Hawaii Five-0 1.8 Mana’o Recap

Just have to take a moment to sigh over the above picture. Dang that salt and pepper is SEXY!!!

Okay… now we can discuss the episode. Danny’s ex-partner from the Honolulu Police Department has been murdered and his body is found in a BBQ pit at a Hawaiian Luau. His ex-partner’s wife begs him to help figure out what happened and thus Steve and Danno are thrown into the investigation.

They go and visit the cop taking the lead in the investigation and it is an officer from I.A. (Internal Affairs). He tells the Five-0 team that the dead officer was suspected of being dirty but he is very loose with actual details and he warns Danny to back off. All the officers at HPD are very close lipped as well but they do find out that the deceased booked a flight to Singapore and was set to leave the next day. An HPD officer tells them he has heard a new drug cartel has moved in and they like to send messages to those that oppose them. When investigating this group they see that the MO looks the same.

A new lead takes the team to an art gallery. They grab a guy selling drugs as well as art and Danno takes him for a ride on the hood of his car. I think Steve’s methods are growing on him. After the ride the guy is much more amenable to talking. He tells them that the cartel has a man inside HPD that tells them every move the force makes and that a delivery is coming in the following night. Danno and Steve get into it though and Danno walks out on the team after Steve tries to get him to admit that his ex-partner could have been in on the drug trafficking.

Chin Ho gets him to calm down and takes the opportunity to tell Danny how much he appreciates what he is doing for a cop he knows wasn’t dirty because no one did that for him. Danno is inspired to go with Steve’s original idea to find out who the inside guy is so his friend can be cleared but Danny and Steve make nice anyway in very sweet “bromance” moment.

The team goes to an airstrip to take down the cartel as they arrive.  Things get out of hand quickly and a shoot out ensues. The HPD man they brought along kills the suspect before he can be questioned. Danno is quick to figure out that this is the dirty cop and they manage to get proof at the last minute.


This episode was pretty good. I give it 3 out of 4 fallen heroes.

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  1. A great bg ‘DUHHHH” for me….forgot to click the “preious comments…..hope
    Jimmy Fallon does better with Scott than Letterman. I’m Definitlyi going to tape that one…too late to stay up and find out if it was worth it… Sorry Tiffany……”a computer dummy” :sick: :sleep: :p :whistle: :p

  2. I tried to type 2 coments about David Letterman’s lame interview of Scott last night and when I tried to submit them, they didn’t show up? is 61 comments the limit to one segment?? 🙁

  3. Someone wondered when Letterman or one of the late night shows, would have Alex on…the only good late night interview I have seen was with Craig Fergson quite a while ago (a year because he was doing 3 Rivers) It was hilarious..the two had each other laughing and discussing Alex’s show…not giving him 5 miutes to talk about his dad and his photos like DaveLetterman did with Scott last nigth…a worthless interview. Hope Fallon does better with Scott tonigh….he’s such a cutie and has a lot to say….. :angel:

  4. Someone asked when Letterman or one of the late night shows would have Alex on….the only GOOD interview late at night was with Alex and Craig Ferguson….it was hysterical. They made each other laugh and it was well done. It was several months ago or more… If Letterman does a interview with Alex he better do better than he did with poor Scott…he hardly had time to breath before they whisked him off the air! I thought it was a complete waste of time…maybe Fallon will do better with Scott tonight…one can only hope. Love from Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan

  5. last nites ep..Po’ipu …um, that of worth watching . um, in short that we all can still learn even when we may not think or whatever may not even as to see it… we still can. and that of even of when we may believe we of know someone… we um, have to even of if we may not want to keep in mind… that of as we ourseleves of and do change… that same goes for everyone around us do too… even we may look at them and only see that of who we’ve come to know and of in our minds &hearts may always be.

    people will surprise u when u least expect nor of ever think of….and um, like the saying… u can’t always judge a book by its cover…even if u may think u may already believe u know how its to turn out. …

    um, yet … scott to alex..”got to pick your friends better” alex’s reply.. “I picked you didn’t i?” um, says a lot and then some.

