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  1. I shouldn’t be surprizing so hard at that.

  2. dyann (i like that spelling), you and i are pretty much in agreement. in the life of an actor, there will be good roles, bad roles and the perfect role. he’s young and he’ll be around for a long, long time. you are so right when you say he’s bigger than cbs. let’s hope this will be the wake up call for him. when his contract is up, he’s free to find a great role. in my opinion, (only my opinion) he’s already had the perfect role, but so many actors find success in their third, fourth or even more tries. i’ve always been attracted to the bad boy look and hopefully his next role will be deliciously dangerous and a little wicked. i’ll be waiting.

  3. A friend, who will be called here “LA” went on a quest to find every review of Three Rivers on the internet–everyday my inbox was overflowing–one night I found a total of 13 waiting for me to check out! These were from Newspapers all over the country, Web TV sites, you name it–the whole Kit and Kaboodle of anyone and everyone who gives Reviews of TV–and to a man and woman EVERYONE had bad things to say about 3R-many had GOOD things to say about ALEX-But everyone hated the show. One person gave it a C- and that was the best review! Everyone said bad things about CBS and their total imcompetence to put Alex in this turkey. One said putting him into the apparently now successful CSI-LA would have been a “natural” for them, so why did they save him and put him into this show-because he was clearly an “action star in the making.”
    Two actually said MOONLIGHT should never have been canceled. And one said even having CBS change the show to Dr. Alex gettting attacked by a vampire in an alley and turning into one and flying over the hospital like a bat would not save this show!
    Also—I remember one critic saying that he had received the second edition of the “Premier” episode and thought it wasn’t much better than the first. And one said he was susposed to receive the second edition but never got it and therefore could not review it.
    NONE OF THIS HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE MOONLIGHT FANS WHO “WON’T GIVE IT UP”……….This was from the Professionals in the Reviewing business.
    ON ANOTHER NOTE–Let me bring up WHITEOUT–I went to see it only because Alex was in it, even tho his part was small….now remember Gerard Butler is my Main Guy so I’m a bit more objective about Alex then some of you ladies…….the one scene–less than a minute where Alex pours the liquor over the 10,000 year old ice cubes in the party scene–MY GOD THAT MAN LIT UP THE BIG SCREEN! NO WOMAN COULD TAKE HER EYES OFF THAT WINNING SMILE AND THOSE SPARKLEING EYES! That man, in that second proved to me that ALEX IS STAR MATERIAL–And later when it’s shown him to be the “bad guy”–who the hell cared–he won us so totally in that minute, that we just thought he was “misguided” and not truely BAD. That was the movies flaw—he so glowed– no one cared he was the bad guy!
    I came home from the movies and emailed my “bunch” and said MOVE OVER CLOONY, DECAPPRIO, AND PITT—ALEX IS IN TOWN. And I do believe that—he’s wasting himself with CBS! HE IS GOING TO BE A BIG STAR AND CBS CAN’T STOP HIM! He is SOOOO much better than CBS!

  4. Correction: TR is on a network (in AU) that not all Australians in all areas have access to…

  5. P.S>: Tiffany

    ALL, not one female critic “bashed” (As you called it) TR & are still doing so now that it has been aried twice… However all critics are given privy to the pilot (in TR’s case the original that is now being spliced into various shows) of new shows prior to their airing so they can yea or nay the show…Now I cannot see critics across the country calling each other and saying “Hey, that TR, don’t waste your time”… Not, each critic wants their own voice so they are going to keep what they think under wraps until it goes to press… Any differently would be like an author who is writing a new novel giving its chapters to a fellow author to read; never would happen!

    And I have been informed by an Australian lady & friend that TR is not on a network there that everyone has access to & is being banned from viewing abroad by CBS on computers…

