Alex O’Loughlin Weekly Wrap-up September 13th – October 1st 2018

A couple of weeks have flown by since our last wrap-up so we are glad she was able to get some time to complete one. Thanks again for our gracious volunteer that keeps these wrap-ups alive. Here are the highlights of the time since SOTB. Besides the photos and videos, of course, the premiere was last Friday, and so the season is once again in full swing. 

Since we are not doing recaps any longer, we thought we would share our thoughts on the premiere show. We thought the premiere was very good and hopefully the rest of the season will go on in that same manner. We enjoyed the action, the Steve and Danny time that they were able to work and banter together, and the actual story line homage to the original show of 1968. 

With that being said, here is the wrap-up.




The Monday after SOTB, the cast filmed a football game scene for the Thanksgiving episode




Great pics of Alex on set with Al Harrington. Love this shirt 😉



Alex did a health check at a local specialty clinic.




Alex was filming with Ian , Meaghan & Beulah earlier last week





Alex & Scott with a really cute young actress on an upcoming episode.




Hawaii Isla 808 also took some great videos so here they are below






NinjAloha50 also grabbed some good videos of the filming and here those are




Meaghan Rath shared a few fun behind the scenes moments on her IG stories




That ends this one. They should continue filming 9.09 this week so see you next time with more behind the scenes action. 



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  1. I love every pic of Alex that is posted he’s so sexy and hot love him lots

  2. Thanks for these great photos, however very disappointed “NOT” to find the wonderful recaps with pictures of scenes from the show. Was looking forward to those!
    Disappointed in Kansas

    1. Sorry Carla- we just can not take the time to do that any longer. We are all volunteers and it is very time consuming. We all have other things going too especially on the weekends. Our writers are gracious enough to get all the details but the pics and the setting of it takes too much time. If anyone who is qualified wants to volunteer to do them, we will be happy to give them a spot to do so.

      With that being said, if it is the pictures you are looking for, we still do the Alex screencaps and put them in our flickr gallery sometime over the weekend.

      Thanks for following.

  3. Mahalo again for all the lovely pictures. I read that Mcbride wrote the script for the Thanksgiving episode; and that Lou Gossett will be in it.

    Comments about the opener: (spoilers)!
    I hypo ventilated during the entire opening!
    Steve has more hair on top. Looks good.
    And he and Lynn broke up. I loved the argument between he and Danny.
    Sweaty Steve in hardhat……..Sigh!

    HO5 is on top again.

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