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  1. Just read the other day that H50 is finally coming to Australia in Feb!!!!! Channel 10 is picking it up. About time considering Alex is Australian! The Big Wheel ep of Criminal Minds was on ch7 last night – made my day because they advertised it really well saying Alex O was in it:) Bout time he started getting some recognition in his own country. Alex should be all over the tv in my opinion:heart:

  2. i hav luved alex since moonlite…im kinda cut off from the wrld unfortunatly…wen did they quit makin it? (moonlite i mean) :heart:

    1. Sammy, just to let you know that Moonlight ran on tv during 2007-08 season and hasn’t been on since then. We all keep hoping maybe they will make a Moonlight movie some time so we can have more of Mick St. John and Beth. We all still love that show too!!

      1. Phyllis…
        for sure when it ran orig, … and of re-run wise since has on sci-fi…

      2. Alex is locked in on CBS with 50 but I think it would be great if CW FOX or SYFI would do a mini series on Moonlight. Also I think it would crank up the heat if they don’t attach Alex to just one girl- switch around girlfrends to keep it interesting. :heart:

  3. Last night’s episode was another WOW–Alex is shirtless again!! But time on-screen much too short–will have to watch it over and over and over……(sigh). Thank goodness for my VCR. Love you Alex!! :love:

  4. ok last nite’s ep for sure was more than just then some… um, lets just say that well.. I could of watch that ep and like yup every single one of the episodes so far all over again…. and that one last nite to say top of the line indeed… yeah even the remake of vampire (as to blood in the mini frig)… was not bad at all either…

    um, of as to nexts wk ep …the local cbs station didn’t show it & went right to the news instead.. and yup i just checked to see as to what tv guide.com had for next monday’s episode(nov 29)… they’ve got it listed as repeat for Hawaii Five-0 “Malama Ka Aima” (football game)…. and w/ thanksgiving well…

    Yet, following “Monday(Dec6th)” they /tvcuide.com “Hawaii Five-0 new – Palekaiko” ..
    there is no hint or anything else. of as to episode -wise… thats what i could find.

  5. Cheri .. yup it can happen.. um, even of like even around here as to several diffent accents go, and well to say for most visiting its of well 1 or 2 as in either maine or mass ones… yet its ok.. several of my friends do at times like switch it and yup they think their funny too.

    o’well.. right.. yet Alex does really good holding his own keeping it. right?

    1. ok well I just showed a photo of Alex to a friend of mine and to say that yup… word given that she’ll be a watching Hawaii Five-0 tonite! and um, well she said that she had seen a photo of him before and yet well… um.. her words not mine… “very much worth the 2nd look!”

  6. I saw the Ryan Renolds Sexist man on People too.. I should be ashamed but either I’ve never seen one of his shows/movies but I dont’ even know who he is?? Seems like a nice guy but a bump in the road comared to our Alex. They had Alex in the mazaine too….one with his bare chest in the Back Up Plan….yummy BUT it should have covered the whole page not just down in a corner!! Someone at People is jealous of Alex…he never seeme to get much “press”….for lords sale Hawaii five 0 is # one!!! :kiss: :love: :kiss:

    1. suzanne faith, just watched “The Proposal” on Netflix w/ Sandra Bullock/ Ryan Renolds. I had never seen him before that. He’s a baby compared to sexy Alex !! People mag is wrong !!!!

  7. this monday’s ep ..clip…. Hawaii Five-0 – ‘HEIHEI’ check it out.!..

    iu’ve got to view it for yourself… worth it. yup!

    1. Thanks Rosemary. There is a slight hitch in Alex’s American accent–maybe it’s hard working with a fellow Aussie who doesn’t have to hide their Aussie accent, huh? But these are beautiful shots of Alex–gorgeous!! :love:

  8. HI ladies Tv.com are having a vote for he best shows. Vote for H50 in the best reboot. H50 at presents that 42% of the votes out of the 3 shows you can pick. You can vote more than once. You only see what each shows got when you vote for them. Unfortunatley you can not vote for Alex, he is not down for best actor. 12000 odd votes have been cast for H50. You have to do that annoying thing of copying two words from box, but he is worth it. LOL

  9. um, ok of as to the ratings thing goes… to say for sure as we all know… its in a way out in left field like that of our favorite baseball team…etc… and that of 1 wk hey doing really well indeed and well u get the idea… um too it for sure wouldn’t hurt to let both cbs & that of the local station which happens to carry Hawaii Five-0 , and letting them both know, and yup… as in basicly basics of that Hawaii Five-0 matters to us and too… that yup in a polite manner w/ out vinegar included and left on the table for the salad only that is … that for sure will let them know and too… just maybe that of as to like facebook & that of where both (if not mistaken) Entertainment tonight & the insider both have pages to which well… u get the idea… and too.. um, keeping it to a bit less than what I’ve done here … simply & to the point ,and yup… it sure couldn’t hurt either way too!

