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The Hawaii Five 0 Different Points of View dyad is once again here. It is always fun to read what they have to say individually and together and just like other reviewers online it seems as if there are some common threads even though neither checks in with the others before writing. 

The gif maker had a blast with this one so you can also reap the benefits! There are close to 80 gifs for you to enjoy including our newer section of the Alex only ones at the bottom (pun intended).

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Emanuela (Manu) Pari


Alooooha fellow Five 0 fans and Happy Pre-Valentine Day weekend 🙂

If your hubbies or partners are as romantic as mine then the coming week won’t be much different from any other week, and that’s one of the reasons why I was looking forward to episode 7.16 and the double couple staycation at the beautiful Hilton Hawaiian Hotel.

A bit of romanticism in our “virtual life” can often make up for the lack of thereof in real life.

Well, I have to say I had fun watching the episode but i have to admit that it left me a bit disappointed in the romance department. There were some cute moments but altogether I felt left wanting for more. Serves me right for expecting too much, it often works like this with Hawaii Five 0, when I expect to not like something much than I am usually proven wrong, when I expect great things…

Anyways, lets get to it 🙂

In this week’s episode we had Steve and Danno enjoying a Valentine weekend with their girlfriends Lynn and Melissa on one side and Lou, Kono and Chin working a murder case on the other side.

We initially see Steve entering the Ali Presidential suite at the Hilton with McGarrett sounding quite enthusiastic at the idea of the staycation away from work but without the hassle of travelling and at passing some quality time with his lady friend. And there we had Steve’s attempt at kissing Lynn, with the silly girl diverting her head before that happened (how could you Lynn :(). One and only real romantic moment that we saw between Lynn and Steve, and this was the thing that left me more disappointed in the episode. I loved the funny moments but I missed some of the heat that we had seen between the two either in last year’s Valentine episode or in this season’s 7.07. Is this a way of the writers to slowly rip the band aid, as we know from Peter Lenkov’s interviews that Lynn might not be in Steve’s life for long? I don’t know, but i didn’t like it. 


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16 Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


But enough with me whining, I’d rather talk about what i DID like 🙂

McDanno! I always like them two together. And if I’m a supporter of he bromance and not of the romance between the two best friends I have to admit that they were the best “couple” in the show.

Their initial encounter on the balcony was rather funny. I loved Steve’s “whoohoo” and fake enthusiasm when the girls revealed the surprise and Steve and Danno conversation about Mr. Williams wanting to be romantic with Melissa despite his reputation as a “social weirdo”. So sweet Steve’s attempts at reassuring him about keeping his judgey eyes and face at bay, even setting up “chicken salad” as a safe word for Steve butting out of a situation before embarrassing Danno too much.


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16 Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


The volleyball match was one of my favourite staycation scenes, closely followed by the guys walking out of the water, and yes, I promise that the shirtlessness had nothing to do with it (and of course I’m lying). Super competitive Navy S.E.A.L. McGarrett teasing Danno for “needing to win” made me smile as well.


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16 Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


I also enjoyed the scene at the SPA, with Steve being unable to keep quiet for more than one second and Danno eating the cucumber eye pad and storming off to investigate the disappearance of his sunglasses. I a way there were two investigations going on in the episode, the crime of the week one and the mystery of the stolen sunglasses.


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


Raise your hand if you thought that the kid was innocent. I bet we wouldn’t see a lot of voters 😉 I admit i joined Danno in believing that the annoying kid had taken his glasses as revenge for being told off when he didn’t apologise to Melissa for frisbee-butting her. 


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


Steve could not resist not joining Danno in his mystery solving endeavour, even if it meant walking out of a Yoga class with Lynn and Melissa that he seemed to enjoy very much (NOT). So I guess one can be a super fit Navy S.E.A.L. and at the same time completely lacking flexibility and balance? Not convinced, I’m pretty sure Steve can do much better but he just wanted an excuse to check on Danno and make sure he wouldn’t get himself in trouble doing something as stupid as for example entering another guest hotel room without probable cause….or real reason.


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16 Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16 Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16 Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


And there we have the twist of the episode, the kid didn’t steal Danno’s $20 sunglasses, which we find out shortly after were “hiding” behind a cushion in his bedroom. The scene of Danno apologising to Melissa for being distant was quite cute, I guess the poor girl really meant it when she said “I knew what i signed up for” referring to her goofie boyfriend.


