The Back-Up Plan Release Date Changed

The Back-up Plan Movie Poster

It appears as though the April 16th release date for The Back-Up Plan has been pushed back a week to April 23.

Several other film companies are also pushing their early to mid April release dates to late April too. Why? The 800 pound gorilla that is Clash of the Titans moved their date back to accommodate 3D rendering. I think they are making a wise decision because Clash is destined to be a hit. Not only does it have some serious talent like Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes playing Gods it has Hollywood’s new golden boy, Aussie Sam Worthington of Terminator and Avatar fame. Heck, I can’t wait to see it myself. It has blockbuster written all over it, so I can totally see why other film companies don’t want to take on the Titans and see their own numbers plummet due to the competition. I think a week is a small sacrifice if it means better numbers for The Back-Up Plan.

What do you think?

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  1. Is the 23 APRIL release date all over the world i will be in OZ then

  2. hi i love that poster it is a cute one and alex looks good i hope this movie works for him i think alex is a great actor and cbs should give him a break and keep him on tv

  3. Alex is worth the wait! Looks funny and very entertaining!

  4. Where was Alex at the Grammies??? They made a big deal about having JLo and mentioning her new movie–but where was her HOT co-star??

    1. I am guessing he wasn’t at the Grammies because he isn’t a musician. There were only a handful of actors there that I saw. I imagine JLo was invited primarily because she is a singer.

  5. Can not wait for this movie to open! If this is a better weekend, so be it! I just want to see him on the big screen and have everyone fall in love with him!

  6. I so want alex to be a big hit. I hope everything goes well with this movie. I’m praying everyday that it’s a success. I want to see more of him that’s for sure. I I miss him sooooooooooo much.

  7. April 23rd, thats my weddng anniversary, that has to mean LOVE !!!!!!

  8. Une semaine ce n’est pas grand chose on est pas à ça prêt pour voir Alex et moi encore plus car je ne sais pas la date de la sortie française surement un mois aprés vous.J’ai hate de voir le film.
    Bisous et merci Sand

  9. For sure we don’t want anything to compete with The Back-Up Plan. It hopefully will premiere without a hitch, so April 23 here we come.
    I think Alex and Jennifer will be dynamite together, at least from the previews I’ve seen of the movie, they look pretty explosive.

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