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  1. I love them together. The kiss is soooo emotional, you can almost feel it.. cant beat the chemistry, i know they enjoyed kissing eachother, you could tell… Hell, who wouldn’t? You can really enjoy the movie if you feel there’s something there in real life..

  2. who is singing in this video? very good song and so warm voice..

  3. Re Barbara S — you’re a better woman than I —- I’m still at “ick,ick,ick”…..

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed the video. I know that after seeing all the photos and vids, I will absolutely, emphatically, without reservations want to watch and will enjoy this film. They are wonderful together. OMG and the Kiss, ohhhhhhhhh.

  5. A fan video? Well done. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing Tiffany. Always look forward to your e-mails.

  6. You know I think I am getting better. This time it wasnt near quite as bad watching these intimate scenes between those two. As a matter of fact when the movie does premier I think I will probably enjoy it. Alex is soo professional and such a good actor I think watching and viewing all the info you have posted on here previously Tiffany really helped me to shake loose my negativity about the whole project. I want to thank you very much for that because I keep all your updates in a folder simply called “ALEX'” and I go there several times a day to view all your updates. Here’s to much success for “THE BACKUP PLAN”!!!

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