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    Deli cious. What a great poster. Definitely a keeper. And there’s no way Alex could have a bad haircut…even as Marcus in The Invisible with no hair he was HOT.! But this haircut is just super sexy…I love it. Me too, can hardly wait for Oct 4th. So Tiffany, please keep this stuff coming. Every nite after work I can’t wait to turn on my computer and look for ALEX. Thanks again.

  2. I also agree with Natalie – if this is a dream, don’t wake me up either. Organ transplantation is a very serious undertaking but can you imagine if you were a patient and the last face you saw before you got knocked out was your surgeon who looked like Alex????? Talk about sweet dreams! I am so glad that CBS seems to be pulling out all the stops for “Three Rivers” and I hope they continue so it can be a success. October 4th can’t get here soon enough!

  3. Like the poster. Alex is so gorgeous. We’ve been getting a lot of info on him and I love it. And once Three Rivers begins, we’ll probably get more (I hope). Angelbones, Alex is going to make your birthday extra special! Tiffany, many thanks again.

  4. look at his beautiful everything…… <3 🙂

  5. Can’t wait for October 4th!!! Alex is so beautiful…look at his gorgeaous eyes:-)!!!

  6. Well is that still the bad hair cut? the scrubs look different as well. Well if that is the schlumf (or whatever it was the critics called Alex) as Andy that they are trying to de-sex, give me that any day.
    I don’t think CBS is trying to show that Alex is not a star after all, why would they spend so much on the set. Also give him that starring role in BUP with JLo

  7. Great poster, thanks so much! October 4th is two days after my birthday … what a great gift to anticipate!! Can’t wait to hear all the good reviews right here … you guys are always so positive and your comments are heartfelt. Alex and company are fortunate to have fans like you!

  8. Heavenly!!! Is it October 4th yet?

  9. Obviously a Russian publication advertising American TV. Wow!! As they say in ” parusky”
    it’s ” atlichna!”- outstanding.!! Alex has an international following of more than just Brits, Yanks and Aussies ( Sorry, sister, Canadians, too eh!!)

  10. yeah i totally agree Natalie…im so glad new alex stuff is coming almost everyday it makes me happy 🙂 lol <3

  11. I feel as though it is a dream sequence. Alex, hero, floating through my mind’s eye. Free-floating…mmmmm…don’t wake me up.

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