  6. Tiffany,
    I am not going to your fall guy, sorry… As far as the other comments I made about other venues Alex has been in since he resigned with CBS, I am entitled to my opinion… All of them have come from CBS in one subsidiary company or another of theirs… IMO CBS is just not doing Alex justice, actually using him as far as I can see… Alex would be better off to be done with CBS and really get his career generating upscale… It does not have a thing with ML, yes it made Alex a household name, yes the storyline was perfect to envelope us all, but my point is that CBS/Paramount is not giving him his real chance at upper stardom, the kind which graces you with a Star Block on Hollywood & Vine… I have gone through the expense of buying other film works of Alex’s from AU & I can tell you Alex does not miss a beat in how he presented himself in any of them… He was a natural in all, his FEED character, Michael Carter, was absolutely fascinating to make one love and loathe him in different parts of the movie… One fell absolutely in love with Alex’s Will Bryant from the first minute we laid eyes on him; Alex does well in historical period sagas, I can see & was nominated for a Logie in his native land… I love the boyishness of Alex as Jack Flange in Oyster Farmer yet a very appealing man at the same time… Alex, in the right film, with the best director, best concerned producer, best writers who give him the correct dialogue to say in his charismatic demeanor, can give one hell of a performance… So far I have not seen that, what he had in AU except in Moonlight, since he was contracted again to CBS… IMO, he is not in the right hands in direction, writers & producers…CBS is just like a horse auctioneer, their job is to get the flesh sold, do not care who buys it or what happens to the equine, just get it sold and get their pay…this is CBS!!!! And this is what they are doing to ALex, getting him sold to his public…Well his public do care what happens to him & know when he is being sold for too little and going to slaughter….

  7. Eydie’s comment–well that’s exactly my point–about MOONLIGHT and those of us who are NEVER giving up on it.
    I mean I’ve had a LOT of shows go down-shows I really loved–just recently one of my faves on the CW called REAPER went down. I was sad, and mad, but I didn’t go off all hysterical and running around the fourms yelling about a REAPER movie…I just accepted it.
    BUT I WILL NEVER ACCEPT WHAT THEY DID TO MOONLIGHT–and a whole bunch of us are in that catagory. Sure we support Alex, and we’ll watch his shows–but MOONLIGHT touched our hearts–and we’re not going to let go of it! That’s why I said Alex, sooner or later, has to deal with this issue. It’s NOT going away.
    Some of you remember (or know) me–those who don’t –yes I’m a MOONLIGHT fan but for me it was the whole cast-Alex, Jason, Sophia, and David Blue. I want the whole thing back.
    And my fave actor is Gerard Butler–but that doesn’t mean I don’t like and respect Alex.
    And I also have to say I think Alex was way hotter with the longer hair, but then, on the other hand, I don’t like tatooos but whatever floats your boat. Obviously they are important to Alex, and it’s his life. Everyone in intitled to their opinion, and we are all never going to agree on everyhing.
    I don’t like Medical Shows period–I also hate Reality shows–and my channel of choice is the CW–with MOONLIGHT gone SUPERNATURAL went to the top of my chart. But I watched 3R because I though with Alex maybe I would like it–he’s the ONLY good thing in it as far as I can see.
    But he worked hard on it, and he deserves our respect.
    And for the ones who DO like it,( I wonder if they like it only cause Alex is in it)–but unfortunately for them, it’s not going to be around long.
    Lets hope whatever his next project is it’ll please more people.
    You know I was watching EASTWICK tonight and they had a ad for their new show coming soon called “V”-reamake of an old sci-fi series and it looked pretty exciting and I thought “Now THAT woulda been a good show for Alex”–and I hear CSI-Los Angeles is doing really good–and THAT would have been a good show for Alex. I’m sure there are lots of shows out there he would have suceeded in–CBS just blew it again-and you gotta wonder what they were thinking!

  8. Tiffany,

    Many Alex fans who found because of Moonlight will be very upset that you are calling us out…None of us want bad for Alex, but give us all credit, Tiffany, that we are intelligent individuals who know talent and great productions if and when we see it… Any negativity is that in the mind of a biased reader, not Alex’s honest fans… He is a man who would prefer we tell him something did not please us, than lie to him; this is common sense and the way many decent people think

    As far as Alex is concerned, Three Rivers will not break him, just as Kevin Hyatt in The Shield did not make him in this country & we all know what did…

    Dyann is correct, Three Rivers was already DOA by the critics…It is not Alex’s doing, for he is better than the show or its scripts which are also medically unsound… Medical persons, including a Cardiac RN and then a ER RN commented on TRs medical flaws, one did so on CBS Forums & the other emailed her friends who included me and I added it to the forum for her… Both of these ladies had been active here at AOLO during the 2007-08 campaign, as was I, we became friends and the latter and I correspond quite often

    This will not be the end of Alex’s career if TR flatlines; many of us fans see it more as a beginning to something much bigger and better than CBS is for him…Perhaps this may mean that we may not see him on a weekly TV show, but it may, hopefully, mean we will get the bigger pleasure of him on the big screen a few times a year…

    And quite to your disbelief, I watch TR, so do many of Alex/Moonlight fans, but many just are not pleased with it; not because of what the critics say, but because these fans can conclude for themselves if it is good sow worthy of Alex or not… Some fans keep hanging on, not for the show to improve, but to support Alex, not for any other reason…

    1. Tish, I am not worried about “calling out” Moonlight fans. Some of them are behaving badly IMO. The guy who said Alex was a black cat was angry about how Moonlight fans treated him when he did a negative review of Moonlight and was using his job as a TV critic to lash out them by bashing Alex and his new show. Another female critic was bashing TR before it came out for same reason. Because of how miliant and mean some Moonlighters were/are we have TV critics who are looking for payback. That needs to be called out IMO.

