Alex O’Loughlin FanArt Whimsical Wednesday


Wednesday has arrived and for those who enjoy the fanart days, you will definitely enjoy this one today. There is lots of great new fanart for you to lay your eyes on. This week is very diverse in what was provided so from sweet to dramatic, and some stuff in between, we have it all for you below.



This week we will start with the dramatic. and you guess it, it is from Gaby!  As you know by now, she is always creative and has quite an imagination. This time she created something that could be a poster for a Five-0  movie or Stephen King hybrid type book. An imaginative plot could be: Time is running out fast. Can Steve save the latest victim of the demonic serial killer? All he has left is 48 hours or he will be next. “Use them wise, Steve, and remember the rules of the game …”  . It sounds like a thriller. Anyone up to catch it?

Credit H50Europe



Now onto the sweeter side of things.This one is from Sonja.  She calls it soft and romantic and based on the pastel colors surrounded by flowers around the frame, one would have to agree. With the shadows around his facial area, she even emphasizes the softness of it even more so. It will brighten up any Alex fan’s day.

Credit Sonja (Sonni)




Next, Monika did a filter play with a younger Alex. This one goes back to when he was doing the press rounds for the Back-Up Plan. She took it and made it different including part of his outfit. She also emphasized his sexy stubble and by surrounding the mouth area with it, she brought out his sweet smile.  It is a very nice depiction of Alex way back when.

Credit Monika Wawrzenietz




Bryna came to the table with another movie poster. This time she took Blue Thunder, which is an older movie back to 1983 about a specialty police helicopter pilot which is dealing with some issues in his life including PTSD. She decided it was time to make the sequel and she thought Alex was a perfect fit for it.  Of course, he would be a perfect fit for almost any role but this one sure does sound like it is up his alley, since we have seen him as Steve deal with almost all of the same.

Alex O'Loughlin fanart movie poster

Credit Becoming_Bryna




Next Silvia made an appearance again as she did the calendar for us this month. She has been so busy with real life it was nice to have her back, even if only for a short time. Here is the wallpaper she made for the August calendar. She took Alex’s horseback riding experience to an exotic beach setting. He is looking ready to go on a nice relaxing ride along the beach. Anyone up to go with him?

Credit Silvia




We took one of our favorite pics of Alex and added some filters and a background to give it a true vintage feel. It looks to us as if he is sitting in a room of an old castle or similar as someone sketches him. 

Alex o"Loughlin fanart





Once again the creators did a great job, so much thanks goes out to them all. Speaking of creativity, we will start a new fanfic next week so be on the lookout for it. Fanart will be included per chapter so that will add to the fun and provide some extra flair. It will be another thriller just like the last one but from a different author so get ready for another thrill ride. 






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