    O’ um, as to people’s sexiest alive man issue goes… um, yes both Alex & Scott are in it as to well… Scott is in the section that titled “Sexy at Every Age”, & yup check 30’s section…(pg 86) photo/headshot.. very nice. and of Alex…his photo (hint- tbup /farm/ no shirt ) pg 116….”HOT BODS” , um, its 1 page w/ Alex being 1 of 3 photos…. :whistle: :angel:

    O’ and TV Guide (w/sci-fi on cover), ep (it read) this monday, Scott / Danno’s ex-wife coming into it…..

  10. Thanks for the video of Alex and Scott, Tiffany! I’m so happy for Alex and the H50 team that that the show will be on a full season!

  11. CBS needs to get a serious clue about their tv shows, H50 is well written; the actors well versed in their craft. Reality shows like survivors are cheap to make and it shows. Castle is cute, but I’d perfer reading the history of Hitler if Castle was my only choice. Mahalo H50, producers, writers, director and actors. Thank you for bringing BACK quality entertainment into my home. 8)

  12. I agree, Alex would OWN High Noon if they were to remake that. He has that tall, stoic thing going for him that we loved about Gary Cooper. Alex will get better as he ages, too, just like Paul Newman. Such a good-looking man he is, it almost staggers the imagination.

    Scott was wonderful on Letterman. He has such a gregarious, comfortable personality, the kind of person you’d want to be friends with. The rapport between Scott and Alex is superb. I could never get tired of them together.

    1. M L Staats, I second that motion. …Alex is like a fine wine..getting better w/ age & I vote for him everyday…. :heart:

  13. i saw the comment about cbs might cancel..because numbers are down…plz say it aint so…watch it every week not many shows i like.comedys suck reality shows suck…but h50 and criminimal minds are about the only one i watch..hope they give it a chance love the whole team…and alex is just sexy on legs lol ..thanks tiffany for updates :love:

    1. Lucy,
      I didn’t say that CBS was going to cancel….I said I sure hope they didn’t just because the numbers were down and Castle beat H50 two weeks in a row. I sure that if they begin soundling like they will cancel, all of Alex’s fan will revolt. I will lead the charge.:ninja:

  14. I just read that H50’s numbers are down. It’s been beaten by Castle for two straight weeks. Schould we be worried. CBS can not possibly pull this show after only one season. They can’t possibly do that to Alex again. This is a great show. Please, every Alex fan out there, vote for H50 in PCA’s poll for best new TV drama. Let’ s all get behind Alex.

  15. 🙁 i would watch it but as I am in the UK…….I can’t. 🙁

    I cannot WAIT til it comes here, i am addicted already, via the CBS Season 1 playlist on You Tube :love:

  16. um, people’s sexiest man… special.. on last nite… and um basicly sorry to say its their say no matter how we vote… and um.. i just went to their site to see of if they had up ther real choices… which to say it may look like u could click on to see all … yet not!. it turns out that to see of well rest… u got it… they want u to tomorrow to go & pick up/buy a copy.

    yet too just before that special aired… I had watched both ET & insider… & well if i’m not mistaken 1 of them showed 2 of the pages from the issue… and mentioned of the 3 photos(1 full on 1 pg, other 2 on the other pg) & they’d give the names of the 3 when they only gave 2.
    and of as quickl that was on the screen.. and yup it was fast… um, i think possibly 1 of the 2 on same pg (photo bottom) may of been of Alex…. yet thats why i was of hope to possible to well check people site to see by chance… and yet sorry to say going to have to wait till tomorrow/ friday, to find out….. rats.;-( .. just thought let u know.

    yet getting to watch the video again on this pg does help… :whistle:

  17. I saw a video of Alex and Scott that featured all of their car arugments…At one point it showed both in their uniforms at Danny’s ex-partners wake. I can’t seem it find it now. Can anyone out there help. Talk about a great video. Everyone out there need to keep voting for H50 for best new tv drama.

