Alex O’Loughlin in Pittsburgh on August 17

THREE RIVERS - Alex O'Loughlin and Kate Moennig

Another update from the Press Tour thanks to Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Series stars Alex O’Loughlin (“Moonlight”) and Katherine Moennig (“The L Word”) will return to Pittsburgh Aug. 17 to film two scenes to insert in two upcoming episodes. A scene for the new first episode features O’Loughlin’s Dr. Andy Yablonski playing rugby with some old neighborhood buddies in a park (rugby doesn’t seem all that Pittsburgh-y, does it?); another scene for the show’s fourth episode features Moennig’s Dr. Miranda Foster and Yablonski having a conversation with Downtown Pittsburgh in the background. A flyover scene for the premiere — shot from a helicopter — will follow an ambulance as it enters the Ft. Pitt Tunnel from the Parkway West and then fly over Mt. Washington to see the ambulance emerge on the other side with the beauty shot of Pittsburgh’s Downtown. (Information on filming locations is not available.)

Producers hope to make a second trip to shoot local scenes during the first 13 episodes; if a back nine episodes are ordered, cast members would ideally return for one additional filming trip in the show’s first season.

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    I live in Pittsburgh and Alex was here on Sunday August 16. They were filming a rugby match using members of our Pittsburgh Rugby Team. Poor Alex had to wear a sweater in 90 degree heat and run all over the place. He was on the news and looked completely drenched in sweat but incredibly gorgeous all the same. Are they covering his tattoos for this role? I think they are and I am not too happy about it. The man is perfect and needs nothing covered up.

  2. I have all I can get of his, August Rush, Oyster Farmer, Black Jack Sweet Science, Mary Bryant, The Inviisible and of course a couple of copies of Moonlight. Can’t get Man thing, not quire so sure of Feed.
    But yes, aussie accent, american, Irish don’t care he is great.

    1. When “Moonlight” first came out, I was an instant fan. I went to IMbd and there were a few iother fans. Then suddenly Alex and the show took off, and there was a ‘plethora’ of fans and additinal fan web-sites ( like this one- thank you – Tiffany). In the beginning there was so much information about Alex especially from Aussies.
      When the show was cancelled, Holly Valance ( yes, Lola in episode BC) got on her face- book and slammed the fans. Claimed that ( I pararphrase) that we didn.t have a life and it was only a TV show. That may have contributed to both of themn
      going ‘south’ and he emerging again w/out her.

  3. Yes, one of the new cast members of Three Rivers said that when Alex breaks out in he Aussie accent it “freaks her out”. Alex is a brilliant talent in every way. He is a true star – and Saxon is looking more and more like his dad. Very cute.
    Yes, Alex said when ML was cancelled he just had to go and “sit in a forest” for a few months. I don’t think he felt like a failure though – like us, the fans, he just knew that it shouldn’t have been cancelled. The PCA award, the decent #s ( at least keeping up with that stupid GW, even during the writers strike and with all the changes in show runners, etc – at the end, Alex was starring AND filling in as showrunner, and the show just got better and better!) Anyway, that was then and this is now – I miss ML, but I can hardly wait till TR, WhiteOut and The Back-Up Plan – and anything else that Alex O’Loughlin does! The man can do no wrong on film – I have collected all of his work on DVD, and I watch it over and over – the man has spoiled me!

  4. The actor who plays Kevin on brothers and sisters is actually from Wales not Australia and the cast and crew comment a lot on his heavy accent when he is being himself!

  5. Thank you Bonnie and Sandra for that info. I had no idea.

  6. Yes, his name is Saxon, he is about 11-12, lives with his mother in Australia. No one knows anything about the boys mother. Obviously ALex had his when still young himself 20’s. There are photos of the both of them fairly recently, I have two of them one int he pool the other with Alex and him sitting on the lounge together, Alex giving him a peck on the cheek. Can’t add them here don;t think

  7. Sandra Fegan did you say Alex has a son? I have not heard anything about that.

    1. Cindy,

      Yes he has a son in Oz. I am think his son was in NY too while Alex was filming TBUP… I have a photo of him hugging on a tween boy, very cute. I haven’t posted it here though because Alex wants to keep his son out of the spotlight. If it was his son, he too is a looker.

  8. · Edit

    Planning to send birthday greetings to Alex.. Tiffany, what address would be best to send it to? My son’s b’day is 8/23. And Alex’s is the 24th! Have enjoyed all these great updates and all the CBS promo’s of Three Rivers….just can’t wait.

  9. His aussie girlfriend of that time played Lola in B.C ep in Moonlight, here name was Holly Valance, she is also Australian. He is no longer with her.
    I didn’t see that interview about the recluse thingy. But I am sure he felt a failure, after all he was the main character of the show. He worked 12-14 hr a day on that set. Also went all over the globe trying to promote the show.

  10. I think he was very upset when they cancelled Moonlight, as he said on his MySpace blog cancelled MY Moonlight, then said our meaning fans as well. He didn’t work for 10 weeks. Yes, he came back to Australia, after all he’s got parents, a sister I think and a son over here. But don;t think he spent the whole time here.