  6. After seeing the pilot episode of Hawaii Five-0, I must say that it is way much better than the original series that ran for 12 years, which I followed over the years. Not to undermine Jack Lord and the rest of the old cast, but the new H50 with Alex, Scott, Daniel and Grace is terrific, really cool !!! Can’t wait to see more of H50 every Sunday, with the hope that it will continue to run for many seasons. Love from Manila

  7. I agree completely …. a total waste of time. They could at least have shown a clip.

  8. AGain, not to cut Scott down, the interview was just dumb and not long enough…wasted Scott’s time and ours too. Still think he’s a cutie and deserves more time 🙁

  9. Just saw Scott Caan on Letterman…what a waste?? Stayed up late to watch Letterman ask him several dumb questions about some of his photography and then some questions about his dad…lasted about FIVE minuites? then he was gone…no questions on how Hawaii Five 0 and alex and the rest of the crew where to work with???? Dumb interview…not your fault Scott, Boooooo! David…..

  10. 45 minutes and counting!

  11. Looks like a good episode tonight! Got my Longboard ready to go! Aaaloooohhhhaaaa!

  12. TODAY! Monday/Nov 15-2010….

    on “”The Insider”.. -On the Set of “Hawaii Five-0”!!!!!!!!:whistle:

    ALSO .- Tonite- on “Late Night W/ David Letterman”…Scott is scheduled to be on!!!!!!
    (note/ Promos have it as the case!!!!). :whistle:

    1. UPDATE-…as to tonite’s ep…check it out…. no joke! cbs.com (photo of alex) look on the right , click on “Watch an Extened Preview” u’ll see .”Hawaii Five-0 – Preview: ‘Po’ipu'”
      um, to say its a window unto what tonight’s episode is about….and I’ll leave it at that…

  13. Hi Jo Jo!! You are right, they are putting repeats of Hawaii Five 0 and also last night a repeat of THe Menatist with cutie pie Simon Baker which I accidentaly missed last week..was very happy 😀 / Alex and Simon are both Aussies…they should send a boatload of them up here besides Hugh Jackman and couple others I can’t think of right now. They must use them for fills for the almost NO shows they have that are decent on Sat. nights. Fine with me :p Just learned how to use these cute litle faces..can you tell? I’ll be watching Letterman interviewing Scott on Monday and Jimmy Falon with Scott Tuesday (might have to record…that’s late for me!!!) Have a great day all my fellow Alex Lovers!! Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan

  14. As far a re-runs, CBS randomly shows repeats of some of their most popular shows on Saturday nights, no specific show or time, just have to look at the TV Guide for that evening to see which ones they chose. Scott is on Letterman on Monday night and I think on “Jimmy Fallon” on NBC on Tuesday night – Hope he says nice things about Alex since they have become so close in a short amount of time. Don’t forget to vote for H5-0 as best new drama for the “People’s Choice Awards” – vote as many times as you can – have a great week all. 😀

  15. Saw H5O last night on CBS! Are they going to do reruns now? Also, a spot about Scott Caan being on Letterman Monday night. DDK has already been on Letterman–when are they going to have Alex??

  16. About the Star Magazine list of 10 sexiest men that listed Jon Hamm as #1—well, Alex will always be my #1 no matter what. However, Jon Hamm is a close second for me. He stars in the wonderful show “Mad Men” which has won the Emmy for best drama on tv the last three years. Jon Hamm and Alex are both young handsome talented actors struggling to make their names known in the entertainment world. Both are very sweet, funny, charming, and down to earth. Mad Men is worth checking out! But Alex will always be my favorite actor—still can’t get enough of this guy EVER!!!

  17. Dont forget to vote again and again and again on People Choice ..that’s still up and running and the show is in a month or two I think. With all us Alex Lovers our here I’m sure we won’t mind wearing out our fingers~!! Too bad he isn’t up for a lead…and I’m not too thrilled with the ones they have listed. Oh, well, that’s the way it goes. Y’all have a great day my friends! 😀 :love:

  18. Its too late to vote for TV’s sexiest law enforcer….Alex had it by a landslide IF
    the lady opposite Nathan Fillion, Stana Katilc (Castle) hadn’t gotten FIRST! It was in this weeks TV Guide…darn. They definitely should have separated men/women for this class…..knuckleheads..TV Guide 15 to 21stp l;page 40 under “hottest cop”…boooo! I do love that show. Castle, but they have to get it moved so it isn’t opposite Hawaii Five 0!! Why do they put all the “good shows” on a couple nights, the the losers just anywhere! I’m glad Blue Blood (another CBS winner) is doing well…as I said before Defender, Blue Blood, and Hawaii Five 0 are almost all pretty much guaranteed a second season from all I’ve read. NO MORE of that “bubble” stuff…somebody mean is trying to hurt our Alex. Love you Love you Alex. You too oh most necessary Tiffany…MORE MORE!!:D :love:

  19. VOTE! The only real competition for H5-0 is “Blue Bloods” (Tom Selleck) so we all need to cast our votes so we can see Alex & Co on stage accepting that award in person. 😀

  20. tv guide’s hottest list as to cops & Alex is on it.,( issue new w/ glee pg 40)

    Also Grace made the “Hot A** kickers” no joke!

    w/ that there is in the issue(not sure if on site) “CBS playing for keeps “hot network.(pg 23)

    entertainment wkly issue w/ johnny deep on cover.. listings for wk it had .. Hawaii Five-0 @ #20 w/ 10.9 (believe thats it). :whistle: . ..

