Alex O’Loughlin Weekly Wednesday FanArt


It is fanart day again and it seems to be one of the ways we are filling the void of no new Hawaii Five 0 episodes. We will have some other ways soon as we have been taking a break from any regular posts except for this one.

This week, Alex’s new photoshoot is still front and center in the creators’ minds as you will see. Surely no one will complain though as it is most definitely one of, if not the best, shoot he has ever done. Scroll down the gallery to see what is on tap for you this time.




Since tomorrow is the beginning of a new month, we will start with Silvia’s monthly calendar and wallpaper. She certainly made this month vibrant in color to represent the start of Summer and outside events. Who would not want to take a hike with Alex up Diamond Head or anywhere he would want to go. 

alex o'loughlin June calendar

alex o'loughlin wallpaper

Credit Silvia




Next we head down the line to Gaby who has created an imaginative manip piece called Andromeda. If you do not already know, Andromeda is a galaxy in space and is closest to the Milky Way galaxy. It can be seen uninhibited from earth so maybe that is why Alex in this imaginative character is associating himself with it. Is there life there and his character has gone on a space mission or have they invaded his civilization? That is for you to decide but either way it seems as if he must defend himself and save the world. Once again a very imaginative creation from Gaby. It must be interesting to live within her brain.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit H50Europe





Next we will head to Monika’s wall who has created a whirlwind effect using one of the popular new photos from the CBS Watch shoot. The color blend is perfect for this effect and the few birds in the background can symbolize what his thought process is in reflection. Deep in thought as the spokes of life spin around him.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Monika Wawrzenietz





Next we have Sonja who was inspired by the military side of Steve this week. A man in uniform is hard to resist and when Alex dons his, it is always a fan favorite moment. The background choice also gives it an official feel.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Sonja (Sonni)






Here we have one from one of our admins who was also still inspired by the newest photoshoot. She took Alex and his horse and had them explore a new countryside. It encompasses the feel of freedom and solitude as he trail blazes through this beautiful setting.

alex o'loughlin fanart






Bryna has once again provided us with a movie poster and this one is an adaptation of Shadow Recruit. Shadow Recruit was based on a Tom Clancy book with the character Jack Ryan. It was an action spy movie that did not receive the best reviews at the time. Even Chris Pine who played Ryan said he didn’t get it right. Now if Bryna’s version would have been the one in the theaters there is no doubt that Alex would have gotten it right and it would probably have been more popular. Too bad he was already spoken for at the time.

alex o'loughlin fanart movie poster

Credit Becoming_Bryna






That is another week of the fanart gallery. This one was filled with a lot of color and outdoors and rightfully so since it is that fun time of year. Some of you have been sharing your favorites in the past posts, so feel free to do the same here as the creators always appreciate the feedback.












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