      The negativity hasn’t JUST been for TR either. You said nasty stuff about Criminal Minds AND The Backup Plan. The man can’t be in ANY show or movie that isn’t Moonlight without the negative comments. Tish, if it isn’t a Moonlight discussion you don’t contribute anything but negative comments. With fans like that who needs enemies?

      Dyann, I am glad you see that Alex could be good in other shows. I would love to see him in V myself… I will be all over that show anyway.

  9. TIFFANY, The MOONLIGHT fans are not the ones who doomed THREE RIVERS–The critics came out against it from the minute they were given the Premeire episode to view and review–so much so CBS started jiggleing everything arouond trying to “fix” it. Unfortunatley it was unfixable.
    I am sure Alex is hurt, I’m sorry because he is a very nice man. He deserves better–then again he deserved better than to have MOONLIGHT yanked out from under him.
    YES I’m a big MOONLIGHT fan—-but I planned to watch 3 Rivers, and I did, I’m sure any Alex fan watched it–so that did not effect the ratings,
    As for a blow to his career–as an example, when Gerard Butler decided to make PHANTOM OF THE OPERA the critics savaged him, it’s still a joke in some circles–people said he had doomed his career———Yet here he is one of the big box office draws! He was on Leno last week and Ferguson and the audience went nuts———–SO MUCH FOR DOOMING HIS CAREER!
    If an actor is GOOD–and Alex is—and if he is TRUE to himsef–he will prove the critics wrong–he will proove himself WITH his fans. That he might “hurt” his career with CBS is a possibility———maybe even on TV—-but I for one thing he is bigger than TV–he belongs on the BIG SCREEN! And this might force him in that direction.
    Sometimes the bad things, in the end, turn out to be for the best.
    And Tiffany, I did not come to STIR THE BLOOD, I came to give voice to those who are to intimidated to say what they REALLY feel.
    I can’t tell you how many private emails I have gotten from Alex fans that are distressed to death over this new show. They WANTED to like it, They WANTED Alex on their TV every week. They are DEVISTATED it has turned out this way——-and yes each and every one of these distressed emailers are MOONLIGHT lovers who actively want a Movie.
    If we love Alex, we should ALWAYS tell him the truth even if it is painful.
    He should respect that, and he should take what we say and evaluate it—AND THEN HE SHOULD MAKE HIS OWN DECISION!
    Personally I have faith he’ll make the right one, even if he gets on a few wrong tracks along the way-(like 3 Rivers)–in the end he’ll find the path to his STAR—because that STAR is his destiny.
    And any FAN who doesn’t believe that—- well they arn’t worth much!

    1. Dyann, I appreciate your comments. I appreciate that you expressed a dislike for the show without saying things like “I hope it gets cancelled”… something I feel a true fan would never wish for. I am sure that is not what Alex wants. If TR gets cancelled Alex may have a MUCH tougher time making a career in TV.. that is the reality of two cancelled shows. And CBS no doubt sees that the numbers indicate that many of Alex’s fans didn’t follow him.

      My hope is that The Backup Plan opens some doors for him and he doesn’t have to worry about wading through the mess of prime time TV.

      Also I don’t think you came to stir the pot.. your comments were constructive and honest without being antagonistic… we just have a different opinion of what constitutes truth. I, like many fans here, actually like Three Rivers. We have even had an influx of newbies who have never seen Moonlight and came because they like TR AND Dr. Andy.. heck I met a lady on the street the other day who was praising the show and talking about that beautiful Dr. Not everyone thinks the show sucks. 😉

      When I see the fans who don’t like the show not be able to come and leave a comment without referencing Moonlight, him needing to be a bad boy, needing to have long hair again, etc… I think they don’t dislike the show so much as they are just bitter about Moonlight. Otherwise why do they have to bring it up every 5 minutes ya know? One show has NOTHING to do with the other.

