Video Clip from The Big Wheel

Here is a video clip from Alex’s guest starring role on Criminal Minds on April 29th. The episode is called The Big Wheel and Alex plays Vincent…a serial killer. I LOVED this clip. It was very, creepy, and the acting was outstanding. He plays such a good conflicted killer and he then flips a switch to go into homicidal mode. And of course you still see our gorgeous Alex behind the facade. Enjoy!

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  1. Tish there is a 3 hour time difference. I used to in live in AZ! When it is 8 EST it will be 5 MST. But I am not sure how that translates for your local schedule.

  2. Hope, check the new thread above pertaining to Alex pleading for us to let Moonlight go, but also check that Silver has told him, back in December, there will be a ML movie and asked Alex who said Sure, to Joel’s asking if he (Alex) is in…

  3. What time will Obama be on in the west coast, specifically MST in AZ, eg, right now it is almost 4 in CA, but is almost 3PM here?

  4. Hi Tish, What interview are you referring to, please let us know. Thanks. signed hopeful

  5. Update: There will be an Obama press conference. It is scheduled for 8-9 so Criminal Minds should be on as usual!!!

  6. Tiffany,

    Check your dates, please, today is the 29th & you wrote the above comment yesterday, which would have made the date With Alex one day away from then…

    I do hope that others from this site went over, as I did, to Latina and chastised them for being so cruel… True it could be to draw attention to the magazine, but it also could be to draw attention to J-Lo whose so called “star” is quickly fading as she is either nearing 40 or already is… I still think the magazine, no matter who wrote the article or who authorized the article to be published is low class by their actions…

    Like I said I intend to follow Alex’s rising star, but noted the new thread about Alex’s latest interview and will comment there on why I feel a disappointment in him at this moment

  7. I agree Hope, that Latina site should be ashamed. Haven’t heard any confirmation about an Obama speech though. I would have thought we would have heard by now if he was going to speak since it is only 2 days away.

  8. Hi Moonlight Lovers, I don’t know why Latina, which I never heard of, would be so nasty to our Alex, who is so loved by so many. The only thing Ican think of is they wanted feed back (comments) to stimulate their website. Alex deserves an apology from Latina and one to all his fans. Does anyone know if the president is going to speak at nine on CBS on Aptil 29th?
    I have not heard nor seen anything in reference to his speech. signed hopeful

  9. Thanks for the link, Tiffany. I’ll have to check it out… As I said, how small can they be? It just comes with the territory, but Alex will outshine her anytime. Even if they don’t know his name, they are soon going to be asking!!!!

    Let’s face it, she is just not boxoffice draw material… Curious, did her fans make a stink like this when she played in “Shall We Dance” with Richard Gere? Gere is closer to my age and still hot…

  10. Yes, check out this page:

    The writer calls Alex “What’s His Name” and says that CBS is trying to sabotage JLo by making her appear in a movie with Alex. The picture she uses as the top shows a plaster face JLo with entirely too much makeup on…ugh. JLo can’t hold a candle to “What’s His Name.”

  11. Geeze, off one day and the whole site has changed its look…


    “Back-up Plan” is not CBS’s first movie and nowhere have I read that it will be a made for TV movie; it is big screen in theaters, to my understanding… Not for the CBS movie background…CBS owns Paramount Studios and Columbia Pictures; they have made beaucoup movies over many years…

    And as far as J-Lo being a box office draw, Alex is the draw, not her…As a matter of fact I read where her sore fans did not like that Alex would be her leading man in this; how very small of them…

  12. Thanks Tiffany for all the information you provide us about Alex. I can’t wait for “Criminal Minds” and the pilot “Three Rivers” set for fall. I just finished reading about “the Backup Plan” and considering this is CBS’s first movie, look who they picked to star with JLo – our own Alex. I think they finally realize they have an “A List” star under contract. I know that our Alex will rise to great heights with all of his talent.
    Thanks again.

  13. · Edit

    Oh forgot to give Nina’s address:

    Ms Nina Tassler
    President of Entertainment
    4024 Radford Ave.
    Studio City, CA, 91604

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    Okay Gang,

    I don’t watch CBS either since the demise and last episode of Moonlight’s Sonata… Now we do know that on the 29th the ratings are going to sky rocket to the moon…one will be a fool if they did not realize that it was caused by Alex’s appearance…

    I am going to ask each and everyone of Alex fans here, or even get the word to any you may know, to write to CBS via both sanilmail & email so we are not ignored… Be polite, even though many of us want to tar and feather nina and ride her out of Studio City CA on a railroad tie… Do not be mushy in your letters in reference to Alex, PLEASE… I know we all adore him but remember, PLEASE, it was his talented acting that made him so much a hit… This dear Alex fans is what we must make Nina and her henchmen realize… It will clear up, or shut her up, we hope, her notion that we are actor-centric…we really must be positively directed to only write about the great talent of Alex O’Loughlin, nothing more…

    Now I am begging you fans, especially our youthful ones, please do it this way or we can kiss Three Rivers good-bye, as well as any chance of Nina being less guarded and ANY CHANCE OF her relinquishing any rights to anything to do with Moonlight so that we can look to our goal of a Moonlight mvie much sooner… AND FOR PETE’S SAKE, DON’T. DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING ABOUT MOONLIGHT, AS HARD AS THAT MAY BE… wE MUST GET NINA OFF THE SCENT OF WHAT WE WANT…


  15. Hi Hope – we will find out in May if CBS decides to pick up “Three Rivers” for their fall lineup in September. I remember reading that time frame in an article about “Three Rivers”. I am sure that Tiffany will keep us posted on any info regarding Alex and “Three Rivers”. I do not watch CBS but I do plan to watch “Criminal Minds” on the 29th, especially after seeing the sneak peek – I wouldn’t miss it now for anything. Let’s all mark the 29th on our calendars – Alex is counting on us and we won’t let him down, will we! Until next time, friends – stay well. 🙂

  16. Hi Moonlight Lovers, I loved the sneak peek too, I love everthing so far that he has done. I can’t wait until April 29th to see it all. The only thing is I like it better if he plays the part of a caring, loving person like maybe the drama of pilot Three Rivers. Does the pilot come on May 1,2009? I don ‘t watch CBS so I won’t see the ad. Please say so on a comment. Thank You. signed , hopeful for maybe someday we will get our Moonlight back again

  17. This little teaser is great!
    Can’t wait to see the entire episode!

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    Alex is an Amazing actor…his versatility does not suprize me! I bought everything he was in and watched them more then a couple of times…it is such a pleasure to see him act…He truly becomes the character!
    I can not wait to see all of his other project:)

  19. He is so beautiful in just about anything he does! I am so excited to see him on screen and am really looking forward to watching this upcoming episode!!

  20. Hi Everyone – Again a thanks to Tiffany for the sneak peak of Criminal Minds – I can’t wait to see this. Even though it is a totally different type of acting that we are seeing from Alex, just that little snipit makes you want to watch from beginning to end. He can do anything!
    Let’s all mark our calendars for the 29th and give Alex all the support we can. I think TPTB at CBS are finally realizing what they have in Alex so let’s just help it along – – – Until next time, stay well friends. 🙂

  21. · Edit

    Thank you, Tiffany for this sneak peek of what is to come on Criminal Minds on April 29th… I wonder if those are Alex’s own glasses because I read somewhere, when I saw another pix of him in glasses, that he needs them for “reading” I believe…

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