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alex oloughlin

Wow…lots of Alex interviews this week!

A new interview on at Entertianment Weekly is available for viewing. I laughed so hard at some of his comments. Like this one:

I read that Andy is separated from his wife and lives in a motel near the hospital. Is that right?
Yeah, connected next to the hospital, actually. So he can live his job even more than he usually does.

The word motel always sounds kinda seedy to me, so I thought maybe we’d get to see him taking advantage of that proximity. But if he’s a workaholic…. Are we not gonna see sex scenes is basically what I’m asking you.
Ohmygod. No, I told them I’m happy to do whatever sex scenes they want. Either with actors or by myself. So they’re getting back to me on that. That may or may not be a reason why they pick up the show. “He’s obsessed with sex. No, we’re not gonna pick the show up. Moonlight f—ed with him. He’s kinda all weird now.”

I also like the reasons why he chose Three Rivers. I soooo hope he is right!

It’s a well-written piece that I foresee a longevity with that I didn’t with the other pilots that I read. I see three years ahead, you know what I mean? I see the fifth season. I see where the characters are going to go, the potential. I loved the character. I’ve sat in on five open-heart surgeries now. I realized how important a story like this was before I did that stuff, but the deeper I’ve gone into it, the more mesmerized I am.

He also mentioned meeting JLo and family:

You’ve met Jennifer already, obviously. How’s the chemistry?
The chemistry is fine. I think we’re gonna be pals. You know when you sit in a room with someone and you kinda can’t talk to them, or you sit in a room and you’re easy with someone — we’re easy together. So I think it’s gonna work. I think we’re gonna be really good onscreen together. Her husband is wonderful. I met Marc and the kids, and they’re great. They’re a really lovely unit.

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  1. I don’t care if his sex scenes are alone, lol. Either way works for me!!!!

  2. hi alex nice job go for i love u xxxxxx

  3. Thanks Tiffany – you do a great job of keeping us informed about Alex – Can’t wait unti 9:00 tonight, I will be watching and taping “Criminal Minds” just so I don’t miss a thing! Only 1 1/2 hours to go, unless President Obama goes over him time lilmit – either way, VCR is set and ready to go! We can’t let Alex down – WATCH “CRIMINAL MINDS” TONIGHT – 9:00 p.m.
    eastern time – CBS.

  4. Linda, we should hear somehing mid May when they announce the fall lineup.

  5. Gotta love a man with a sense of humor, and we do!!! TIffany, anything in that article saying when we might hear about the shows picked up for the fall schedule? Keep us posted, as you always do. Nice job.

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