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  1. Here is my caption for the first pic:

    Daniel and Katherine to photog “Push the stretcher back? Sure, OK”
    (whump) Alex (high pitched voice) “My…agots”

  2. You’re right, the look on Alex’s face in the last one is awesome, but the others are also great. What I would give to be inside that elevator with them… (Excuse me for my English, I’m Spanish)

  3. I know the Daniel Henney (Dr. Lee) fans are going nuts over this, I was talking to some of them (*waves*)and they’re a positive bunch (of drooling fans LOL!). Alex does look a bit..startled.

  4. They definitely used the best picture to release the first time around. Alex has a bit of a snarl, not quite a lip curl, a little too downturn for that, but it reminds me of Elvis LOL.

  5. I’m with Bonnie and Kathyrn…….these pictures make the characters look WAY too serious. I get that organ transpantation is a serious theme, but if this is a harbenger of the mood of the show —— ugh.

    Bad choice of stills to my way of thinking.

  6. yeah i’m with you on that one Bonnie. I just wonder why in photo shoots doctors always look so constipated. Why can’t they smile or something!?!

  7. Not great pictures. Makes me think that the series is not well-planned.

  8. alex looks very determinedto get want he wants

  9. Great pics. Look at his muscular arms! Thanks Tiffany.

  10. He certainly does Christine,a very determined look at the least.

  11. Alex looks angry in some of them..lol

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