whole Moonlight series, but then I think I’d watch it too often and it wouldn’t be special. I’ll just get it from the library when I get a hankerin’ for Alex and vampires. Plus I think my husband would wonder why I’ve got all of these Alex shows! I got Osyter Farmer and Mary Bryant from the library as well some months ago. I had already seen August Rush, The Invisible and White-out previously, but I got them again from the library to compare his acting style through the years. I just can’t watch Feed though. Library has it, but I just don’t think I could get through it. Saw some interviews he did afterwards to promote it, and apparently that’s Australian humor–very dark. Still I just can’t bring myself to do it. Has anyone seen it and not lost the Alex obsession?

      1. Shirley…..Haven’t seen Mary Bryant, Invisible or White-out but will get them next. Sorry but I can’t do FEED, watched the trailer, didn’t care for it – didn’t see any humor !! Someone else will have too watch it. Alex is so much better than that !! Thx 😀

      2. Pamela: Alex’s work in Mary Bryant is brilliant. You must watch the mini-series. It’s quite long but in hour-long segments. It truly is one of his best works, and it’s a shame that it’s not shown on U.S. TV.

        I wish he was offered more substantial projects of this ilk so that he could show his talent. I get so tired of reading how he’s just a pretty face and has no talent. Obviously these critics haven’t seen Mary Bryant. I think they are overly critical of him because of his looks.

      3. Shirley, I have the Feed movie and only watched it once. The movie itself was a little (maybe a lot) disturbing. I always love to see Alex but in this movie he has blond hair and a shaved chest. As much as I love him this just was not a good look for him. His acting was fabulous in this movie and the scene where he bared all and we got a shot of his backside definately made it worth watching.

    2. who is the girl? And why the weird face by alex

  2. Thanks again Tiffany for giving us another shot of #1 Man Alex–who wouldn’t want to be in that girl’s place during the photo shoot? I have been renting MOONLIGHT from Netflix, and I get it delivered to my door in 2 days. Hope Alex has time to make more movies along with the 5-O work–I just can’t get enough of that man !!!!!

  3. Love the picture it just shows Alex’s personality not the stuffy styled picture but I do miss that lovely smile of his. Thanks guys for sharing this with us….;)

  4. Yes, I would like to know when the magazine comes out too. Thanks Tiffany for all the info. Sincerely Deanna

  5. As usual Thx Tiffany !!! :heart:

  6. WHO is the girl??????????? 😮

    1. I hope she’s only getting pictures from him! He should be saving his lovin for Amber… Any one know if there still together. I know she was filming back home, but any mention if he was back there or if shes done working? They make a great couple. :p

  7. OMG, the sexy chest hair peeking out of the shirt!!! What a yum-tastic hunk of man!!!! :heart: :love:

  8. Alex is sexy as ever. I will keep checking cosmo for him. I too cancelled TV guide because they seem to always put him down. Alex is a very sexy and talented man. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  9. Thanks Tiffany for the info and photo of the upcoming Cosmo magazine issue with Alex. I read on a site that the blond woman is the photographer on the photo shoot. Lucky lady. :love:

  10. I agree, Suzanne. I subscribe to TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly and get so tired of either no Alex or bashing Alex. And if there are any articles on H50, more times than not, it’s a photo of Scott. Hello–who is the lead actor on the show anyway? Remember, if not for the straight man, the joking guy would look like a moron. Maybe one of these days he’ll get his due; in the meantime, he can laugh all the way to the bank.

  11. WHY would they shoot a photo of such a gorgeous man looking like a doorft???? He’s so handsome. And I get irked at the entertainmnet magazines like People who almost never show him….I’m tired of looking at Matthew McChounehay. People had all these hot men and not Alex……what’s up with that? xD He gets very littlle publicity at all in these rags.

    Alex coming out of the ocean in that original story blew tthem all away (if they got to see him’!!! :love: LOve ya boy, you will make the really big time in time Hollywood is a very clanny town ..always the same people..bring on our Alex!!! :love:

    1. YES : Suzanne Faith, yr soooo right… CBS doesn’t do enough to promote Alex. Just like w/ the Back Up Plan. It’s CBS fault it didn’t draw a bigger croud. That is a great movie & up to the times movie !! Same w/ Moonlight. Alex would be great as a James Bond man.!!! As always look forward to your comments….. 😉

      1. Yep…… right…CBS doesn’t promote Alex enough…i don’t know why???? The Back Up Plan its a great movie:love:

      2. I’ve been watching Moonlight (library had full season disk), and I guess I forgot how well written the show really was and how romantic and sexy as well. And CBS cancels it after one season. I remember when we heard about that–my husband and I were in shock. Absolutely ridiculous. I gotta say–I think Moonlight is much better written than H50, and it probably would have helped Alex’s career if he could be filming in LA rather than Hawaii where he’s so isolated. Granted, I love seeing the islands but…

        And you are absolutely correct–Backup Plan is as good as any of the better romcoms–Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle–and it goes nowhere because CBS didn’t promote it. Well, at least they renew H50 for another season (and the writing seems to have improved a bit at the end of season one). Still, wish Alex had time to do a movie during hiatus.

  12. Helen: Yes, as he said, “I’d rather set myself on fire.” I love that line. This blog is one thing but Twitter, Facebook, etc.–you can have them.

    Tiffany: Thanks for this update; I’ve been missing my Alex fix this summer.

    1. I agree, Shirley. I’ve cancelled my subscriptions to People and Entertainment Weekly for that reason. They never feature Alex…too busy with their love affair with Castle. I can’t wait for the Cosmo. Alex has appeared in Style and another classy magazine shoot will certainly help his status. The others, after all, are only entertainment magazines.

    2. Shirley, I watch Moonlight every nite after the news… :heart:

      1. What station is Moonlight on after the news? I’m in Eastern time zone. I’ve been waiting to get disk 1 from the library, but I think more folks in town are getting the Alex buzz–I’m 20th on the list, and I’m guessing they don’t have a lot of copies.

        My fear is that, if I buy the whole season, I’ll OD on them, and they won’t be special any more. Got the Backup Plan and am not allowing myself to watch it sooner than 6 months in between.

      2. Shirley–Moonlight is avail thru Amazon–you can get it NOW–no waiting! I watch Moonlight while I’m on the treadmill–only way I get any exercise 😉

      3. Just got word that Moonlight Disk ! is available for pickup at library. Know what I’ll be doing this weekend!

  13. I’m a very ardent admirer of[ Alex] he’s one of the best actors to come along lately. I certainly hope his career keeps soaring as it has been of late,I love{H5O} never cared for it before ,BUT, he{ALEX} really added some class & talent to the show and less conceit as
    the older participants did.
    thank you ALEX,!!!
    Thank you Tiffany for your great reports…..

  14. He is always sexy :heart: :love:

    1. LOVE that Cosmo tweeted a pic of him…
      Rather funny as Alex abhors “social networks.” 😆

  15. Wondering which issue will have the photos and who the woman is? Not normally a Cosmo reader but will definitely buy this issue.

  16. Great picture Tiff. Where have you been? Is he in Cosmo in June’s or July?
    Who is this woman?

    1. Hey Donna, I am usually pretty busy in the summer… I run a True Blood blog as well and that show is just ramping up.

      I am guessing the woman in the photo is a model.

  17. Tiffnay, thanks for the latest information about Alex! I can’t wait to see him in the upcoming Cosmo. Wow!

  18. Who is that with him? Amber? He’s growing his hair out; probably since they’ll be filming soon. Yea!

  19. Smokin’ hot as usual!! :love: Who’s the girl?

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