  10. it’s sad that three rivers is a bad show, but it is a bad show. alex is an awesome actor trapped in a clunker. i hate to sound like a broken record, but moonlight should never have been cancelled. it was a great show with– and here’s the most important part–great writers. i think it’s easy to forget about the importance of the writers, but if their work isn’t good, the best actor in the world can’t salvage it. but alex’s career is up to him and he’s talented, so he’ll always work. will he ever find a tv show that’s perfect for him? maybe, maybe not. that’s just the way it goes. i’m rooting for him, i really am. but that goody two shoes he portrays on 3 rivers just plain gets on my nerves. i want the bad boy. he needs to grow his hair back out and look like someone who just might do something reckless. something dangerous. he has the power to render me breathless, speechless. he’s just not living up to his potential with the crap role he currently has.

    1. edyie, you think it is bad show. Fine. Not everyone agress with you. I actually like the show as do many of the fans on this site. The fact that you can’t comment without with some reference to Moonlight shows me your dislike is more about losing Moonlight and has little to do with Three Rivers.

      1. you are right, i am bitter about moonlight. i am bitter about all injustices, only a few having to do with tv shows. i just hate when people get things wrong and those people who got them wrong (nina tassler) has the power to make everyone else suffer. i’m equally bitter about the cancellation of another fine show, without a trace, and i am well and truly angry about the impending doom of cold case. the only sin of any of these shows is that they did not draw that coveted 18-49 demographic. you bet i’m bitter and i have that right as much as others have the right to watch and like 3 rivers. i don’t mind when people watch survivor either, tho i find all reality shows beyond repugnant. but there is no reason to worry about alex. he’s a really good actor and he’ll always work. there are some actors who had failure after failure on tv who eventually went on to have successful shows. it’s all a crap shoot– one person’s crap show is another person’s gem. i can’t tell you how many crap shows(in other people’s opinion) that i’ve loved. i’m sorry for how people are going to feel when any show they love gets cancelled. i loved pushing daisies and look what happened to it. that was as stupid as cancelling moonlight. and yes, i think alex looks way hotter with long hair and showing off the tattoos. again, strictly my opinion, not right, not wrong, just my opinion. it’s america and opinions are something everyone gets to have. if and when alex gets another show, i will watch it faithfully, just as i watch 3 rivers faithfully. i don’t have to like the show to love alex, i watch to support him.

  11. I have not posted over here in month, but as several people emailed me I thought I should come and have my 2 cents added to this discussion.
    Weither you like the Nielson ratings or not, the industry think they are God–and they have said in their comments “It is DOA” and it “Flatlined” and “Pull the plug” about Three Rivers.
    So going Merrily Down the Garden Path singing “Isn’t it wonderful” is going to get you nowhere!
    CBS is nuts—the first episode they put on was frankly AWFUL–I do have to admitt that the second one was actually INTERESTING but still Medically dumb–at least Alex had his Charisma-MoJo going in it—had they shown this one first it might have had half a chance—I don’t know WHAT their problem is over there at CBS–they torpedoed their own show to doom with that goofie first episode.
    All I know is I have not seen ONE critic who has said anything nice about this show. Some have said nice things about Alex, but everyone hates it. It was talked about in terms of “Call the Morgue”, “Pull the plug”, and even “Cancel it now, and put us out of our misery of having to review it.”
    PLEASE! Accept REALITY and lets move on!
    Personally I think that until Alex takes the bull by the horns and makes that MOONLIGHT Movie and gives his fans who love Mick St John the closure they need and have fought 2 years for it’s never going to get laid to rest! The MOONLIGHT LOVERS are never going to give it up!
    I know he wants to play many different kinds of roles, and I”m all fo that, and I think everyone here is———but we have to face facts.
    The facts are THREE RIVERS is going down, and MOONLIGHT is more popular now than it was when it was canceled—-who here knows that SYFY is running a whole day MOONLIGHT MARATHON this week?–the same week the Nielsons are saying “Three Rivers is done.”—-doesn’t that fact say it all???

    1. Dyann, I respect what you are saying. The industry smells blood and jumps all over TR. It may very well be cancelled, in fact CBS has already picked up the other 2 new shows but no word on TR. I can accept that as reality… can other fans accept that this could be a big blow to Alex’s career? Alex will know that many of his Moonlight fans were very anti-Three Rivers from the moment they astarted shooting and that will hurt him. He will be devestated yet again but the real kick in the nuts will be that so many of his fans wanted it and helped it along.

      This site has always been about love and support for Alex in WHATEVER role he is in. That isn’t likely to change. I bristle when we get visitors here who are CLEARLY not here to show love or support, just stir the blood in the water.