  21. That guy is on some TV show that looks like it’s set in the 60’s, I think – anyway, we all know who #1 is – ALEX! Don’t forget to vote for H5-0 for best new drama for the Peoples Choice Awards – you can vote as many times as your fingers will allow – VOTE TODAY! 😀

  22. Alex no 8, no way. Who is Jon Hamm anyway?
    ALEX IS No.1 SEXY MAN, tractor or no tractor. LOL

  23. The guy with his head on the table and the one strapped to the hood of McGarrett’s car is an actor by the name of Bronson Pinchot. Some may recognize him from a TV show from the mid 80’s called “Perfect Strangers” – he played “Balki Bartolomous”, the one with the accent. Saw copy of newest issue of “Star Magazine” – list of 10 sexiest men – Alex is on the cover, top right – pic is the tractor one from TBUP- browsed through it, Alex was #8 – ?????? #1 was Jon Hamm :sick: – what were those people thinking – Alex should have been #1 :love:

  24. ok um, just came across as to tv guide.com…
    Tomorrow/Saturday nite >”9 pm”< (no joke its "9 pm")… cbs to re-air ep. "Ohana" (hint:skeleton key one)..

    1. ok um, isn’t that guy in the photo w/ head down on table that guy iof whoose name well its friday and yet… wasn’t he in movie BeverlyHills Cop as to, art showroom place? :whistle:

  25. To all you Alex fans worldwide ….. be happy for us in the Philippines !!! Hawaii 5-0 premiere telecast is set on Sunday (Nov 14) 9 pm at Channel AXN ……. it’s been a long wait but we’re sure local TV audiences will immensely enjoy Alex’s current hit show. I haven’t seen any letters to his fans lately, I guess AOL is so busy these days !!! Miss those wonderful notes he wrote in the past for all his fans…… For Alex …. don’t overwork yourself, all fame and fortune is nothing compared to good health. And to all AOL fans, you are so great in recognizing AOL’s talent …. who knows, maybe he can be a “James Bond” after all……. Thanks, Tiffany, for your so up to date website. Good day to you all !!! Love from Manila

  26. To all you Alex fans worldwide ….. be happy for us in the Philippines !!! Hawaii 5-0 premiere telecast is set on Sunday (Nov 14) 9 pm at Channel AXN ……. it’s been a long wait but we’re sure local TV audiences will immensely enjoy Alex’s current hit show. I haven’t seen any letters to his fans lately, I guess AOL is so busy these days !!! Miss those wonderful notes he wrote in the past for all his fans…… For Alex …. don’t overwork yourself, all fame and fortune is nothing compared to good health. And to all AOL fans, you are so great in recognizing AOL’s talent …. who knows, maybe he can be a “James Bond” after all……. Good day to you all !!! Love from Manila

  27. Sorry….I type too fast and hit the wrong key, anyway, fellow Alex Lovers….get on Peoples choice site…very easy to vote for Hawaii Five O….I’ve spent the last couple days going back and back because you can vote multiple times. I don’t want to see Alex on the beach accepting his Golden Globe award like that awful year he won for Moonlight and they had writers strikes, and many bad breaks. If you want to see something amazing….go on U Tube ..they have the original cast of Moonlight which was all fired but
    Alex…the final casting director knew what she/he was doing. VOTE! VOTE! Love from Suzanne Alex’s forever fan. :love: :heart:

  28. Hello Tiffany, I really respect your integrity about posting private photos and I am sure Alex appreciates it also. I am sure if he wants to show a picture of his son he will. I, too, have a son and he is my pride and joy so I know how he feels. Am lovin the 5-0 episodes and glad the show is doing good. Alex looks wonderful. Love him in his uniform, but anything will do. Take care and love to Alex. Laura

  29. What I liked about this episode was that Danno points out to Steve that if there was any question about his honesty that Steve would back him up–because they are partners. Danno points out that it’s the same with his old partner–and Steve gets it–and backs up Danny’s intuition that his old partner isn’t dirty. These two guys are like an old married couple–I love it!! I also love seeing Steve in uniform–HOT! HOT! HOT! :love:

