GQ Style Alex O’Loughlin Cover

Hot diggity! Who’s that on the cover?  :woot:

The autumn/winter 2011 issue of GQ Style in Australia. Out March 7. Video of the shoot below.

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  1. Oh my…he is a dog a really bad one. no matter how he looks with a beard without he makes me want to jump this screen. he knows he’s good looking and my lips are watering just thinking of him. damn he’s hot. :heart: :whistle:

  2. alex i looooovvvveeeee yoooouuu !!!!!!!

  3. How can I get a copy of this GQ mag????? I’m glad to see he still has his gecko tattoo!!!!! They don’t show it on Hawaii 5-0.

  4. He is such a dog!! He knows EXACTLY what he’s doing to us. Inside he’s grinning that ‘I’m a dog’ grin!! And he better not DARE stop!

    1. thanks tiffany for the info my sister fr U.S. is dying to have this copy. :heart:

    2. Aww, it’s sold out. Do you know of any other site?

      1. RHV, this page is selling them:

  5. Hi, we like your site. We have a italian blog that talks about tv shows. We would like to add your site on our blog! 😀 Bye bye
    Nina e Morgana

  6. What can you say…he is SMOKIN HAWT on the cover…a very , very intense posture indeed. And, the video sizzles…thanks for posting this info on a most lovely man, inside & out!!! GO ALEX :heart: :heart: :heart:

  7. I like the softer side of Alex, the playful side!!! He is so handsom….

  8. Anyone here anything about Alex and Amber lately? Being almost done with filming in Hawaii gives him finally some free time.

  9. um, i got a email back from my friend helen, and um, i had told her about this site and yup the cover photo of alex…. she’s fan H5-0 & alex.. . she really like the site and that the cover photo of alex… very nice indeed.

  10. No, not seem it what site did you read this comment? Alex already got a son don’t forget Saxon in Oz.
    Well buying a house there I can imagine, H50 is popular so may be there a while.

    1. Sandra, the site is alexo’ adoring alex. Yeah I know about Saxon, but isn’t a family two parents and cildren? Do you think it is Amber? On other sites he also was interviewed saying He was going to stay in Hawaii no matter what happens to the show. Sounds like he is very happy.

  11. FELLOW FOLLOWERS—I read on another site ” I am buying a house here (hawaii). I will be raising a family. WHAT!!! Any one else see this article? Exactley what does ” RAISING A FAMILY” mean??????????????

  12. he is sooo hot i could eat him up :heart: :angel: :love: :kiss: :

  13. Thanks, Tiffany, so much. I love the video and email. Yes, I agree, please let us know when the GQ comes out over in America. We have to tell Australia, they have to share our Alex. Sincerely Deanna

  14. If only it was available in the US .Great eye candy anyways. 🙂

    1. The best eye candy i’ve ever seen! He looks amazing! Oh dang! <3 I will one day meet him! I'm totally obsessed with him! :heart:

  15. OMG…. I’m in LOVE :love:

  16. when I posted video um.. well lets just say that cover of a bit looking …
    yet just saw video and well… all i can say is thoses lucky ducks over there in aussie land.

  17. · Edit

    Heavens to mergatroy!!!! Does this mean I have to fly to Australia to get this marvelous magazine. My son has a subscription to the US edition. Darn it. Why couldn’t they put Alex on that one. We loooooove Australia here and adore Alex everywhere!! Thanks Tiffany for this great post. Now I’ve got to get me some oxygen.

  18. What a great video! thanks Tiffany. Will look around at some of the speciality bookstores. Who knows maybe I will get lucky and find one or find out how to get one without paying such a high price to subscribe to it. I only want this one copy. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  19. Just went to the GQ Australia website and thought I’d be smart and subscribe. That way I’d be sure to get a copy of this HOT cover 😉 But they want $129 for a subscription–WHAT???xD I may have to settle for watching the video on YouTube.

  20. Holy Cow!! Is it ever sizzling Down Under :woot:

  21. Yummy pics can hardly wait for March 7th. Tiffany thanks so much for pics and info really appreciate your hard work.

  22. BE still my heart. :heart: .Thanks Tiffany for the lucious pictures you post.Gotta Have that magazine just for tthe cove :love:

  23. Thank you so much, Tiffany. You put a genuine smile on my face with this. Alex shirtless is always a boost for a day.

  24. :kiss: For Alex:

    All I want is five minutes with this man.

    1. Alma honey, I want more than five minutes…sooo hot !!!!!! :heart:

  25. Thanks so much for posting this. I get all of my news about Alex thru you and you never fail to come up with some great stuff. Lovin’ the bad boy look on him. 👿 Actually loving any look on him as he’s just Soooo gorgeous. :love:

  26. Oh My Lord – HAVE MERCY :heart:

  27. Smoking hot, but I prefer with him with that cheesy sort of cheeky smile, Don’t normally look at magazines, will have to keep my eyes out for this one.

    1. Sandra: I agree–I like the cheeky smile much better than super serious Alex. Too bad we can’t purchase this mag in the States.

  28. · Edit

    Holy hell!!! Just when You think he can’t get any hotter!! And to think, I was upset when he first changed his look after Moonlight, now, I prefer it. Dayum!! Whew!!!

  29. OMG..I watched that video last night in my youtube subscriptions :woot: ..and he look’s so hot…..I just so happen to have a friend in Australia and she will be sending me a copy 😀 ..I can not hardly wait to get it, because he is so beautiful :love: :heart:

  30. Wowwwwww!!! Thanks Tiffany, the day looks shiny now!!! Alex always takes our breath away…Hope we can get that GQ urgently 🙂

  31. Alex It is a monument international…!! In Spain will be difficult to get the magazine.
    Thanks for sharing the images.

  32. This is the Austrailian version of GQ. Do we know any way to order it? I’d sure pay mailing costs from ‘Down Under’.
    It we can’t get this, we’re kids looking in the window of the candy store….licking the glass!
    Anyone know if it’s available to us in the US> :straight:

  33. hi thanks a lot do you now when this is coming out

  34. can i get that mag in the uk. alex could have been a model if he wasnt an actor. are there any mags dedicated to alex or moonlight and if so can i get them in the uk. :love:

    1. hey rosemary, from 1 rosemary to another that for sure makes 2 of us as you there in the UK and me, over the pond.

      um, just wondering by chance that is of if possible that well… what if by chance of well checking their site to see of if like they/ GQ magazine has of asking, and/ too, that of possible asking them of suggestionwise that of well 1 for rest of us… ?

      hey it sure couldn’t hurt to ask right? and too, who knows right…. um…?
      just a thought, and yet well… that would be nice of well….. right? :
      what do you think?

  35. this is great…. alright Alex… thanks tiffany.

  36. this is great news… alright alex… bravo

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