Hawaii Five-0 1.9 Po’ipu Recap

This episode begins in a bar with a hot young brunette assassin killing a man she met in a bar. The victim was David Atwater, a man who was part of the security detail for General Pak, dictator of Sandimar, who is scheduled to attend a summit in Hawaii. Apparently he was killed just before he could blow the lid on an assassination plot.

After viewing tapes in the hotel they find out the female assassin drugged Atwater so he would miss his meeting and open himself up for the kill. Chin Ho is able to get an address from the woman’s plates and he, Kono, and Steve meet up at the location. They find a large cache of weapons and the body of the female home owner that the assassin killed in order to assume her identity. The team is conflicted after they meet some Sandimar refugees who want to know why the police could possibly protect a man as evil as General Pak.

The 5-0 team also gets a lead on their assassin, who is former CIA. They find her in at an outdoor shopping mall and a chase ensues but she is killed by a bus and thus their only lead in finding out who hired her is gone. The team opts to become part of the security detail to protect the general and Steve rides with the General and family in the lead car. While running a trace on the assassin’s cell phone they find out that she called Nick Taylor, Steve’s military friend who is heading up General Pak’s security. When Kono informs Steve of this detail he tries to evade the hit team but a shoot-out ensues. They get away and the 5-0 team goes into hiding with the General and his family. The team is consoled, however, by the fact that the General is actually in Hawaii to testify about his crimes before the UN and his family is seeking asylum in the US. By protecting him they are actually helping the people of Sandimar, not hurting them.

HPD arrives as backup but they quickly see that it is not HPD at all and they wonder if they will survive the night with a hit squad outside. The 5-0 team gets to see Steve go Captain Commando as he spars with his old friend. Steve makes a tough decision but he kills his friend when push comes to shove.

This episode was fun IMO. I really liked it AND it had the cutest moment I think to date, when Danno told Steve he needed to pick better friends and Steve gave the most adorable smile as he stated that he picked Danno didn’t he, which was met with an equally adorable smile from Danno, who looked almost bashful. So frickin cute I could barely stand it!  I give it 4 out of 4 sexy assassins.

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  1. Tiffany, as always Alex is very beautiful, I’m rooting for him and all of Hawaii 5.0, each day he gets more sexy and super funny Danny, I love Alex. kisses.

  2. 10.2 – that’s still good, isn’t it? It seems to pick up after the DVR viewers are counted. I guess as long as CBS continues to promote H5-0 as their “#1 new hit of the season”, all is well.

    1. Yeah those are decent. Not as high as what CBS wants but a good place to start for sure.

  3. Tiffany, any idea how it did in the ratings? Just keeps getting better. Is it me or my imagination, but is Alex’s voice deeper and sexier than usual? :love:

    1. 10.2 million… the lowest numbers so far.

  4. Thanks for the detailed summary, Tiffany. The story and action scenes with Alex and the H50 team were outstanding!

  5. ok… um, by chance that of w/ each wk that u could say we’re getting another piece of the puzzle, another clue.. sort of speak…. or too, another part of a maze opened up and yup going deeper into it. ok, ok…whatever… yet hey, theres an thought.for a story line… a maze….um, “no problem no problem” so blindfolds, & for fun…um, at night & barefooted too… :whistle: just a thought. for a story line.. thats all… :whistle:

    1. Well…since it is your story line, I guess you’ll have to write it. Right???
      Please and thank you!

  6. Thank you so much for these wonderful, concise summaries of the shows. You are too good…I would be all over the map in describing these. LOVE the banter, which I think just gets better and better as the weeks go on. I can’t wait to watch this one again…by myself so I can REALLY concentrate on it!

  7. I am loving all the eps. Yep, Alex is like fine wine, gets better as it matures.
    I have to wsatch it on the internet, like a day later due to time difference. But I can hear every word they all say, and don’t find music too loud. Also I don’t get any ads whilst watching it, that is one good thing about the internet. LOL Also saving them to External Had Drive to watch over and over. Hopefully it will come to Australia eventually.
    I wonder how many eps are season 1 any one know? I suppose it can be anything between 13 to 21. Any idea Tiffany?

    1. 22 episodes I believe. They started out with 13 and ordered a back nine.

  8. This episode was great. So exciting, suspenseful and with great music. Alex’s acting was amazing as usual. Also loved Steve’s hand to hand fighting skills and all his great knife
    gear. Our man sure knows how to handle himself in combat. And I have to say, in McGarrett’s
    driving scenes, Alex’s eyelashes were simply swoon-worthy. Wow!!! :love: :heart: :love:

  9. Love the show, adore the actors; more please

  10. Watched the whole show this time ! Loved it ! Very exciting ! Steve , Kono, Chin & Danny are great together. I would like be volunteer to nurse Steve’s injuries, since we haven’t seen Kathyrn in a few episodes :love: . Love Alex (hot) :heart:

  11. Agree with all of your comments before me…especially that we should be seeing more exposure of Alex in both the print and the TV media…It’s the same people over and over on all the talk shows and in the entertainment magazines. We need to see more in depth features on H50 and Alex and his wonderful crew. Loved this episode and every one that preceded it. Recorded all of them and watch them often.

