Hawaii Five-O Exclusive Preview

I think it would impossible to be ANY more excited about this show than I already am. I just feel like dancing around when I see clips like these!!

Not only is commander McGarrett a total hottie, we get to feast on James Marsters AND Norman Reedus???? Holy crap when he got shot I was screaming NOOOOOO along with Steve. I LOVE all three of those actors!! The casting has just been phenomenal.

Stills from the clip:

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  1. I’m super excited to see Alex back on TV screens, he’s super talented, dedicated and incredibly beautiful. Tiffany you are wonderful in keeping up to date in relation to this wonderful man.

  2. Estou super ansiosa para ver Alex atuando, ele é muito lindo e merece cada vez mais, Tiffany você é super D+, sempre nos mantendo atualizada em relação a esse homem lindo e talentoso que é o Alex.

  3. Still can’t get enough of this!!! I am a fan of “crime dramas” going back to the 70’s and I think the paring of Alex and Scott Caan is right up there with “Starsky & Hutch” from the 70’s and
    “Crocket and Tubbs” from “Miami Vice” in the 80’s. Both shows had long runs during their day because of the chemistry of those guys. You couldn’t take your eyes off of any of them. Alex and Scott have that same chemistry. This is the new duo to watch!

    1. I do the same thing. I just come over here and play the preview. I think Scott Caan and Alex O’Loughlin will make a great pair. I like the heated bantering they get into. I love the scene with them showing their badges on the count of “3.” It just looks like so much fun and the action is really great. It will be an exciting show!

      Jack Lord and James MacArthur were a good pairing but Steve was a tad older and was a guiding force for Danno. In this Five-O, Steve and Danno are more on equal footing but I’ll bet the way they solve crimes will be different and fun to watch until they get to be trusting of each other.

      I did discover that the actress who is playing Mary Ann McGarrett will be in the second episode and not the pilot. I think it will be interesting to see how the McGarretts behave and I’m very curious about Danny’s ex-wife and child. It will be a more “personal” Five-O and I think that will make that even better to watch.

      I do wish it was the Fall. 🙂

  4. I just can’t wait for this show…i wish Alex the best of luck and i send him all my love from Costa Rica.

    Thank you Tiffany you ROCK!!!

    1. Can not wait for this show either Alex will do wonderful on this show as he did on moonlight The Backup Plan did him no justice . His genre is more drama and action .Loved seeing him on the screen though good luck in all future undertakings you are a breath of fresh air to your generation

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  6. I stand corrected. Thanks to the excellent casting, H5-O just might make it as a series. That is…only if each eposode is as good as the pilot. Alex deserves a good chance. I hope, for his sake, this one will be a keeper.

  7. H5O looks really Great, can’t wait to see it. .Wouldn’t it be Great if Sopia would be a news reporter in H5O and be Alex’s girl friend. May be CBS. can work that in.

  8. Oh Tiffany…THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!…For the lastest preview of the pilot and those pictures….That man is so HOT!! I can’t even think straight..But just wanted to remind everyone that Moonlight starts this Thursday on the CW.. We have to support our guy.. It will be a long summer. Thanks again Tiffany for doing all that you can to keep us all posted..

  9. I hate CBS they have blocked the video in the UK, will have to try and find it on youtube. Still lovely photos of Alex Tiffany.

  10. I saw the interview on The Morning Show on CBS and Alex indicated that they wodkl all be moving to Hawaii. I wonder if he will keep his home in Hollywood too? A good excuse to travel to Hawaii! Maybe I am not that good at picking out accents, but I did not notice the Aussie in any of the scenes. I remember picking out Sophia’s Bristish accent a few times in the first episode, but after that she had it right. Anyone that starts in on Alex about his accent, hey give him a chance to be Steve McGarrett, he will get it right. He love him in those cargos or anything. I hope CBS gives this show a chance, but I hope that some day we will see a Moonlight mini-series or moveis. I guess we can watch Moonlight on the CW and the rest of Three Rivers this summer while we wait for 5’O. Alex, I watched the orginial series and I do not expect you to be exactly like Jack Lord, I know you will nail this character. GOOD LUCK HAWAII FIVE-O!

