Hawaii Five 0 Episode 8.12 Ka hopu nui ‘ana Sneak Peeks


The sneak peeks came out earlier this week but this is the first chance we had to add them to the site. If you have not seen them yet, it seems as if Friday night’s new Hawaii Five 0 will be filled with a lot of action, drama, and comedy. Steve is not only on a war path to round up the organized crime on the island after an FBI agent is murdered, but he is showing his very protective side again. In one of the peeks he has that do not mess with my Ohana theme going on. That will be fun to watch and if you add the return of Eddie and his response to Lou taking his seat, it looks to be a fun ride.

Here are the sneak peeks.







Credit CBS 


From the looks of them, don;t you think it was worth the wait over the holidays for this one? 



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