  12. My goodness, Tiffany, I would delete what you just commented to me since it is full of negativity against Alex… And please know, Tiffany, I am not alone on Moonlight feelings but please do continue reading…

    I am appalled that you even suggest such negative thinking, or even post it, about Alex’s career… Even if it is meant to make your point, it is disgraceful to think in your terms… I want to see Alex successful in all he does, but sometimes we are given pitfalls, it only makes us stronger… Alex, a black cat; Alex on a blacklist for role choices!!!! How dare you, Tiffany!!!!

    Tiffany, we are allowed a voice, it is called Freedom of Speech…You will find it as being the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States… And please do this for all the ones who are still on AOLO as a favor; do not scold anyone who post their comments if they are not posting in the manner in which you think…please just take this as good advise…

    In all honesty, Tiffany, many fans posting here are in fear of saying anything honestly about Alex or Three Rivers or any subject pertaining to Alex.. Your attitude has lost you a great deal on this site for you are no longer as gracious as you were 2 years ago when you were routing for Moonlight, as were we all…Many fans dislike being put down by you, which is really not polite, Tiffany… It is also not wise for, in reality, you really do not know whom you are actually demeaning…It may be a nice gesture on your part to cut back on judging Alex fans or Moonlight fans…

    1. Tish.. I am baffled YOU think that fans can sit back and bash the guy’s show and hope it get cancelled and honestly think it won’t affect him. Bizarre thinking is what it is. I never doubted that the show could be cancelled… such is the life in this biz… but the poor guy cannot even count on his fans to remain supportive… they just bellyache about Moonlight and say they hope his new show gets cancelled… ouch!

      And I didn’t call him a black cat… a TV reporter did.. nice try though. That guy had the stones to say it… how many others are thinking it?

  13. Hi eydie,

    First of all it has been a very long time since I posted on AOLO but I felt I did have to comment to your well put comment of Oct 12th, 2009… And why is is placed in the middle of all of these comments, to not be easily seen by all, is beyond me as you made some good judgment calls on Three Rivers…

    Yes, most of us are Moonlight fans because that is the show that endeared us to Alex, aka Mick St John, not his performance of the Cad-type detective in The Shield’s sixth season… Moonlight will always hold our fancy, and will be long remembered… CBS really screwed up by canceling this winner of the 2007 People’s Choice Awards for Best New Drama & it was actually more like 10 million assured viewers each Friday at 8PM Central & 9PM Eastern who watched Moonlight… All viewers could not be counted accurately since many viewers abroad can only see on their computers or are not with those counting machines under the Nielsen ratings method, so I am certain it was far more than the 10 million counted…

    Just one correction again…Moonlight was canceled due to a bucking of the Heads in Production meaning Les Moonves, Head CEO of CBS, wanted Moonlight to be his way and not the actual Executive Producer’s way (the man paying the money to bring it into film), who is Joel Silver…they could not come to terms, but Moonves had not a damn bit of business putting in his 2 cents because Moonlight was not a property of CBS but of Warner Brothers… What CBS had in contract with Moonlight is something like our renting a movie… But CBS while headed by Moonves (his wife is Julie Chan who is hostess on one of those dumb reality shows) and Tassler (eydie you called what she is correctly) will never give us optimum pleasure in viewing… Most of the shows that air on CBS are not real properties of CBS, not produced, in other words, by CBS, so they are kind of on loan… So Moonlight was canceled when Moonves and Tassler picked up their toys and went home like sore losers they are…

    If Moonlight is to surface anywhere again, either in a new episodic TV series, or a movie, we all must contact WB & Joel Silver, not to mention Alex’s real agents in Australia, Linsted Morris Management (Sally Linsted & Nathan Morris)t in a suburb of Sydney, AU so we do not lose who the role of Mick really belongs to, Alex O’Loughlin; not the flim flam idiot who CBS chose for Alex as an agent….

    Nathan Morris is the real thing, and he, along with Sally, represent some of the big names in Australian entertainment like Bryan Brown who recently had a role in the film “Australia” and is more famously remembered for his role of Luke, when his career began, in the TV mini-series of the 1980’s called the “Thornbirds” where he met his future wife, Rachael Ward, who was the female lead of Meggie, in that 3 part series…

