Alex O’Loughlin 2017 Favorite Pictures Results


Since we are a few days into 2018, we thought it would be a good time to reveal the favorite Alex pictures for 2017, according to all of you that voted. The turnout for voting this year was plentiful along with the many positive comments about the pictures we chose.  One of the categories even created a tie which was really surprising and another one oddly created quite a stir of votes with over 10 times more than any of the other pics across any of the other categories.

We do not want to call them out as winners as none of the pictures in the polls could possibly be considered a loser, so let’s just say, here are your favorites below. (we took our tally Tuesday afternoon so that is what the numbers are that we have included)


Favorite Fan Kid  Photo

With 149 votes Alex in his air racing uniform entertaining his PA’s son on a set visit for the day. It does seem to be a perfect one all inclusive of shaved ice and some fun expressions.

alex o'loughlin kid fan photo

credit phillyfan1024 Dec 1


Favorite Fan Adult  Photo

In this category, this is the photo that skewed the numbers considerably. When we took the tally we had to look twice as we thought we might have seen it wrong. However, at second look, it was obvious someone wanted to make a statement on this one. Taking in 1109 votes at last tally, it is for sure a fun selfie with a few fan girls that caught Alex live behind the scenes. The addition of Beulah, Brian, and Ian (crew) in the background is also priceless. Great pic of a fun moment.

alex o'loughlin fan photo poll

credit kristencrandell Sept 21


Favorite Behind The Scenes Photo

This category brought in votes that was a little closer, but the pic of Alex and his PA walking into a location squeaked out the victory with 98 votes. It is clearly a very sweet picture of a candid moment between them.

alex o'loughlin behind the scenes poll

credit AOLO taken by isolasandz Aug 30


Favorite Funny Moment Photo

In the funny moment category, this picture squeaked by in a different way. Although it clearly had the most votes in the category with 141, it was an end of the year addition and just barely made our poll time. Eddie was a popular vote grabber in this case and the expression on Alex’s face is a winner. Better late than never really paid off with this one.

alex o'loughlin funny photo

credit H50Eddie Dec 24


Favorite Event Photo

Once again Eddie shows off how popular he is when this pic outdid the rest of them in the event category with 107 votes. It is a great memory of a fun night that Alex had some real competition in with Eddie being around. Putting them together in a pic on the red carpet was a no-brainer so good catch by the photographer.

alex o'loughlin sotb

credit Ninjaloha50 Nov 10 SOTB



Favorite Candid Moment Photo

As we come to the final category reveal, we also come to the tie. With 153 votes each, it must have been hard for everyone to choose between the cuteness of both these pics. Although they are totally different animals (pun intended), each of them exemplify something Alex chose to do voluntarily and without posing. His love for kids and dogs just can not be any clearer in these great pics. 

alex oloughlin candid moment poll

credit teridavis Feb 16


alex oloughlin candid moment poll

credit hawaiiisla808 Mar 6


As you can see from above, it was a great year of pics with Alex. The ones we chose for the polls are only a small sampling of all the wonderful poses, faces, and people that were included within them. Here’s hoping 2018 can be just as good if not better. Once again Happy New Year everyone! Bring on the pics!



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