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


And finally we had the romantic dinner, completed by a live singing serenade, and Steve promising that they all had a great time and that next time him and Danno will organise a way to hang out all together again. Sweet of him to give Danny credit for organising the meal, complete with his goofie attempt at helping Danno expressing his feelings towards Melissa (including a “more Alex than Steve” touch to Scott’s ear) and poor Danno trying to get out of the embarrassing situation invoking “chicken salad” multiple times.


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16 Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16 Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


One of the things I liked about the staycation was to see that Lynn and Melissa seemed to get along very well, they seemed good friends, that was quite refreshing.

Oh yeah, there was also a crime of the week.

Chin Lou and Kono worked on the murder of Jeremy Holder, an insecure guy that apparently managed to “score” a hot girl thanks to “The method”, a girls pick up course that “guru” Blake Stone taught for a living. Blake turns out to be a fraud when the team discovers that his techniques don’t really work and he is giving the guys t.b.c (total confidence built) via paying escort girls to pretend they are charmed by their newly acquired skills. 


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


Unfortunately for Jeremy one of the girl’s he “picked up” ex clients was the “madly in love” one mentioned in the title of the episode. Quite literally in fact, given that he believed Vanessa was in love with him after meeting her once while recovering from the heartbreak of being dumped by his fiancee.


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


Funny thing is that as silly as a “pick up guru” job might sound, I have seen in another T.V. program that such figures really exists, there are  real life guys that teach this kind of classes in the world.

I’m hoping they will be a bit more successful than Blake Stone, whom not only wasn’t able to help his clients but didn’t get good results for himself either, being turned down by our Kono more than once. 

Loved her when she described his “job” as “helping men to feel better about themselves by objectifying women” and when she pointed out to him that she was a married woman, and even if she hadn’t been the answer would still have been NO. Way to go Kono!


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


And now next week we’ll have the return of the lady serial killer Doctor Grey and of her nemesis Alicia Brown. Curious to see what they are both up to.



Linda Stein


How do people feel about Valentine’s Day? Well, I suppose it depends on where a person is in their life on the “relationship” front. There are, of course, those who choose to live a single life and are quite happy and content. But there are others who may view Valentine’s Day as a bitter reminder that they’re alone, that the “someone special” they’ve been looking for is still nowhere in sight.

Then there are those in relationships where one in the couple takes Valentine’s Day extremely seriously. Unlike the single folks who can choose to ignore the day as just another February 14th if they choose, those in these relationships, well, let’s just say ignoring the day, innocently forgetting the day or even just not being overly enthusiastic about the day may not be the smartest move.

Lastly, there are those couples in committed relationships, who view it as an opportunity to do something special yet they don’t take it all too seriously. It’s a chance to do something sweet, something that’s not an everyday occurrence and just have a bit of fun. And this was a perfect Valentine’s Day episode because it did just that. It was silly and fluffy and just plain fun.

I must admit up front that I was hoping for a bit more in the “romance” department from our lovebirds. I was looking forward to a “morning after” moment with at least one of the couples and would have been thrilled for one from both. Alas, I was to be disappointed. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy this episode, because I certainly did.

Let’s get to it then!

Right off the bat, I have to say I really loved that Lynn and Melissa joined forces to book the weekend at the Hilton for their guys and that they picked up the tab for it. They are two successful women in their own right and if they want to do something special for their guys, more power to them. There’s no rule anywhere that says the guy should always foot the bill. It was their idea, they executed the “op”, so to speak, and they covered the expenses. Woman power!


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


It was also pretty obvious that the guys were looking forward to spending “quality” time with their ladies. At least until they found out what the girls had done. I’m thinking each one was feeling a bit “cockblocked” (thank you Belle for that fantastic word) by having the other so close. It was really funny how they were both ready to jump and run when Chin called about the murder case but, of course, they knew they couldn’t do that to the girls. More willing to just go with the flow than Danny is, Steve’s suggestion of the safe word “chicken salad” to indicate when Danny wanted to be alone with Melissa was hilarious as was the spot-on-perfect Christopher Walken “chicken salad” used by Scott at the end of the episode.


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16 Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


I was having a discussion with a couple of friends on Saturday morning and one of them mentioned how, after enjoying all the humor the first time she watched, it was on her second viewing when she could really see all the relationship angles that were there. After watching the episode, a second time myself, I can’t help but agree with her.