    Preferably I would love to see Alex the heck out of his CBS contract altogether and there are many more who feel this way as I do for we are not ones who chum up just for anyone’s sake but say it like it is which is honest for none of us will switch and be fickle in our caring about Alex’s career… Certainly I can see no one from CBS trying to protect it, as a matter of fact I, like so many others, feel insulted that CBS thought they could drag us into Three Rivers just because we all care about Alex, especially their pitch was primarily directed at Moonlight fans… How dumb do these CBS snobs think we all are; do they think we would not see that this show sucks and that it is not worthy of Alex’s real talents…For shame on Tassler and Moonves and anyone else who coerced this… It is because we love Alex that we hope the show. Three Rivers, is canceled soon and that Alex can be released from his contract to CBS, if not at least give him something more worthy of his acting abilities…Whoever this director is directing Three Rivers, they need to get back to learning the business cause they certainly are doing a worse than bad job…And the TR scripts are so wrong, so medically unsound, and I have that from a medical professional who watched the past two episodes…the need of a better medical consultant is necessary, but then perhaps it is the director, again, or TR’s producer, going against the medical advise for drama’s sake, well again it shows that CBS and staff think Alex’s fans are dumber than rocks…

    On a brighter note, perhaps Alex may be great in the following… I read recently that CBS is thinking of doing a new pilot of the old 1968-1980 TV series Hawaii Five-O, my goodness, would not Alex do great in the late jack Lord’s lead role of McGarrett? hate to bring this in, but Jason Dohring would make a great Danno, which was James MacArthur’s role, and he was assistant to McGarrett.

    1. Ah.. back I see with your negativity… always predictable… I hate anything except Moonlight, blah, blah…

      Some things never change. It is not hard to see why you hope Alex’s new show gets cancelled since you can’t seem to let go of Moonlight but why on God’s green earth would CBS be motivated to give Alex another show when he was the lead in not one but two failed shows??? Do you think they will cancel Three Rivers and place all the blame on their own shoulders? I think you are living in fantasy land if you do… they will put blame on Alex… the man who chose this project and convinced them he could do it. I can’t see them casting a Hawaii Five-O remake and saying “Gee let’s cast that one guy whose shows always get cancelled!”

      I have already read one TV critic article that referred to Alex as a black cat.. aka a bad omen for a new show. Having fans that are actively hoping for his demise is not going to help. We need to be realistic and understand that another cancellation could be VERY bad news for Alex’s future and it certainly isn’t something a true fan would be hoping for.

  14. Hi Maria, Hate to burst your bubble, but I don’t think Alex actaully reads thses comments. Would be nice though. Not this is a site for his fans. We all love Alex, and all would love to meet him

  15. hi alex o laughlin my name is maria i love three rivers .

    i want to meet you someday your a good actor

    your fan maria

  16. I can’t recall where I read it, but I saw a synopsis of the movie that has been shelved so long waiting to makes its debut on the silver screen, Whiteout… Anyway, ladies, I read that Alex is being chased by the female lead, Kate B, who plays a sheriff in Antartica or someplace where long johns don’t sound like enough to keep one warm… Well in this chase scene, on foot, Alex is running across the tundra with just boots & his parka on, sans all else underneath…. Now only if this is the date announced is the real one it will grace our eyes….

  17. I wasn’t too sure about a medical show but this one seems to be a little bit different than the norm. Maybe a bit more dramatic in the kind of surgeries done with a more high intensity storyline which just might bring fans in to watch. Having Alex on the team looks like a great choice – he can be strong and intense, show a softer and caring side and still bring out the charm and appeal and … that great smile. I too watch Desperate Housewives but will be taping Three Rivers so I can watch it at my leisure and really enjoy it fully…maybe even playing over the really good parts with Alex in them. Sorry .. I’m a old and die-hard Moonlight fan who has missed him on the small screen. P.S. He was great on Criminal Minds and can’t wait for both his new movies to come out. We’ve waited for him to return to us and show everyone why they shouldn’t forget him.

  18. Tish, I don’t remember “The Shield” being on the 3 big networks. Wasn’t it on USA or FX, one of those cable stations? I only have it because Alex was in Season 6. I do not go for the constantly graphic, raunchy format of programs like “The Shield” – guess that’s why it was on cable instead of regular network TV.

  19. Hi Everybody – looking over the CBS lineup for 2009-2010, it looks like Sunday is the best night for “Three Rivers”. Monday is comedy night, Tuesday is for NCIS and it’s spin off, Wednesday is comedy, Criminal Minds and CSI NY, forget Thursday, that’s their biggest night, with Survivor, CSI and the Mentalist. Friday, if we all remember, was not a good night, and it still looks the same, they even went out to NBC and got the rights to broadcast one of their shows, “The Medium”, Saturday is 2 hrs. of “crime” dramas, not listed, and 48 hrs. so it looks like Sunday is good. Yes, “The Great Race is a “reality” show, but has a huge following because it’s lead in is “60 Minutes” and that has been a staple for many years. I guess time will tell but no matter what night “Three Rivers” is shown, unless we all tune in to support it, it’s all-for-not.

