Three Rivers Promo Photos from the Summer Press Tour

Egads! If I had doctor that looked like this I would always be looking for a reason to visit… LOVE the brown jacket.

Three Rivers photo of Alex O'Loughlin as Andy Yablonski

Three Rivers photo of Alex O'Loughlin as Andy Yablonski and his team of medical specialists

Weigh in Moonlight Versus Three Rivers.

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    Everything you could possibly say about Alex O you guys have said. But I just couldn’t resist adding my two cents to the comments. At the risk of being redundant, he does look fabulous and the bottom line definitely is that he is not only great looking but a great actor. Earlier tonite I watched an episode of Moonlight (again for the 1000th time) and also Oyster Farmer which I looooove.

  2. hi JpJp and JoJo. I always find it so interesting the different words similar cultures use, like America, England and Australia. So here goes: a fag means a cigarette here or for some a gay man. Depends on how crass you are. I thought it was a cigarette by the way he was smoking it, different to how you smoke a cigar and it was small and white i thought. But i could be wrong. And yes a bottle of champagne in the other hand but when you drink straight from the bottle i think it should be called the slang “champas” as we call it here. Alex is very much a bloke and its great. Any ? just ask.

  3. get so excited about Alex – I spelled my name wrong, LOL – anyway, sass – hope you keep posting and give us a little more insight into Australian culture, etc. Have a great day!

  4. Hi sass – please translate for us once again, we all need a lesson in Australian 101 – what were you describing about Alex and J-lo’s party? Our slang words are definitely different from yours. If I remember the pics of Alex at J-lo’s party – he had a cigar in one hand and a bottle of champagne in the other – is that correct? I love those pics of Alex – shows what a truly down-to-earth person he is, but we know that already, don’t we! 🙂

  5. Sorry, I should clarify this for you all. A “bogun” in Australia is someone who is a roughneck/redneck. They generally have no fashion sense. Certainly not wearing jackets like the one above! Alex did exhibit slight bogun behaviour when he had a fag in one hand and was swigging champas from the bottle on the other, at the on set celebration of JLo’s birthday. But hey, you can take the man out of Oz but can you take Oz out of the man? We are a fairly laid back society. xxx

  6. sass,

    I love how you put that above…Since most here are just learning Australian explicative words that are not within the English language… Oh, not to say that America does not, itself, also have some words never thought of for Webster’s Dictionary… So a “bogun” is a handsome fella who is or is not good inside as well as handsome outwardly? Can you straighten that out for us???

    I feel strongly that Alex came from a good home life and his Mum made certain he was taught to respect & be mannerly…I am certain he appreciates women, all ages, because of the wonderful relationship he had.has with her…

    And you are so correct one must be handsome inwardly as, if lucky, outwardly, but even a homily man can appear very handsome if it shines from within out…

  7. Hi guys, i’m from Australia and i can tell you ladies that the gorgeous jacket he is wearing is not made from kangaroo, it’d be cow or deer. Unfortunately the average man in Australia does not look or dress like this. We have “boguns” here in abundance and men who just don’t care what they look like as long as the woman isn’t fat and ugly. That being said there are gorgeous people everywhere in the world including here and its not just about appearence. The thing about Alex is he is a complex being inside who i suspect is also kind and so that makes him appear absolutely drop dead, heart stoppingly, gorgeous. I had a boyfriend once who was the spitting image of alex but his insides just didn’t allow the beauty to shine.
    keep up the good work Tiffany I appreciate it very much as apparently the rest of womankind.

  8. That first picture of Alex OMG! I’m sorry he won’t be wearing the Henley shirt. He looked better with it, but then he looks good in anything. Thanks so much Tiffany

  9. Me again, so excited about “Three RIvers” – I read the article from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette about new scenes being filmed for the season opener and if this hold true and they film scenes from a helicopter of the ambulance coming through the Ft. Pitt tunnel, fans will get to see one of the most beautiful cities because the view coming out of that tunnel is breathtaking. I also hope they film from atop Mt. Washington, especially at night when Pittsburgh is all in lights. People not familiar with Pittsburgh are in for a surprise. 🙂

  10. Yes, Tiffany, CBS finally got the message and if this is their way of apologizing to Alex and his millions of fans, I say, better late than never. I truly hope that all of Alex’s fans put their
    differences aside and realize how lucky we all are that Alex has been given this chance. We can not, should not, and will not let him down. Oh BTW, I like the new scrubs – Alex looks like a surgeon. Such a handsome man with the talent to match! October 4th can not get here soon enough!

  11. OMG!!!! There are not enough adjectives to describe how hot Alex looks in those pics. I am so glad to see that CBS is really making the effort and promoting “Three Rivers”, as it should have done for our beloved “Moonlight”. October can not get here soon enough. Thanks Tiffany for the great job you do, for the pics of Alex, and for keeping us posted on all things Alex. You’re awesome, keep it up! 🙂

    1. Thanks JoJo! And yes they are promoting the heck out of this show.

  12. those scrubs are really nice on him

  13. oH my gawd!!!!!

    drool drool drool ***sigh*** ***sigh***

  14. Man oh Man!

    It’s getting hot in here so take off all his clothes… 😉

  15. I love Alex’s new look in the second photo. The scrubs may be loose, but we get to see
    those gorgeous arms. Wow !!!