  30. You are a very classy lady, Tiffany – kudos to you for your integrity. This is why you’re the best and why we love this website. Alex will share Saxon with us when it feels right to him, no one else, especially creepy paparazzi. If there is a legit photo of the two of them, we know you’ll find it and share it with us. 😀

  31. Thanks everyone for updating me on Alex’s pictures and episodes I can’t figure my dvr out I managed to record the show last night but not equiped on this new technology I want to record all of Hawaii 5’0 so i can see his amazing eyes and gorgeous bod {Omg I feel butterflies tingleing all over me } So wrong to feel like I’m a teenager i’m not I’m 33 and have 3 kids but cannot resist his sexy eyes or him in general :love:He’s worth feeling young again .And thanks on the info on moonlight what channel I get carried away doing other things not to sit down to see his sexy eyes on tv .Thank you everyone {We love you Alex your so fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine } :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


  33. alex only gets better with age. there are no words in the english language to describe him. looking forward to tomorrow with moonlight on syfy from 8am to 4pm. :heart:

  34. Alex is still hot even if he is going a little gray on the sides! LOL!

  35. I loved this ep, very Danny. Could have done with a tad more Steve, but that is me can’t get enough of Alex. But it was Danny’s thing this week. Loved in the car when Danny likened Steve to Oprah.
    Rather teary at the end. It was good to see the hardened bad good doing good.
    Salt and Pepper sexy hot!!!

  36. Thanks Tiffany…that young boy with his arms around Alex must be his son..same coloring and a good looking young man and kids that age don’t usually show great affedtion for just anyone. Especially boys, I got two! :love:
    Lucky kid, God bless him.

  37. Jeanne: I tried to get into the site you said Saxon’s photo was on but all I got was old Hawaii five 0 shows from the first series….no photo. Anyway,, Like Tiffany says,I totally respect Alex;s wishes on when he wants to show pictures of his son…tha’ts his pride and joy and I’m sure if anything happened to him, like one of my sons, I would beyond devastated. the pararazzi are the ones to be feared. We’ll see him when the time is right.
    suzanne his forever fan.


  38. Tiffany, I commend your integrity on the photos of Saxon. Can I ask where you are getting from though? I mean are they out there on sites? I wouldn’t think Alex would have allowed too much of that for him.

    1. Paparazzi photos have been taken of him and his kid. Usually it is apparent they aren’t trying to make a public appearance. If he and Saxon go a movie premiere or go out in public together or he has a role in one of his shows then I would post those but private moments caught by sneaky paparazzi I do not post.

  39. Love the salt and pepper hair also. Yes Alex real sexy in a suit , but then he looks sexy in anything he is wearing. Another great eposodie. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  40. Alex has stolen my heart :bandit: My husband, who is also handsome and has a great body, is totally jealous! I had to banish him from the den last night when the show is on because he comments on the action and distracts me from my laser-like focus on ALEX!!! :heart: :love:

  41. I remember an interview with Alex some time back and I seem to recall that he said that he didn’t have a gray hair until he started doing Moonlight. I guess because of the long hours and such. I don’t know. I found the interview on YouTube. I watch his interviews all the time just to hear him talk. I love my Alex! The next time I watch it I will make a note of it and post here for anyone who wants to watch it. There are a lot of them and all of them are very enjoyable.

  42. Salt and pepper hair and in his naval uniform – I can’t stand it! I would love to know who is in charge of the wardrobe for Alex because his clothes seem tailor made for him. He looks awesome whether he’s in his navy seal cargo pants, a suit/tux, or formal naval uniform – he just looks awesome. Loved how the writers were able to tie in the first episode snitch in with this one and I loved the very end when Danny thanked McGarrett for coming to the service for his ex-partner, “even though you didn’t know him” then McGarrett said, “no, but I know you” – – as Marianne said, it’s that human connection. It gets to you. Thanks TIffany for the recap. Just a little side note: you all know from my postings 😀 how much I love the Pittsburgh Steelers – well last night, Alex won – I watched H5-0 and listened to the game on the radio – can’t miss Alex, even for my Steelers, and yes, they won. Have a great day gang!

  43. :woot: man he is just too hot… my baby! :love: can’t wait for it to come out in South Africa! EEERRRGGGHHHH! why do we have to be so behind!

  44. Dear Tiffany…I tried 50 ways west to try and come up with Saxon’s picture but as I said, I’m not too savvy with all the ins and outs of getting what I want on the computer…I’ll just have to wait till someone gets an actual photo of him right in my face…..thanks anyway. have a great day….thoroughly enjoy all your work…make a lot of people happy.