  20. Tiffany wrote:
    “I will personally email everyone subsribed to my email updates the week of and the night of the premiere”

    Thank you so much. You’re doing a great job with this site! Kudos!

    1. You’re very welcome Jean! I love running this site and meeting all of you great people. 🙂

  21. Jo Jo… thank you for the info! I would have stayed up anyway because I LOVE ALEX, but 8:00p central is better for me. Can’t wait!

  22. eydie,

    We all did, all of us had a crush, still do, on Mick St John…Alex, however, is the man that brought Mick to life superbly for he is such a fine actor; actually a actor who studied to be just that, an actor…

    But I noted something in the Pilot clip posted here on this site for Three Rivers (do hope you will watch; even with my slow dialup, I did and thought Alex could be my doctor anytime, but do hope it is not because I need thoraxic surgery)… There is one scene I caught that famous Alex shruggy smile he used so many times as Mick & it warmed my heart…

    Wow, isn’t it coincidental that you have the same name, eydie, as the killed off character in Desperate Housewives, (different spelling, of course)?? If the lineup hours for the show is according to eastern time, then it will appear oppostite Desperate Housewives…

    1. having watched two episodes of three rivers, i have to say that if alex o’laughlin weren’t in it, and i hadn’t fallen harder for moonlight than i have ever fallen for any tv show, i wouldn’t give it five seconds. alex is a wonderful actor, alfre woodard is magnificent and it isn’t their fault, but this is one of the most poorly written shows i’ve ever seen. and the ratings are horrible, as they should be. cbs needs to pull this clunker. they made a HUGE mistake cancelling moonlight, which was getting a solid 8 million viewers per week–even worse, they cancelled it just before the vampire craze struck. nina tassler is a liar and an idiot and this show is an insult to alex’s talent. i think the best thing for alex would be to add him to an already successful show, maybe csi, though i think he’d be great as a ghost on medium, too. moonlight was murdered by nina tassler and three rivers is a very poor band aid on a mortal wound.

  23. Hi JoJo,

    From the lineup times you posted, I must feel that theses are eastcoast hours as here in AZ there is no primetime shows on at 10PM at which time our local news comes on for a half hour… THus that means 9PM posted for Three Rivers on Sunday is actually 8PM here in AZ as we watch through Central timing…

    Sonce I have given up watching anything on CBS, exception being Alex involved shows, please confirm that “The Great Race” is another dumb reality show… To me that is not a great lead in for Alex’s show… I hope that CBS realizes they, because Three Rivers came in third as their favorites, is setting the show up for doom though I hope not…

    I will watch Three Rivers as I can do without Desperate Housewives, but not Brothers & Sisters… However 3 R’s does come up against some pretty tough competition on Sunday nights… I am wishing the show, in a show biz good luck phrase, “To break a leg”…

    Why could CBS not put 3 R’s on say a Saturday when nothing on TV is worthwhile? Don’t give the excuse it is date night or some fool excuse like that for many of medical dramas are watched by seniors, not the young, for the elders want to “check out what is wrong with them”… And Alex has many senior fans, and he will gain more with this show when come aboard tp view so they can self-diagnose themselves… Yet still CBS is forming a pattern here as it did with Moonlight & its doom… Damn them, I still feel they decided to play him again & play with his fans at the same time; tease the fans with just a taste and then pull what they did with ML…Just a gut feeling & that is not a good feeling in this instance…

    I know I will be saying I am putting doom on the show by stating this, but just study facts a little more closely, all, & it will become a bit more clearer…Right now we are all ecstatic over Alex’s appearances in public again & seeing clips of his show & reading about him, but take a moment and re evaluate what, probably Queen B, that network is up to… If CBS wants miracles, then they are not. have not, gone about it to reassure that me that Alex’s show will stay on for more than one season, this definitely shows the opposite by putting his new show in a tough time slot…

    JoJo, I also have “The Shield: 6th Season, but I bought it because Alex was in it; not my type of show…Actually it is extremely crude and much too violent as far as I am concerned, & I am no prude… I do not understand why networks & producers think anyone want to view such raw entertainment, & Shield is explicitely raw… Alex was always Alex, but the role did not do him justice, though he played it very well; don’t like the fact he was such a skank at the end where that female officer was concerned… I other than Alex only Michael Chiklis was a familiar face & I did not pay much attention who was who other than that…

    1. you say that three rivers is likely to be popular with older people. that is precisely what will kill it. cold case almost got cancelled last year and almost certainly will this year. everyone, me included, wondered how on earth the networks would cancel a show that consistently places in the top ten. remember the show without a trace? they got cancelled depite being one of the most popular shows. there’s one reason why that is and it’s called failure to lure the proper demographics, specifically the 18-49 age group. it does not matter if every old(er) person in the country watches your show, if you fail to capture the 18-49 year olds, you aren’t going to be around long. it’s ageism at it’s finest, but that’s the truth.

