Kate Beckinsale, Alex O’Loughlin, Gabriel Macht Whiteout Interview

white out interview video with Alex O'Loughlin

Good stuff… of course I love all three of these actors and have for a long time! I was cracking up when Alex said the first thing he thought when finding out he was cast beside Kate Beckinsale was ‘Thank you GOD”. LOL. And according to this interview we are introduced to Alex’s character with him running across the ice naked. I had heard that before but couldn’t find the reference.


white out interview video with Alex O'Loughlin

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  1. There is another reference to the hat n’ boots and nothing else. Alex talks about his roof and his bottom shelf, and I do mean his bottom. It’s terribly funny.


  2. Make you in France in October 21. Hope the movie is full success…

  3. I will be in the theater this weekend watching this movie. Been waiting for it for awhile. The nude scene should be interesting but Alex must have really suffered doing it. If you start to feel your body shutting down from just opening your coat up, what did this do to his body? My gosh. Poor guy. And he probably didn’t have anyone to help him warm up after wards. I’m sure we all would have made the offer. And, still single…….well, he’s been too busy working to have a social life. I hope the movie is a success for him.

  4. Hello one and all:
    Looks pretty suspenseful and exciting to me. And I do like kate B. also she
    very good actress. Alex looks so very great he’ll maybe still any scene he is in
    thats only my opinion. I’ll be waiting to see the movie,regardless.

    GO! Alex. A FAN georgetta

  5. I am Soooo ready for this movie. I’ve been re-watching Moonlight and i know this movie is going to be good. I too love Alex’s “Thank God” comment. And as if he has time, but who is Alex seeing these days???

  6. I heard about the scene in question about 3 months ago. Waiting for FRIDAY. Anyone watch
    season 6 of the Shield?
    Good interview.

    1. I have seen season 6 of the Shield along with Feed and Oyster Farmer where Alex’s bum have been on “display”. 🙂

  7. I love how Alex says that the running across the snow naked “humbled” him. He also says that certain extremities froze on him……. hmmmmm. that sucks. 🙂
    I’m wondering if someone could get that part of the movie and turn it into a clip so we can all see???

  8. Extreme cold don;t your extremities drop off don’t they LOL He is so georgeous

  9. I already have my ticket!! Yahoo, cant wait!!

  10. Hat n’ boots and nothing else…hmmmm. Wait a minute, visualizing…almost got it…darn…guess I have to watch the movie to get that image. See Whiteout this Friday. That is my commercial of the day! LOL!

  11. Alex running naked through the snow???? Oh please, OH PLEASE, let that be true!!!!!!!!!

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