    1. Go to TV.com. Search Hawaii 5 o. Click on photos. Alex and his son are in the second photo.

      He has his fathers long eyelashes.

      1. Now I’m confused! I heard from someone else that the child in that picture is an actor in the ep, but he sure looks like the twin of the child that was hugging up Alex in the picture from behind the scenes at the Backup Plan.


    2. Sorry Suzanne, I don’t post pictures of his son here. Alex has indicated that he likes his family life to stay private so I respect that by not posting pictures of his child. If he ever chooses to release photos then I will share them here or perhaps when he is older. Until then here is a photo that is already online:


  45. An excellent episode. The storyline was very interesting. I liked how Danny did everything he could to prove his partner’s innocense and how McGarrett tried to make him realize that he had to look at the possibilities of his partner’s guilt, too. I really enjoyed it.

  46. I must need new glasses but I really don’t see that much “salt and pepper”….if true, I guess Alex doesn’t mind growing old gracefuly and George Clooney and Richard Gere certainly havent lost their sexiness with grey hair. Just hope Alex’s heavy duty schedule isn’t making him old before his time!! Doubt it. Funny none of you (especially you Tiffany) haven’t mentioned the great pickup of Hawaii Five O, Blue Bloods, and the Defenders at over 2 million dollars A SHOW by the overseas market and CBS has had enough revenue to pay for already shot shows. AND its growing and almost a sure thing for a SECOND season!!! Yeah and halleluyah!! Loved last nights show…wish Alex would have put on his hat at the end….but that woulda stole the show and it was Scott’s night to do the heavy drama. Love to them all from Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan. :heart:

  47. I just looked Alex up on imdb, mostly to see his birthdate (was curious with all the salt & pepper talk lol) and his height. While I was there, I also looked up Scott Caan. According to imdb, they were born a day apart in the same year. I think that’s pretty cool. 🙂

  48. Wow, the salt and pepper look and the suit are a very sexy combo. Very nice. :heart:

  49. I never noticed the salt and pepper until last nights episode. Great episode. Love when Alex and Scott go at it. And the ride Scott gave the guy was hysterical! The highlight is Alex in a uniform! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!

  50. :angel: Dear LORD!
    Alex and those grey hairs of hi :love: s…. breathless!!!
    I can only gasp for air right now.
    Damn HOT HOT HOT ^_^ .
    Obrigada Tiffany.
    3 in 4 … the show must be just fabulous (sou so so jealous of you american fans :heart: !!!)

  51. Another excellent episode! Love the way the stories each week involve a crime that touches one member of the team, with the WHOLE team working together to solve the crime. It gets better and better each week – of course, Alex and Scott continue to be the best of partners, with Daniel and Grace adding to this special task force! 😀 I also love the endings of each episode, a message sent about the human connection between these 4 people. :heart: There is something about Alex that just draws his fans to him – like someone previously commented, we don’t know what it is (salt and pepper sexiness), but it drives us crazy!!! :love: He DOES look GORGEOUS in a suit!! I think it all stems from his character’s personality in Moonlight – he seems like such a sweet personable guy – pretty down to earth and very approachable. 😀 Keep the great stories coming and continue the great interpretations of the written word…… We fans are with you all the way on this one! :woot:

  52. Not only was everyone totally cute, there was some good acting, perfect timing in the dialogue and great characterization. This show keeps getting better and better. I like how much closer they get the more they work together. Sigh

    And, yes, the salt and pepper thing is divine!

  53. Oh my word!!!
    Alex is totally gorgeous in a suit.
    I look at his pics every day…on my pc & phone…to get my ‘Daily Alex Fix’ :heart: :love: :kiss: 😀 :heart:
    I honestly don’t know what it is about him that drives so many of us crazy like this.
    Thanks Tiffany! 😀

  54. Just finished watching the episode and am still teary and breathless at the same time. This picture you’ve sent us Tiffany is a gem. You are so right about the salt and pepper sexiness. I thought the same thing when I looked at it. Scott and Alex were once again so awesome in tonite’s epi. I loved every minute of it. It had me on the edge of my seat all through. Can’t wait to go up to bed and watch my DVR recording of it again. Thanks so much for the recap and th great photos.

  55. Gotta love Alex in a suit…Well in anything but I was so hoping as I was watching the show that you would have screen caps of him in the suit. Thanks! 😀 :heart:

  56. I love the salt and pepper too! So so sexy!

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