Let’s start with Lynn and Melissa. I know it won’t happen because both actresses are in demand and busy with projects away from Hawaii but I wish to hell we could see more of the friendship these two have obviously struck up together. I loved the easy comradery between them. They were quick to bond, quick to laugh and obviously enjoyed each others company. They are also totally in sync with their men and the relationship that exists between them.


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


Of course, Steve and Danny are, well, Steve and Danny. I was overjoyed they didn’t get called away by the case of the week even if they had their own little case to solve. Danny’s hilarious feud with that obnoxious kid and his quest to recover his not-stolen sunglasses was a lot of ridiculous fun. It reminded me of that Halloween episode when he went nuts trying to find out who toilet-papered his house. Steve was right there by his side even when he knew Danny was going way overboard. They always have each others backs, no matter what. I also get the feeling that the romantic dinner on the beach was Steve’s idea but he let Danny take credit so he could make it up to Melissa for wasting time over the glasses.


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16 Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16

Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


But Danny need not worry about Melissa. He’s really a lucky guy; she was totally cool with everything. She was as dedicated to beating Steve and Lynn at volleyball as he was. She loved how he “defended” her on the beach. She wasn’t upset that he left the spa early, nor was she angry he completely bailed on yoga. She “knows what she signed up for” and accepts him for who he is. She doesn’t try to change him. She understands this is the man he is, she loves him and accepts him, warts and all. After all, they’ve been together for over three years now.


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16 Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16 Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


As for Steve and Lynn, I absolutely adore this relationship. Like Melissa, Lynn knows the kind of man Steve is. She understood Steve’s little joke during the volleyball game about switching sides was just that, a joke. Danny knew it too or he wouldn’t have teased Lynn about Steve’s request. Steve was a little nervous that he’d hurt her feelings but she was so totally fine with it she tossed it back at him during the yoga class, adding her own joke that his concern for Danny was what was messing up his balance and concentration. I loved how Melissa and Lynn giggled and laughed over that! Priceless. Even at the dinner table later, on the beach. It looked like Lynn knew exactly what Steve was doing, letting Danny take the credit. I saw total understanding in her eyes. She just “gets him”.


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16 Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16 Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


But it wasn’t just the girls who made this stay-cation so great but the guys as well. Spa appointments and yoga classes aren’t things guys are usually interested in on vacations, or ever to be honest. My husband, who usually watches the episodes with me, spent the entire hour chuckling and smiling. I asked him if, when we were first together before we got married, if he’d have gone to a spa with me if I’d wanted to. He rolled his eyes, and said “Seriously? I’d have hated ever moment of it but if you wanted to go, I probably would have and prayed to God none of my friends ever found out about it!” Then I asked if he’d go now and he said “Oh hell no!”

So, the guys sitting in a spa didn’t feel out of character or weird to me. Just two guys, doing the best they can to make their ladies happy and make the weekend they planned for them a success. Steve lasted longer than Danny did of course. Danny had sunglasses to track down, or course, and Steve? Well, Steve is trained to endure torture, after all. LOL


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16 Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


I pretty much loved every moment of the stay-cation especially the way these couples are so in sync. Each couple, in their own way, understand and complement each other’s personalities perfectly. I’m so happy we got to spend Valentine’s Day with them all. I hope we get to see them again in the future, but not for a good while. A relationship episode is great and fun but I don’t need to have it in my face every week.

Now for the crime of the week. If the stay-cation was a testament to happy couples who see Valentine’s Day as an opportunity for fun, then the COTW is classic for the singles who are desperate to not be alone. This story reminded me of the Will Smith movie “Hitch” about a guy who teaches socially awkward men how to connect with women. The difference is Hitch was interested in romance that would lead to life-long happiness, not just getting laid. And Hitch never resorted in paying prostitutes to hook up with his clients.

It also seems that poor Kono is destined to be hit on by every undesirable in Hawaii. But Kono is smart and she is mature and she doesn’t get caught up in righteous indignation or immature whining over it. She’s a tough, self-assured grown up and is perfectly capable of putting these guys in their place. Whether it’s Sang Min or Gerald Hersh or this creep, Blake Stone. She is completely confident in herself and she’s also intelligent enough to know where these guys are coming from and how to handle them.


