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  1. I still laugh when I think about when the woman reconized him and came flying through the air like a tiger and landed on his chest.I can only imagine what was going through his mind at that time.If you been living here for five years you have to know by now that american young girls are crazy as all hell, they’re about as nutty as a fruit cake , they really get exited and they don’t mind showing it. Alex fans has a lot of love for him and want to see him on the screen for more than just two minutes. It’s very disappointing. GOOD LUCK ALEX IN ALL YOU ARE TRYIN TO ACHIEVE!

  2. Thank GOD I finally get the chance to see a viedo without becoming frustrated ’cause it isn’t available in my country!!!
    Alex is absolutely delicious… his smile says it all, promises it all, gives it all…
    OBRIGADA Tiffany!

  3. Tiffany nailed this one. Moonlight was an adult drama with adult themes, unlike all of these
    vamp wannabe shows coming out now. They are geared towards the teen market and as Tiffany said, if you get them in a frenzy, they will support anything whether it is good or bad. The proof will be in the ratings – unless people tune in it won’t matter what type of show it is. Getting back the TR- this is why we have to support Alex and make sure that this is the only successful medical drama for the new season. Let’s keep the focus on Alex and TR and not worry about other shows or what may have been. TR and Alex is now.

  4. Having been a huge vamp fan for a decade or so I believe this current craze is because of teens. It is the teen obsession with vamps… thanks to Twilight that has caused all this. The teens really had no teen vamp shows or movies until Twilight all the other shows were geared toward adults and I just don’t think teens were attracted in large numbers to Mick St. John. Get the teens fans in a frenzy and you have a phenomenon. Due to Twilight now we are seeing The Vampire Diaries.. which is also teens and is based on best selling books from quite a few years back… which were popular with… teens.

    Vamp fans and paranormal fans regardless of age will watch if they like the genre and teens will flock to the screen in record numbers if there are some hot teen guys and teen drama. Moonlight just didn’t have the teen draw and these others shows DO. I predict The Vampire Diaries will be a hit because of the teen audience AND the adult audience that grew up reading the books.

  5. Yes, yes,yes, love the photos. Just got my issue today of TVGuide Mag…finally news about Alex. Also got my People magazine…and not one tiny blurb about the hottest thing in TV and film at this moment. And I too am sick of all the hype about those …other vampires. Yuk. No one comes close to the status of Alex. But let’s go forward and really support all of Alex’s great upcoming project.s. MON NITE: Craig Ferguson interview. Can’t wait.

  6. Great photos. I especially like the second one. That’s the Alex look that I find so sexy and inviting. I, too, get mad about all the new vampire shows popping up and all the rave they get. Why wasn’t the rave for vampire shows there when Moonlight was on.

  7. It looks similar to Coraline’s house in Moonlight.

  8. One I can actuyally watch, not restricted by country. He looks gorgeous.

  9. second picture is great. The look of Alex is so warm and tender. I adore this look
    from him!
    I´d like so someone looks me like he does! well like they say in Spain: Soñar es gratis!

  10. Great Great Great….!!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  11. I dont know, maybe its my imagination but in that last photo Alex looks tired. I hope he is getting enough rest because when Three Rivers becomes a ratings winner he will need all the stamina he can muster to fend off the papparazi and reporters!! I know its going to do well, I just know it…It has to.

  12. Grrrrrrr…………………….

    My morning paper had a big spread on the new and hot shows for the fall.

    In a full two page spread TR wasn’t mentioned once; nor were any medical shows.

    All the hot stuff is Vampires! Big pictures and lots of bios on the characters, plot lines, etc.

    I’m spitting bullets!!!!

    Just SO unfair…………..

  13. From what the article in TV Guide said the photos were taken at “a” private residence in Los Angeles.

  14. That’s a good question Vicki. I’d like to know too. Everytime I see a new vampire show being promoted (Vampire Diaries), I get so upset that Moonlight was cancelled. Not fair. Thanks Tiffany.

  15. I’m wondering if this is Alex’s home in the last pix.. The second photo has him in the round neck blue tee ..done in the TV Guide Fall preview it was captioned on that layout article as beng shot at a personal residence. I also noticed the lawn furniture looking out the window’s. Alex posed crossed legged sitting out side for TV GUIDE with a a gorgeous blue sky.in the
    background. Does anyone know? He looks like he’s sitting on the edge or arm of a couch.

    1. That is a very good question. I suppose it could be Alex’s home. It looks like the ocean in the background. The TV guide said it is a “private residence in Beverly Hills”.

      1. He resides in West Hollywood, California. If it’s really his house, it couldn’t be the ocean; it’s too far away to see. Maybe it’s a pool. But I don’t think that it is “his private residence” because in the interview with Susan Young he stated: “I’m a very private person and my house is my sanctuary”.

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