  12. Really loved this episode. Alex gets more sexy each week I watch the program. Really like H5O. It seems to fit Alex and he plays the part so well. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  13. Ya’ll missed a good portion of the show last due to Directv rain out. Missed how Steve got hurt . I’m going to watch it on CBS now that I’m home from work !

  14. DITTO to what kale said! Another great recap Tiffany! Thanks! :heart:


  16. love the show , but still i miss Moonlight :whistle:

    1. I AM WITH YOU CINDY…. :heart:


    1. I’m with Tammy, OMG Alex is so gorgeous and is getting better as he matures. Be still my throbbing heart. :heart:

  18. poʻi.pū
    1. To cover over entirely, as of clouds or engulfing waves; to attack, overwhelm; onslaught, attack. From http://wehewehe.org/
    I lived in Hawaii many years ago and don’t recall seeing so many Hawaiian words and phrases as there are now. Hawaiians are making a concerted effort to save their language and heritage. Good for them!

  19. I agree with Patty P…… favorite guy and favorite car makes a great episode. 😀

  20. I enjoyed the show – it gets a little fast-paced sometimes and I miss how they solve what is going on. For original Five-O fans (which I am) – did you see the picture of the ship in McGarrett’s office??? It’s a replica of the photo used in the original series…..nice touch. 😉

  21. Great episode last night – loved how the writers are putting all 4 of the 5-0 team together and working as a unit rather than an individual story line here and there. They all work so well together. Taped Letterman last night, Scott only got a few minutes, not enough time to talk about much except a book he has about photography – was hoping for more on H5-0 – oh well. Can’t wait to see the Nielsen’s – hope they’re good because last night episode was all action and a lot of Alex – a great combination. 😀

  22. Anyone have an English translation for the title?
    I found an English/Hawaiian dictionary. It has ‘po’ is ‘night. ‘Ipu’ is ink, well, inkpot.
    I thought it was something “Black Night”, or ‘”Dark Night”. Just wondered if anyone reads weekly translations of the titles.
    I loved this episode. I like getting a little more and more background on Steve and the SEALS. A sniper, hope we get to see that sometime.
    I’m liking Chin having some good scenes. Loved him with the little boy. I’d like to see more scenes of Chin’s kind ways with people.

    1. Agree with what u said about Chin… 🙂

  23. @ Suzanne Faith … that is true..not fair, that kid got more time than Scott Cann, still don’t get Y…!!!!!:o
    And would love 2 c Alex there

  24. As usual wonderful acting from the whole team, esp. Alex and Scott, love them both.
    Ps. Alex is something else..my 4th favorite person ever …

  25. Laura: You have me curious…what did Alex Say??? (or the writers) must have been something to do with Danny and his fast paced talk…T[HEY ALL TALK TOO FAST!! IL wrote into CBS Comments on the internet and complained that the music is too loud at times to hear what the actors are saying, we land people don’t know “Pidgin” English. and SLOW a few things down so we can stare at his beautiful face longer. Oh, well, guess it will all work out. I’m still upset Letterman gave Scott 5 minutes on TV last night. Hope Fallon does better tonight…I recorded it cause 12:30 a.m is WAY past my bed time… 😉 :whistle: :sleep: :sleep:

  26. I loved this episode, our favorite guy, in my favorite car. I just wished the Jersey buzz was better. I’m watching it again tonight, thank goodness for On Demand. I’m with you Laura, Alex can visit us in NJ any time!!!

  27. Loved, loved, loved this episode! Steve is so Bond-like in getting himself out of sticky situations. I wasn’t sure how he was going to get out of that situation at the house. By the way–was that his dad’s house he took the General to? He said it was someplace the bad guys wouldn’t know about. It didn’t look like the same house until Steve and Nick were fighting on the beach. Yes, that friendly exchange between Steve and Danno was priceless! And Scott’s little part on Letterman was great–not nearly long enough. When are we going to see Alex on Letterman?? What’s wrong with CBS–are they not interested in promoting Alex?Everybody knows Scott and DDK, but Alex is still somewhat annonymous–except to those of us addicted to ML!!! :love:

    1. What you said Cheri. I still have all 9 epi’s on my PVR and watch them over and over again. I love this Hawaii Five-0 so much, the stories, the acting, all the characters working so well together. Alex is amazing, his acting so totally above par.
      H5-0 is so much more interesting to me as I was at SOTB on Sept. 13 and met Alex, Grace and Daniel, (Scott was farther away) which was the highlight of my trip to Hawaii. 😀

  28. I would personally like to invite AOL to New Jersey so he doesn’t believe the stuff the writers made him say!

  29. Loved this episode! Very fast paced. Lots of twists! Like McGarrett in several situations to show a broader range of emotion so our fabulous Alex can show off his acting skill! Alex was amazing as usual! And from the promo for next week—we get a shirtless scene!

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