  11. Sorry for the keyboard spelling on my last post, this new laptop is hard to get use to. I did not get to see the Back-Up plan, good excuse to buy it on DVD. Good luck everyone on Hawaii Five-O.

  12. I am very excited about the new Five-O. I did read that Taryn Manning, who was to play the role of Mary Ann, Steve’s sister, didn’t make it in the final cut of the premiere episode. Do you know if this is true? I was sort of hoping to see the relationship of McGarrett and his sister pursued a bit more than it was in the original series.

  13. Tiffany, who is the actress playing the Governor – she looks like Jean Smart from Designing Women – – this is a great cast, you can see the chemistry right from the get go – this is a winner!

  14. Caps or no caps – that smile lights up that handsome face! Watched this clip again – can’t get enough of anything with the new H5-O – Thanks again Tiffany for being on top of things, as usual.

  15. All the video clips we have seen are terrific but I think this one is the best for now. And, the caps are super. Thanks so much Tiffany for keeping us up-to-date. Truly appreciate it!

  16. All the video clips we have seen are terrific but I think this one is the best for now. And, the caps are super. Thanks so much Tiffany for keeping us up-to-date. Truly appreciate it!

  17. WOW!!! that got my heart pumping. Looks like this one will be a winner. Such a handsome guy and sexy also, Alex is. Just hope CBS keeps it on the air for years, can’t take another cancellation. I really miss seeing Alex. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  18. H5-0 looks so awesome.
    I cannot see it not being the greatest new hit for CBS this FAll…..but If not , I will be devastated…especially after success of NCIS LA this past season.
    I truly believe H5-0 will surpass their numbers..

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    Absolutely the BEST best best video yet. H50 definitely has to be a giant hit. Alex of course being Alex and making it really work. But adding this amazing cast is genius. Now if CBS doesn’t cancel it we can really applaud them. LOL. Thanks Tiffany for a real treat . This is an awesome preview of a great series. Definitely fits Alex and we are all champing at the bit to see more. Hurry hurry September.

  20. I usually go on and on about Alex’s wonderfulness. suffice it to say, he is the best, this is gonna be a BIG show yeah~~!!! Don’t notice Alex’s cute Aussie accent …who cares…but I do notice they must have taken something away from his upper teeth. Why bother if it doesn’t need fixed~~~!!!! Love to Alex from Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan and a BIG thank you to you Tiffany.. I don’t have to go to any other site to get as much about Alex than yours. XXX000XX

  21. I’m an Aussie and I can really pick out Alex’s Aussie accent in the previews of H5O. Something I had trouble doing in Moonlight. I hope all the existing H5O/Jack Lord fans and American public don’t crucify him for this. It would be noticed more by Americans I would think. Some of the posts on some H5O sites have made comment that they hope he doesn’t have an Aussie accent. They are not happy that an Australian is playing an American cop and a Korean is playing a Hawaiian. Best of luck with H5O Alex, you deserve it.

  22. Thank you Tiffany !!!!! OMG – is it fall yet????? I can not remember when I have been so excited about a new TV show as I am about this one – CBS definitely got it right this time. I love Alex as a bad ass, tats and all. Hurry September!

  23. Hi all
    I’m not a new Alex fan but am new here and other AO fan sites. You are doing a brilliant
    job on this site. The photos are awesome and so large, me likes, and the video rocks
    I will be doing a count down until Fall for this one. WOW all those great guys and Hawaii too.


  24. Damn living in the UK……..have to stick to my Moonlight and Oyster Farmer DVDs

  25. Wow, Tiffany! Thanks so much for yet another longer clip! I love the whole cast! I love the chemistry between Scott Caan and Alex. I love that humor! As a big LOST fan, I love Daniel Dae Kim and am glad he’ll be back on another show. As a former BUFFY fan, yeah, I really dig James Marsters and what a great villain he’ll make! Grace Park is very pretty and can really kick ass! I can’t wait for fall! Yowza!

