Join the H50 SURF CLUB

Got this info from CBS today…

Join the H50 SURF CLUB for exclusive content and access to CBS Local Offers!

Pay close attention after the executive producer credits tonight “ have your DVR remotes and mobile phones handy.

I usually watch on Tuesday afternoons and my DVR doesn’t get the credits so I guess I may have to watch and see what this is all about. You dangled the carrot CBS this better be good!



10pm ET/PT on CBS


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  1. of who ever wins this trip… may they have the best of the best time of their lives… plus too.. for sure great to takes photos upon photos of to remember by… and yet the best sort speak photo of to moments be of as u see and experience that are for sure the best of all. this I’ve come to know for sure.. yet don’t get me wrong… taking photos addsto all too.

  2. ok as to contestwise ..
    it was bottom of the screen in gray area under of all things”Contests/Promotions” & 1st 1 “Hawaii : undiscovered” click on that and when that comes up .. u’ll see like a blueish bar like w/ like “videos” “postscards” and the next “Sweepstakes” click on that one. & u should find it. hope this helps.

  3. Terrific episode! It ws worth the wait.

  4. Great episode… Love it… absolutely love it!!! :love: ‘
    Tried to call that H50 Surf’s Up club and sign up,, I guess it’s not for Verizon Wireless users.. :woot:

  5. Yeah, I finally found the time to do it – texted **H50 (like Cheri said – zero) – got a text back with a link – went there on line – put in my cell # – got another link – then got the text on my phone to go to that link. Then it’s kinda like the stuff they have at – videos, photos; but there is a chat & links to FB & all. The thing I like is that they will text you with new stuff that may be going on – like a live chat like Daniel did on Twitter recently. Hey, if it’s H5-0 I gotta do it.
    I love Steve’s cast and the “ad” for shave ice – so funny. I just adore Alex and his show, and can’t wait for the finale which sounds so exciting – but then I sure wish he had a movie or something coming out. It makes me so mad when I read the critics calling TBUP a flop. I think it was adorable. Alex was sensational, & it makes me mad that more wasn’t said about his part in it. He is such a gentleman, he said that JLo had all the experience in romantic comedy, but look at Oyster Farmer. Alex is awesome in all that he does. I am glad at least that he is finally getting some recogntion for H5-0 – yet I am still so mad that he and the show were left out of the TV Guide favorites – and that Alex didn’t get a PCA. At least the show did – but I just don’t get it. Not enough people are nominating and voting in the polls lately.
    OK, I will stop – just makes me mad.

    1. MichaelC2B I get emails almost weekly unsubbing from the notifications with a comment that they are no longer interested in Alex, or they they don’t really like him now that he isn’t playing Mick St. John. Quite sad really.

    2. Fans can be fickle. Too bad since Alex is a great actor–terribly underused. He would have made a good Bond but, and I agree with what he said, he was too young for the part. I still think H5O would have made a better movie than a TV series. This series is so intense the actors are going to burn out.

  6. saw just a quick bit of it as to cbs channel here has a habit of rushing thu the credits part and I do mean rushing as sort of speak like funny car/dragster full out green light .. close enough of as to the news team who just can’t wait their turn and last nite was 1 of them. . um, yet too.. possible, just possible next monday …try again..right? for who knows.. wilder things do and can for sure out of nowhere can happen…..

    1. ok.. haven’t found anything cbs website as to H50 surf club yet… and yet and well just thought u’d like to know. o’ there is one of alex throwing that football aka ep last nite & its w/ his right w/ cast on his left forearm.

  7. Can you get the info on how to join the club? : 😀

  8. Anyone else have problems calling the number? 👿

    1. At first. Then I redialed using the zero instead of an “O”. Then it went thru.

    2. I can’t get it to work either… tried with O and 0 and neither one will go thru! 👿

  9. I forgot to add. Usually, season finales are in May.

  10. Isn’t it a little early for a season finale? 😮

  11. The heck with that goofy club 8) I want to see our Alex kissing someone!!! :love: I’m soooo going to miss our Alex and 5 0….anyone know if he has a moVIE COIING UP?????????? please say he’s doing something special for is time off :love:

  12. Hi

    Darn if u have to text a number to join my prepaid t mobile phone won’t do that. 8)

    I was hoping H50 would still be filming while im over on oahu may 2nd but I read on DDK’s tweet that they have finished for this season. Dang

  13. How do we join the club? I’ve been to
    CBS and am not seeing H50 surf club, nor did I find a link on your page……

    1. Per the post: Pay close attention after the executive producer credits tonight – have your DVR remotes and mobile phones handy.

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