  18. Thanks, Tiffany! LOVE it!

  19. Love this video…it is superb. I’ve love these two together from the get-go. Great charisma and chemistry between them. Alex and Scott are here to stay. Can’t believe Scott got bumped from Fallon.;…it was all about Srpingsteen. So much for schedules. Thanks Tiffany for a great Wed nite.

  20. Tiffany, Alex is all good and much more, I really love Alex kisses kisses kisses ..

  21. I just love that CBS has come up with this new video promo all about Steve and Danno!Great idea! Alex and Scott are terrific together! The show keeps getting better and better and Alex keeps getting more gorgeous! Thanks Tiffany! Really enjoyed the video! 😀

  22. Alex as Will Kane – BE STILL MY HEART! I might need medication to survive that one but man on man would it be worth it!!!

    1. Yeah, I think it would be great. They remake other movies, why not this one? Of course they would have to sex it up a lot. I mean A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t think of anyone to play the lead female role. I guess we would all have to get in line!

  23. Thanks Tiffany – aren’t they just adroable! Love this video – Suzanne, I taped “Jimmy Fallon” last night and the whole show was nothing but Bruce Springsteen as the only guest – no Scott. Back to the video – I love the one pic they chose of Alex and that sexy smirk – Alex and Scott make a great team – hope H5-0 is on for many years – it’s just fun watching them!

  24. Thanks Tiffany!! I love the video. Just made my Wed. Alex is always so sexy. Would not miss a chance to see a video with him in it. Glad H5O is a hit not just for Alex but for the whole team. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  25. The line is…”triple banana b*tch!”, and I want it on a t-shirt except that I think people would read it wrong 😆 My favorite thing about the show are the ‘male bonding’ scenes…well, one of my favorite things. :whistle:

    I thought the Letterman interview was better than usual but Scott’s got a great personality!

    I second the motion, Alex would make a great cowboy!

    1. Oh sheila, I’d love to ride that cowboy. sorry, love Alex…

  26. Great video! Love it. For some reason I keep seeing Alex as a cowboy in the wild west. Don’t you guys think he would look good as a cowboy? I would love to see him do a western. A remake of High Noon with him in the lead as Will Kane. Yummy!!!!!!

    1. Can Alex even ride a horse?? I’ve wondered if he surfs now that he’s in the surfing capital of the world. But yeah, Alex as a rugged cowboy would be awesome!!

      1. Yes he can. If for not having been on a horse when growing up it was part of his stunt training back in Australia.

  27. Thanks Tiffany for another great video. Just saw that Ryan Reynolds was voted People Magazine’s new Sexiest Man Alive. Hope some day that our gorgeous Alex can win that title! He certainly deserves it!!

  28. This video just makes me smile. Some of my favorite scenes. That Alex just takes my breath away. He and Scott are a great duo. So glad this series is taking off. Thanks Tiffany for the great start of my day.

  29. Love the video! Made my Wednesday ! Thanks Tiffany!

  30. This is a fun video from CBS. It is nice to see CBS really backing the series and its stars.
    Alex O’Loughlin has to be happy with the way things have gone for him with Hawaii Five-O.
    It is so good to see that Five-O is a hit!!!

  31. That was GREAT!!! Maybe CBS is getting it–what we love about Alex! The banter between these two makes for great TV–just like between Mick and Josef. Granted sometimes I have to watch the episodes a couple times each (whoa is me! 😉 ) to understand all the banter, but then it’s priceless! The comments made by others is great too (“how long have you two been married” and DDK calling them “ladies” when they were cat-fighting). And then in this last episode to have them realize they really like each other. Thanks Tiffany–this clip was terrific 😀

  32. I goofed up trying to record Scott on Fallon’s show late last night….anyone see it? Hope it was better (and longer) than Letterman. :angel:

  33. Alex and Scott couldn’t be a better fit if they were in fact brothers…my two sons carry on like that all the time and they are close brothers. It makes me smile to see these two together and they are doing such a terrific job of dialogue and action. Alex is getting more relaxed with Scott and just keeps getting better. LOVE YOU GUYS!! Love from Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan (and Scott too!!)

  34. for sure it may be a wednesday/middle of the darn wk… and yet that just both made my day and yup… made my wk too, even of well 2 days till wkend..

    o’ & as to “Don’t call it Bromance….” perfect fit!

  35. i love that show i watch it every monday

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