  26. I really believe after watching this clip that CBS has struck “gold” with the new Hawaii Five-O
    and that Alex O’Loughlin and the other actors will begin a Hawaii Five-O for a new generation.

  27. I will go to youtube and watch, once again can’t view on here due to where I live

  28. Oh my gosh, I can hardly wait!I don’t know how much longer my Moonlight dvd can hold out. I miss seeing Alex so much I am wearing it out watching it. Thank you Tiffany for keeping us posted.

  29. OMG!!! I love these shots.. Can’t wait till Fall Season.. I usually don’t see other actors/actresses when there is Alex in the room, but these other clips of the others are great!!
    Can’t wait!

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    Cute little sarcasm still there. This certainly looks 100% better than all those other programs out there. Great action………..great body………………..WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR!!!!!



  31. I’m so afraid of falling in love with another AOLO show. Moonlight broke my heart when it was cancelled and then Three Rivers broke my heart. This new show looks FANTASTIC and I will watch anything Alex is in. I’ve met him…he’s such a cool guy. Very sexy! I’m just afraid of my heart breaking again!! Please, CBS no more teasers!! Let’s keep this around for awhile!!

  32. OMG, I am dieing, love, James Marsters and I think Daniel Dae Kim is super. Just had Josh Holloway and I am in heaven. I still love Alex the best.

    1. I mean add not had. That would be nice to have had him lol.

  33. OMG!!! Tiffany this is FANTASTIC!! Can’t wait for Fall!

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    This looks like it will be a good show. Alex is an action person and the role fits him well.
    I still miss Mick, I just can’t help it.
    Thanks for this great clip.

    1. Aloha all! Alex loves to do his own stunts and he’s got the physically fit bod to do them! “Mick” will always hold a special place in my heart but I still have room for “Andy” and now…..”Steve”. Thanks Tiffany for the clip.

  35. Merd@!!! (bad word)!
    I CAN’T watch the video in Portugal!!!!Usually this mean it can be aired in Portugal… so fingers & toes crossed…
    GO HF-O and the rest of the cast !!!!
    I’m sure it will be FANTÁSTICO!
    Kisses, kisses, kisse for Tiffany. you are just an amazing person.

  36. This show is going to be such a big hit. Can’t say enough about this clips.

  37. WOW!!!!!!!!! i just watched both this and that of the clip.. and to say that well to use an old saying that is always coming back like that of as a wave upon the shore.. it is just that.. and yup going just like that old saying of ..” go with the flow..” and it is, and other than that.. and yes i think I may of made this bit of suggestion before… yet and um.. of to say may it be wise of well.. either while we all are watching.. would it be wise sort of speak that of either to make sure we are either in a very soild chair/couch, or that of there is always the floor.. and well , that of just for and to add comfort .. that is .. that of maybe several soft and gentle pillows .. cause as we all know.. floors for sure are far from soft.. ouch! yes i just couldn’t help but to just throw that pillow in for added measure..

    yet with everything and yes the kidding bit too… that of to say that we of have a very strong , one of kind real ride awaiting us… and thats the truth!

    p/s.. tiffany.. have just 1 combo Q/ as to well the clount down clock for back up-plan .. any chance of one, a special one for this… ? just a thought.

  38. Thank you Tiffany, this is the best video yet. I love this show and all the characters. The play between Alex and Scott is hilarious. I can’t wait for fall. I love Alex in this role. This is the best one yet. He was made to play this role. Thank you again. WOW !!!!!!!!

  39. OMG! I cannot wait until this airs! So much going on and Alex too! He is so hot and sexy, he makes my heart skip beats.

  40. Oh my goodness! It looks wonderful! I love the chemistry between Scott Caan and Alex! And Daniel Dae Kim – I like him. I’m so excited about this pilot. I know my whole family is going to love it.

  41. Oh My God, Oh My God. This looks so awesome. I can’t wait. You are torturing me. And the chemistry between them does look great. I didn’t watch Lost but I like Daniel Dae Kim in here too. And doesn’t Grace Park have the prettiest smile. As for Alex, what can I say. He is the hottest. Thank you Tiffany.

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