  11. Alex said in a n interview some months ago, that he was very depressed affter the cancellation of ‘Moonlight”and went back to Australia ( with Lola his Aussie girlfriend- think her name was Lola); he stated that he was hiding out there many months, and was acting like a recluse.

  12. Alex’s Birthday is Aug. 24 – the same as my g’dau.

  13. Since most of the NFL teams have begun training camps, including the Pittsburgh Steelers – it would be awesome to have Alex go to Steelers training camp and hang out with the guys and throw a football around a couple of times since he’ll be in Pittsburgh for awhile. Please remind everyone again when Alex’s birthday is so we can all send him our best wishes. 🙂

    1. Rugby, as described, is a rough and bloody game. It doesn’t make sense to have a surgeon playing it. And, no one in Pittsburgh has little interest in any other kind of ‘football’ other than their Supe-\bowl champions, Steelers.
      So Alex survived JLo. Good boy. You deserve to smile! You/ve got a movie in the can with second-billing, and a TV show. Pretty good, considering after ‘Moonlight’ folded he went into h ibernation in New South Wales or another province of Australia!! He must have a great agent to have used the fan base to negotiate a new contract with CBS. Whatever, I am glad that he is back . Would like to see more ‘Moonlight” like everyone else.
      Or ( he-he) he can appear in “Twilight” as one of the cousins of the Cullens !

      1. Hey Bonnie, what do you mean he went into hibernation. How long was he out of touch? I know he felt bad because the show was canceled but was he really depressed? I would like to know because that really concerns me.

  14. Well our soccer over here, which to totally confuse you is now called Football, is played with a round ball. The likes of David Beckham now of LA Galaxy play that.
    No Rugby is totally diifferent. There are 3 types over her Aussie Rules, and National Rugby League, then Australian Football League. I don’t like any of them or follow them. But basically they are all played with a ball like your big bowl football. they all tackle each other and have scrums hjen they all link arms and bend down, and have tries and kick at goal which is two long uprights and one bar across. It is much more like your American Football, without the helmets and the big shoulder padding. Actually I can just see Alex playing it. I found what her actually said. “It’s a Gentlemen’s game played by ruffians” The ruffians best describe it. LOL

    It says they Alex and Kate going ti Pitsbourgh 17 AUg. Yes, we do have Brothers and Sisters over here, but I don;t watch it. I follow enough soapies as it is.

  15. Sandra Fegan Hi, I believe it would be the 2nd Kate you mentioned, but do know that she & Alex are not yet leaving for Pittsburgh, PA until Mid-August for those couple of scenes needed for 3Rs… Wonder if that will be where Alex will be for his upcoming birthday? Hope his cast members know & acknowledge…

    Rugby is similar to our Soccer here, correct? Another Aussie actor who plays Kevin on Brothers & Sisters also finds that a favorite sport…gosh I can’t remember his real name… Do you get that show in Australia, Sandra?

    Yes, apparently on his off time Alex seemingly lives for sports like rock climbing, his motorcycle riding, and such…I do hope he stays careful & has good hospitalization if he gets injured… Or maybe there are some RNs here who would enjoy Alex laid up in traction so they could apply for the job of his private duty nurse….

  16. DO you mena Kate as in Kate Beckindale (WHiteout). or the lady in the pic. Katherine Moeing the L Word. She’s in 3 R’s. SO I presume they were being interviewed abour the. Cause it sayd they are going to Pittsburgh some to do a few scenes. Cuse ALex is going to be playing a little Rugby like it says somewhere the gentlemens game for something or other. I wouldn’t call it that at all very rough I reckon. But I can see Alex liking that sort of rough and tumble.

  17. Hey, that picture looks like it came from some talk show in regards to the background…Does anyone know which show Alex & Kate recently appeared on, if any?

    1. The picture above is from a press conference during the Press Tour for CBS”s new shows. It was a sit down with some of the actors from the shows.

  18. I don’t suppose fellow actors feel the awe and worship we do, after all we are all fans from Moonlight. But if he can control JLo, apparently he stood no nonsense from her, not letting her be a diva, so she liked that in him. If her husband paid unexpected visits to the set, wel!!
    Not saying anything was going on, Alex just being his charming self, playing with the kids in Jlo’s set accommodation. But then who would you choose between Alex and her short, not exactly fab looking hubby?

  19. Hi Barbara & Jojo, it seems so but I don’t think co-workers feel the same about him like we do. Am I comforting myself? :)) Hoping it is just a moment that photographer caught ! :))

  20. I agree with you Barbara – if I were that close to Alex, I wouldn’t hear anything or see anything going on. The surgeons who practice at my local hospital only wish they look as good as Alex does. Very nice!

  21. Hmmm….she seems enthralled by something he’s saying. But who could blame her? Just to be in his presence and that close to him I would be enamored and probably wouldn’t hear a word he’s saying!!…LOL!!!

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