  16. OK – just saw this new picture of Alex in that leather jacket — awsome! He is just one all around good looking guy but has a big plus and that’s his great acting. I can’t wait to see him in more roles and in his new series. Here’s hoping this one is a winner in the network’s eyes – Alex and his talent have always been a winner in his fan’s eyes. Now maybe others will see it too and get on the bandwagon. They’ll see there is an up and coming star in their midst who has everything going for him but most importantly, he’s a heck of a nice guy who cares and seems down to earth.

  17. How can that man manage to look sexier every shoot. The leather jacket one well. smouldering

  18. Thank goodness Alex showed more common sense than CBS Three Rivers wardrobe department…

    I know Alex is extremely handsome…does seem that comes in abundance from AU… However, Alex is also extremely intelligent &, politely, I would surmise that, Alex made the Star Trek comparison so as to not seem so outwardly saying, “Hey folks, I appreciate your comparing me to a sex symbol with all the exploitative expressions I hear daily, however, have you ever noticed I can act, too?”

    Would it not be more courteous to have Alex or his associates one day come to this site and find accolades about his multi-talented acting than verbal wolf whistles? A little more decorum would certainly be more appreciated by any man, not only Alex, after all the majority of us are ladies not just females, correct?…

    1. Tish, I can certainly appreciate your point of view, but Alex is an extremely handsome man and that is the first thing fans notice. However if he were not an extremely good actor and very charming and intelligent man also the attraction wouldnt last and he would be found to be superficial and not worth the time to invest in following his carreer and supporting him as a fan.Eye candy is one thing but that alone doesnt make it worthwhile.

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    The photo is absolutely awesome, thank you.
    I’m a die hard Moonlight fan that has been and still am trying to get a movie and God knows what else, but I would never not watch TR just because I hated CBS for taking it off the air. That is not really a way to get our Moonlight back in any form. I guess you can say I’m a Moonlight eccentric and I’m sure I’ll never change, I’m on my 7th purchase of the DVD’s. I give them away so others can share our Moonlight love. I must say the one I have for backup because I believe I am wearing my first one out, I should get a couple more just in case, don’t you think!?!?! 🙂 🙂

  20. Gasp!!!…Hubba, hubba,hubba….Be still my heart!! What an absolutely gorgeous hunk of a man!!! Thank you sooo much Tiffany for all these beautiful shots of my sweet obsession!! Zowee!! I can barely breathe…..

  21. I just read the “tweets” from the Three Rivers press tour, and they said the producer told them that they got rid of the the tight scrubs!! (Alex thought they looked like Star Trek)

    Boo Hiss……………now they’ll look like every other medical show!

    Oh well……………………..

  22. So cool, calm and collected, then I saw Alex’s picture, boinggggg, he’s so hot…omg…I can’t breathe, I can’t…huuuuhhhhh talk…bowl of jello. He is so handsome, isn’t he.

    1. Yeah what idiot reviewer was it that said Alex had been de-sexed for this role? Uhm are they frickin blind???!

      1. Must be blind in both eyes and working with 1/2 a deck. 🙂

      2. Instead of de-sexed, they sexed him up. I like a sexed-up Alex. Sexed-up version is best. Don’t you think?

      3. Yes, I find Andy to be just as sexy as Mick. In fact maybe sexier cause I REALLY dig super smart guys, especially doctors. I was premed all through college until I got preggo.. sigh. Andy/Alex is gonna talk about some guys potassium levels and I will go weak in the knees, just you wait. LOL.

  23. It does, doesn’t it, Tiffany… I can tell it some sort of soft leather, but so hoping it is not a former friendly kangaroo…

    Speaking of which, did you see the movie, Australia? Absolutely fantastic cinematography, however the sight of a newly shot kangaroo atop that truck did make me upset…but people must survive, especially in such an environ in that time period of pre-WWII AU as would be previous to that era also…

    1. Loved the movie Australia.. a wonderful love story.

  24. Tiffany, if any of us had a doctor who looked like Alex we would constantly admitted to the hospital after every visit due to out blood pressure skyrocketing….

    Yes, that is a handsome jacket, but looks familiar, too…It seems as if I have seen Alex wear one like that previously…Also, in some Alex regular off stage pix, I have noted him in clothes he has worn on camera in Moonlight or some other project…So I am given to thinking that, either, Alex is allowed to wear his own clothing for filming instead of receiving from “wardrobe department” or he is allowed to keep the clothing from these shows/films…

    1. It does look familiar. Also something about the jacket seems very Aussie to me.

      1. Tiffany,
        Thanks for the awesome pictures! I just bought a new DVD recorder so I don’t miss one minute of the new series. I do believe Alex can wear anything & look great.

    2. Holy Crap!. How can anyone look that good!!!??? I don’ t understand.Is this man real??????

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