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  1. Was he drinking a juicy juice?? He was sucking on a juice box and looking totally serious whle doing it. Wow, thats definately talent right there. I cant do that. I always laugh when I drink that kind of stuff.

  2. DONNA!!!!!! You live near Astoria Park? HOLY COW!!! I grew up in Astoria (my parents are still there) and my best friend growing up lived across the street from the park. Small world……..

    1. I am born & raised there. Astoria is great because you get the best of both worlds, city & suburbia. So easy to get to work in the city. Do you get to go to the best diner “Neptunes”?

      Where do you live now?

      1. Does anyone know where the Queens location filming too place? Just being curious since i wasn’t there.

      2. Was born and raised there as well. Went to Neptunes all the time as it is not far from where I grew up and where my parents live. Last time I was there was maybe two summers ago with the friend I mentioned.

        I am in Boston, Mass. now. Went to college here, fell in love and stayed. My family and some friends in NY think I am nuts, but this is what I prefer. Different strokes, as they say.

  3. Hi Moonlight Lovers and Our Alex Lovers, He looks so handsome in all his pictures, Do you think he dyed his hair black? Thanks Tiffany for all your work to get us all information and pictures on Alex. signed hopeful

  4. When I heard Queens, I couldn’t believe it. I went everyday to the filming in NYC and couldn’t get near. Saw him but couldn’t get near him. The Queens shooting was not listed on the location web site. I checked every day. Watch it be Astoria park which is a few blocks from my house. I would be so pissed.

  5. DUDE! He was in QUEENS? He was in QUEENS? I grew up in Queens. Where the heck in Queens is this? I may have to find that park bench and sit on it, LOL, next time I go visit my parents. I have to tell my husband. He’ll die laughing at my absurdity.

  6. BTW, I want to be the straw in the juice box. I envy that straw. LOL. Lips so close.

  7. EW Vampires: Vote for the Hottest Male Bloodsucker!


    Naturally you would vote for Alex, wouldn’t you?

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    To Pinkeva: my apologies. It wasn’t your comment about Australia. I had the wrong name. It was Kitty Kershaw to whom I meant my response about Australian films. Sorry.

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    To Pinkeva: I think I read your comment aboutAustralian films not being so great. I think Alex O in Oyster Farmer and in Mary Bryant are two of my special favorites alongside the Moonlight series which happily introduced me to Alex. And even as an American whose preivous favorite hunk was Jeff Bridges, I think Australian has been sending us an awful lot of fantastic hunky guys…too many to list here!

  10. Our gorgeous Alex seems to be having a good time. So happy for him. Thanks Tiffany for these great pics.

  11. Yes, this man can never look bad.
    Where was this in Queens? I don’t remember seeing this shooting on the onlocations site

  12. If in this movie he makes a sippy cup look hot……..I give up. Somebody just hose me down!

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    My fantasy as I looked at these gorgeous photos was to have been strolling thru that great park and there was a vision ….beautiful, gorgeous, adorable Alex O’ ….but back to earth.
    Thanks Tiffany for making MY day too. Still hard to believe he was in NY only 99 miles from where I live. And yeah, he does make a juice box look fabulous!.

  14. Definitely Jeannie – some how men and “juice boxes” do not go together but when the man is Alex – all rules go out the window! He is sooooooooooo hot. I do not remember ever seeing a bad picture of him. Thanks again to Tiffany for all the good work she does keeping us up to date on Alex. Just think ladies – October is almost here and we’ll see Alex soon. Can’t wait – yummy!

  15. If anyone had ever told me that a man could look totally hot and manly , while drinking from a juice-box, I’d have said “no way”.

    I stand corrected.


    1. LOL about the juice box. I totally agree!

  16. I definitely have to agree with you on that Tiffany!! I never ever tire of viewing his beautiful countenance!

  17. You’re right that the man can’t take a bad photo! Last night as I’m visiting my almost-16-year-old granddaughter in Idaho, I had to share the first showing of Moonlight. She agrees, the young man is “hot, hot, totally hot”!

  18. That look in the second one..Mmmmmmmmm…Delish!!

    Thank you for sharing with us 🙂

  19. I remember an article or interview when he was voted sexiest man, He laughed and said you ought to se him fist thing in the morning.
    That was of course with the Mick longer hair style, but I reckon hair all tousled, standing on end even he, sleep still in his eyes he could make you raise an eyebrow for a second look at this gorgeous guy.
    JLo called him sweet, tall and charming, reckon that says it nearly all.

  20. I think you’re right, Tiffany, he can’t take a bad pic. I always love to see the ones of him really laughing – what my father used to call a real belly laugh! It seems to make him even more down to earth. Thanks for all the great pics and info.

  21. yes thanks Tiffany. It makes my day to see your email updates and get my Alex fix. He is so charismatic and all round gorgeous, even when he drinks straight from a champagne bottle!

    1. how gorgeous is this man and yes thank you Tiffany for keeping us up to date your site is the best one I have ever come across for up to date info

  22. Thank you, Tiffany, for all that you have done to keep us up to date on what Alex is doing, and for all the MARVELOUS photos!

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