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16 Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


She knows, if she had to, she could totally take Sang Min down. She is mature enough to understand that Hersch acts the way he does out of insecurity and is harmless. Blake is a low life, manipulating the insecurities of men to make a buck. When he tries to put his “practiced” moves on Kono, she is more than willing to rip him apart in the Blue Room and the car. Even after she’d saved his life, Blake still came at her with his over-confident shtick. Kono is simply awesome.

Not only did Danny’s quest for his sunglasses remind me of the great Halloween TP caper but the way the COTW played out was also a familiar theme. Jeremy Holden was murdered, not by Vanessa Lancey, the hooker Blake paid to go out with him but by Neil Ware, a crazy ex-client of Blake’s who’d fallen in love with Vanessa when Blake set them up. Neil became obsessed with Vanessa and murdered Jeremy when he saw them together in the alley.


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16 Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


The way Neil was acting with Vanessa, the insanely obsessive way he was telling her how they needed to be together and how all she needed to do was see him again to know they belong together, reminded me of when Melissa’s ex-husband came to Oahu to get her back and ended up stabbing Danny in the process.

Some other fun things:

I was very happy that Steve told Chin he hoped the case wrapped up quick so Chin could get “home” to Abby. Nice to know, that even if we don’t get to see her, Abby is still in the picture and at Chin’s home.

The same goes for Lou and Renee. Just like Abby, we don’t get to see much of Renee but knowing she’s at home and Lou is planning a Valentine’s Day like she deserves warms my heart. He’s not gonna blow it like he did last year, that’s for sure!


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


It’s too bad we didn’t get an Adam mention in this episode other than when Kono pointed out to Blake that she was, obviously, married. It’s not a necessity that he be mentioned, but since it was Valentine’s Day, it would have been nice.

Just like the COTW reminded me of when Melissa’s ex-husband came to Oahu, the spa scene was a clear reminder that you just can’t “double date” with Steve and Danny anywhere where silence is a blessing. Just like the double date at the movies way back in Season 3, it’s impossible for Steve and Danny not to kibizt and “ruin the zen” of the spa experience. Luckily for them they have very understanding girlfriends! LOL

Of course, I can’t let this review go by without mentioning the best scene of the entire episode. Yeah, that’s right, Steve and Danny emerging out of the sea like a couple of Greek gods. OMG, I have no idea how they managed to film this scene on the beach in front of the Hilton without having to stop a million times because of women gawking in the background. These guys are just too gorgeous to behold.


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


I have always been quite impressed over the years with the way the make-up department has been so consistent with Steve’s scars. As the years have passed they have become more and more numerous. They’ve managed to keep the scar on his collarbone from the shot he took from Victor Hess in the Pilot consistent for seven years. We’ve already caught a look at the surgery scar from the liver transplant a few episodes ago and in this episode, we got to see Danny’s identical matching scar. Seeing those matching scars just gives me all kinds of wonderful McDanno feels!


Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.16


Also, in this episode, the make-up department added to Steve’s scars with the wound to his left side (the shot that took out his liver) as well as the shot he took to his left deltoid. That damn shot messed up that tat! Just for that those drug runners needed to die!

All in all I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Other than the fact I didn’t get to see our couples rolling in the hay (what an opportunity lost!!) I think this was a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It was fun, it was sweet, it was comical and it served to show just how strong these couples are. Will they last the test of time? I don’t know, I hope so. But even if they don’t, I sure am enjoying them while they last!

Have a great week my friends. I hope all your special someone’s treat you will all the love and joy you deserve! Aloha. Malama pono.



Alex Only 

This episode was great for the Alex only gifs. His expressions went deep and wide not to mention the “scenery” we got to see along the way. Enjoy!


alex o'loughlin gif alex o'loughlin gif alex o'loughlin volleyball alex o'loughlin gif alex o'loughlin gif alex o'loughlin gif alex o'loughlin gif  alex o'loughlin gif alex o'loughlin gif alex o'loughlin gifalex o'loughlin gifalex o'loughlin gif  alex o'loughlin gif alex o'loughlin gif alex o'loughlin gif  alex o'loughlin gif alex o'loughlin gifalex o'loughlin gif



February sweeps has provided us two great episodes thus far. Check out the third on Friday with the chess piece killer coming back along with the nice leather jacket.




alex o'loughlin the-end




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