  24. of course i’m going to watch three rivers, but i have come to realize that while i do like alex o’laughlin, i love mick st. john. alex as someone else is not going to be the same. my hope is that eventually i will learn to like him as someone else, but, unfortunately, i have my doubts. turns out it was the character, not the actor, though make no mistake, i do admire the actor. it’s just eye opening for me to realize it wasn’t alex i had the crush on, it was mick.

  25. Hope – The video preview makes me wish it were on rignt now. I think it’s going to be an intense show about a very serious subject . From the few minutes they gave us, I saw a lot of coming from Alex. Just think of what he will be able to do in a full hour. The competiton is going to be tough so EVERYONE has to get on board to make sure that Alex and “Three Rivers” has a fighting chance.

  26. The ABC lineup for Sunday’s for the 2009-2010 schedule are: 8:00 Extreme Home Makeover, 9:00 Desparate Housewives, 10:00 Brothers & Sisters. The CBS lineup for Sundays will be 8:00 The Great Race, 9:00 Three Rivers, and 10:00 Cold Case. Even though I have not watched CBS since “Moonlight” got cancelled around this time last year, I think the Sunday lineup sounds good, and “Three RIvers” is sandwiched in between 2 very popular CBS shows. It’s going to be interesting.

  27. No No, ABC has a very strong popular show that has a large following on at 9PM on Sundays… It even has a stronger following than Desperate Housewives, it is brothers & Sisters with a long time American Favorite actress, Sally Field…

    Again, I see it as CBS giving Alex the shaft. As appealing as Alex is and talented and actor he may be, I do not feel Three Rivers can top an already popular show with a solid following…
    For Alex’s sake, I hope it does, though for a short while it may flourish but I think it just may not have the draw a real family show does…

  28. Donna – that would be 9:00 p.m. eastern time zone.

  29. Hi Moonligh Lovers, No one has said antything about the preview of Three Rivers. Video. Please look at it. It’s great to see Alex in action again. signed Hopeful

  30. Is this being shown 9:00p eastern time or central time? Thanks!

  31. I need to know which channel to watch on tv series called “Three rivers” please? anyone of you know which channel on sunday night? So I can look it up on tv guide to find it and watch that one on sunday night. Thanks.

  32. O My Goodness! look at him in his tight shirt! Sunday is perfect….anyday is perfect..i would stay up until 3 in the morning just to watch him

  33. Excellent lead in – – doesn’t that win awards for being the best “Reality-type” show? All we have to do now is wait – it’s going to be a looooooooooong summer until September.

  34. So it will go up against Desperate Housewives (which I could care less about).. so that is great!! He looks better in this picture…

  35. This is looking really postive!

  36. Just a question – what is the 8:00 program that would be “Three Rivers” lead in. I haven’t watched CBS enough to remember. Thanks.

    1. 8 p.m. – “The Amazing Race”

      I think that is an excellent lead in!

    2. the lead in is one of my favorite shows, “cold case.”

  37. Sunday at 9:00 is a great time slot even though as Hope said, up against Desparate Housewives. That show seem to be tiring and now that Nicolette Sheridan isn’t on it anymore, maybe those fans will tune in to watch “Three Rivers”. Also, doesn’t Alex look like a doctor with his surgical mask. Thanks Tiffany for the heads up. Looking forward to the permiere.

  38. Hi Moonlight Lovers, CBS is putting Three Rivers against a very popular ABC show Desperate Housewives unless it’s at 8:00 and not a 9:00, I hope so. I can DVR one and watch the other, leave it to CBS to try and mess up our Alex. signed hopeful

  39. I will personally email everyone subsribed to my email updates the week of and the night of the premiere.

    1. Can’t thank you enough Tiffany for keeping us updated on Alex. Alex fans will watch him no matter what day/time he’s on. Three Rivers has a very talented cast. I have no doubt it’s her for the long run. September can’t come soon enough for me! Also, isn’t the film WhiteOut finally being released this fall?

  40. So a Sunday at 9.00. Is that a good time my American Alex fans? But which Sunday in September that is the question? You will all have to keep me posted, so I can catch it on surfthechannel. ladies.

  41. YES!!!!! I think Sunday is a great choice. Will be ready to watch and Tivo.

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