The Three Rivers Set

The Hospital Set of Three Rivers

Yet another update from the Press Tour thanks to Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Information about the super awesome set! Looks like CBS is going big budget, from the picture above and some others I have seen this hospital looks incredible.

Just how big is the “Three Rivers”hospital set? So big they cut holes in the wall between Paramount stages 19 and 20 so production designer Philip Toolin could create long, winding, river-like corridors for the doctors to stride down during those all-important hospital show walk-and-talk shots.

The interior of Three Rivers Regional Medical Center is a far cry from the old-school Brownsville hospital where the show’s pilot was filmed earlier this year. And it doesn’t have the white gleam of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, which was also used as a hospital stand-in for some scenes.

Instead, the new hospital has deep colors: A maroon floor, warm green and yellow walls and huge TV monitors everywhere, including one featuring a map of Pittsburgh that resembles a weather radar. Hospital rooms are designed to resemble a luxury hotel in an effort to calm patients’ nerves.

Because the new interior doesn’t match the pilot — and because of several roles being re-cast (Julia Ormond is out as Dr. Sophia Jordan; “St. Elsewhere” veteran Alfre Woodard is in) — the pilot that was shot in Pittsburgh will not air as the first episode of the series. A new premiere episode is in production now. Some scenes and stories from the Pittsburgh pilot will air as a later episode, according to series creator/executive producer Carol Barbee.

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  1. Dear Sweet Alex, I cant believe this!!!! You poor man!!! All the wonderful actors and actress such dramatic and heartbreaking episodes!!! And poor Cole, Does he ever get his heart??? He could have mine but its breaking right now!! : – (!!!
    Also I think if Three Rivers was nomainted (sorry cant spell) they should be able to keep it but then again…
    I cant believe how stupid CBS is, the show really wasn’t given a chance with stupid games pushing back their time slots..
    My Mom and I loved watching CSI’s but were growing tired of them, well honestly recording and watching shows was the only time I could spend with Mom. We’d watch Three Rivers and laugh and cry together,like we’re doing now…
    Alex hang in there something wonderful will come your way, it has too, you’ve worked too hard for it not too, at least you’ve made some great friends on the set…Cant wait to see you again in my living room hopefully something romantic with wavy hair and your original accent
    ….. BTW if you need a place to run away too I hear West Virginia is a beautiful relaxing quite place… : – )
    Anyway Take Care and Hang in there {{{{{{}}}}}}} lots of hugs to ya
    Your fan
    P. S.
    Love ya

  2. Was the CBS Press tour on TV?

    1. No, the press tour is an event to woo TV reporters and journalists. They came from all over the country to tour the set, meet the actors, see episodes and clips, etc. Then they are expected to go back to their media outlets and hype up the shows. It is not meant for viewers, just press.

  3. Wow, it looks like the hospital of the future. I wondered what they would do about Julie Ormond senes. They certainly going all out. Even the idea of Rugby game played with some of Dr Andy’s mates in the park gives the human touch. The press certainly seemed to lap up Alex, but then as Sophia said in one interview, just look at him. Yes, we do look at him, often.

  4. With the woodwork colors, the monitors and the stairwell it looks a lot like the NCIS set. Too bad they can’t do a cross over where Abby works with them!

  5. wow alex stuff is good to see that thanx tiffany love u

  6. wow…i have been gone for 2 weeks on vacation with no access to a computer and geez alot happened while i was gone..there wasnt really anything new while i was home but right after i left it all came just glad to see lots of new (to me) alex stuff!!!! and he most definately cannot take a bad picture…<3

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