Hawaii Five 0 Fan Fiction- Real Genius Section 2


If you have been waiting to find out what come next in Bryna’s story, we have the next section for you below. The story left off with Steve and Danny making a bet that McGarrett could not take it easy after being hurt again. It also had Danny and the rest of the team starting to investigate a new case. Who will win the bet and will the new case affect it at all?

Find out more in the next section of Real Genius. 



Here is Part 3 and 4


Part 3


alex o'loughlin fan fiction


McGarrett and his SEAL team friends, Kurt “Pistol Pete” Peterson, James “Three Square” Madison and  Tim “Cobra” Shelby were enjoying an evening out.


“I think I want in on that bet, Commander,” Kurt nodded to James, “The way you have been cleaning up this island, I think we should have called you ‘Mad Dog’….Merciless All Day.”


“Hey, I can chill when the situation calls for it,” McGarrett laughs as he takes another drink of his beer.


“Just as long as you keep buying when you win…I got your back, Brother,” Tim smiles and raises his glass to McGarrett.


“More like my wallet,” McGarrett nods and raises his glass, “And I will buy when I win.” They cheered and finished off the beers.


 “One more round and then I gotta call it a night,” James motions for the waitress who comes right away and clears the empty bottles.


Kurt motions to McGarrett and looks at James, “Daddy Duty, right.”


“More like Daddy Duties,”  James  laughs, “But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”


McGarrett flashes to Nahhele when he almost lost him to the fire.  His heart felt unexpectedly heavy…regret washes over his mind, “I need to spend more time with him,” he said quietly to himself.


“Who? Wait, you got a son and you didn’t tell us! James perks up.


McGarrett rolls his eyes, “I forgot you have that bionic ear!”


James laughs, “It’s the best thing for new fathers…and even better in Vegas, you wouldn’t believe what people talk about up there!


McGarrett answered his question, “And no, I don’t have any kids of my own. I’m just…just watching over a young man who lost his father.


“Well if you need any help or advice, just let me know,” James stands up, “Hey, when the waitress comes, have her bring a glass of water, I already hit my limit. I’ll be right back, “James heads over to the restroom.


“Here are your drinks and…ooh!!” The waitress’ tray slips, McGarrett and Tim grab the glasses before they crash into the table.


“Wow, what great reflexes! Ooh..and I am so sorry to have spilled your beer, let me refresh it for you,” She quickly grabs another beer from the bar and refreshes both McGarrett’s and Tim’s glasses.


“Mahalo!”  McGarrett smiles…he was about to take a drink when his cell buzzed, “McGarrett….no Danny, I haven’t jacked anyone up…..good night, Daniel.”



Part 4


“What’s so funny?” Grover walks over to Danno.




“Nothin’…..ha…you’re tormenting your boy aren’t ya.”


Danno giggles, “Yeah…”


“Brothers from another mother,” Grover shakes his head.


“Thank you for your patience,” Noelani said politely as she came around the corner of her lab, “I had to search for this cold case file.”


Danno nodded, “No problem, Noelani, show us what you found.”


“When I first examined Mr. Bauer, it seemed like it was a simple blunt force trauma. However, I remembered a similar case a few months ago where the victim, Mr. Takahara, a military veteran, appeared to have died from natural causes. However, upon further investigation, he had a spike in his blood test….mercury. As you may know, everyone who eats fish would have small quantities in the bloodstream. However, Mr. Takahara had three times the level of mercury in his system. Needle punctures were found on his neck at the base of his skull and in his forearm, like he had an IV.


“And similar bruises and head wound?” Danno asks as he reviews the records.


“Yes. After I read the report, I re-examined Mr. Bauer and found the same needle marks on his neck and arm.”


“And he was not a user?” Grover asked.


“No, neither of the victims were, they both were actually in excellent health.”


“They both had one more thing in common,” Danno shows Grover the case file, “They both were last known whereabouts was Ke Aloha Bar in Mililiani.”


“Mililani is where Mr Bauer was found,” Grover looks at Danno.


Danno gives Noelani the case file, then looks over to Grover, “Let’s go, call Tani and Junior to meet us there.”


alex o'loughlin fan fiction



To Be Continued…


Story and fanart by Bryna



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