H50 stars offer advice to local actors

Alex and cast as well as H50 directors, producers and casting gatekeepers all participated in a seminar for aspiring actors and gave their advice for landing acting roles. It was held at Tenney Theatre and there 300 in attendance.

Love Alex’s hair in these photos. Reminds me of Mick St. John before he was turned.

Read about it at Honolulu Pulse. Second photo source.

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  1. :heart: Yes, Alex is a HOTTIE in these pictures. Thanks Tiffany for sharing!

  2. Love the pictures!!!!! :heart:

  3. Hi! My whole family is hooked on this show. My 6-yr old son wants to go to Hawaii to meet the cast and watch a shoot. Is that possible? How do we find out where they are shooting when we go? Will they still be shooting the show in April or May?
    Thanks so much.

  4. ok… just for fun… of as to that photo of Alex making that face… um, any takers on well caption for it by chance?
    just wondering… :angel:

    1. Booookkkk EEEEmmmmmm Daaannnoooo (slow motion). just for fun. lol. ditto on his hair longer, however he’s always a doll. Am just loving this show, especially the cast. they were made for each other. Scott (I messed his name up in the past, sorry about that) and Alex are the best together. I’m smiling and/or laughing before they even finish their lines. Can’t get enough of them.

  5. Thx again Tiffany…I also love Alex’s hair a little longer !!! Soo sexy !!! Would love to run my fingers thru his hair.!!! He’s sooo handsome. Was up late watching him on “You Tube” – keep hoping that when I go to sleep I dream about Alex !! :love:

  6. It does not matter to me about his hair, he is perfect anyway you look at him 😀 ..I love you Alex :love:

  7. Oh I defo love Alex,s hair longer its so lovely when its long those beautiful curls! Had bout 4th episodes now of H50 here in England. I love Alex to bits but its so fast moving that you dont get the chance to really get into McGaretts character dont think I would watch it if he wasnt in it but what choice do I have no H50 no Alex fix. Just rewatched the whole of my Moonlight DVD. Why do we love it soo…….its not just Alex its the whole story the characters are all interersting it really gets a hold would have loved to have known more about Guilermos’ past etc and who the hell sent the new DA that list of Vampires and why???? Oh well guess we will never know.:( Oh yeah btw if you havnt already check him out in the Oyster Catcher a d o r a b l e!!!!!! :love:

  8. AWESOME! We watched Hawaii Five 0 last night. JOB WELL DONE. I am so proud of Alex and all of THEM. Keep up your hard works! :heart:

  9. fantastic pics. who better than alex to help upcoming actors. good job.

  10. Oh my, he does look like Mick before he was turned in the first picture. He has such beautiful hair, and everything else of course. Would love to know what Grace was saying in the second picture to have Alex make such a face. Thank you Tiffany and everyone have a great day.

  11. What do you mean Megan? Who is married? Alex certainly is not, whether or not he’s met you.
    I wonder what Grace said to make Alex pull such a face. He is so expressive. LOL Yes his hair at the front looks a tad longer.

  12. I love his hair too. Maybe they will let him keep it for H50. Thanks for these pics, Tiffany. 😀 :heart:

  13. Oh my check Alex out in the second pic….what a face…haha. Love him dearly though.

  14. hi thanks for the photos i love them

  15. I just wanted to be the first and I know you are married, but thats because you have not met me yet. WILL U MARRY ME PLEASE, Have a greatday :heart:

  16. Love the pictures! He does look like Mick before he was turned. So handsome.

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