Wednesday FanArt Day of Alex O’Loughlin


The fanart day this week pretty much revolves around all the new gifts we received from the CBS Watch photoshoot which we are sure everyone has seen by now. If for whatever reason you have been under a rock and have not , we did a full post on it here. You can go see all the amazing pics and hear from Alex how much longer he will be doing Hawaii Five 0 putting a lot of the current questions to bed.

Here is the wall for the week.




First we have this blend from Monika. She chose more of the reflection type of pics symbolizing the parts of the interview when he was looking back, looking forward, and deep within. As the beauty of Hawaii surrounds him, he thinks about the bigger picture. Her use of filters also accentuates that.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Monika Wawrzenietz





Next we have Gaby who also utilized the photoshoot. Who would not want to be wrapped up in this blanket? She took the concept of wrapping himself up within which again shows his depth of reflection.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit H50Europe




Sonja strayed from the pack and used one of Alex’s older photoshoots for this one. She themed it around the glasses and it clearly shows intelligence is super sexy. Through the use of color and greyscale she also draws the eye to emphasize shirtless intelligence is the best.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Sonja (Sonni)




Next Bryna, returned to doing her movie posters and since they are so popular we are glad she did. This time she took an old 1991 movie starring Tom Berenger and Bob Hoskins, and replaced those lead roles with Alex and Mark Dacascos. You might just recognize Mark as his iconic role of Wo Fat. The original movie had the two parties helping one another out as they investigate a murder together.  It would be a great remake with the two of them as Alex and Mark have always had such good on screen chemistry together and seeing them on the same side for a change would also be a treat.

alex o'loughlin movie poster

Credit Becoming_Bryna




One of the admins took a crack at something with the new photos too. The story or imaginative concept behind this one is while taking photos at sunset, Alex is interrupted. The surprise visitor will provide some unexpected shots…if he can charm the tiger that is. The faded out pic to the left symbolizes that the picture taking had to be put on hold to deal with the matter at hand.

alex o'loughlin fanart





We also pulled one from the gallery for Silvia again and this one also seems to be along the lines of reflection. We can call it another road less traveled as it seems to have that flair. From beaches of Hawaii to an unknown desert, Alex will always fit in.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Silvia




That is it once again for the fanart week. The creators were all excited to be able to have some new material to work with, so hopefully you like what they did. 




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  1. Alex is one of a kind…he’s got voice, looks and his in shape. What a young man. I was born and raised here in Hawaii. Raised my 4 boys and watching Hawaii Five O.
    Now I still enjoy watching it. Alex is awesome. We have one thing in common. We both have sons named Saxon (39). I just love to see New photos of Alex. Is there a place here in Hawaii to purchase poster of Alex?

    1. Thanks for sharing and not sure if there is a place to purchase in Hawaii. You can google it but there are some on Amazon. Let us know if you need a link.

  2. Omg the fan art keeps getting better every week! Loved them all!

    1. Thanks as everyone appreciates your comment.

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