I am liking the chemistry… these two are HOT together! What do you think?


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  1. Not seeing the chemistry either.Nothing against the actress either but she’s clearly not the right pick for him ,they seem forced.Anyway i dont think a network would pick up an unknown without experience and risk it?
    Am i the only one who detects her lisp and the accent ?
    I really hope this show gets the support it deserves, Alex and the rest are such a talent!

  2. Agree too innocent looking and acting is poor not to mention the fake accent.Really i dont see the chemistry between them,the part should go to a confident sexy woman like Rose Byrne type! Blond aussie stero types,
    so cliche!

  3. She is too young looking to play an ER DR.I also think she seems very nervous and cant act to save her life!

  4. If every fan of Alex gets on board and supports TR, the numbers will definitely go through the roof. Out of all the medical shows for this season, TR seems to be the winner. Let’s all be there to make sure it happens.

  5. I agree with Linda The chemistry with Mick and Beth was so strong you could see it every time they looked at each other.Beth would have been great in Three Rivers.. I really hope they give Three Rivers a chance. There are so many hospital shows on this season. I would have liked CBS to have cast Alex in a detective series.. Alex would be a great detective.

  6. didn’t get that chemistry feeling myself. With Mick and Beth it was in the eyes every time they looked at each other. I’m not seeing that here. But, chemistry or not I do hope the show is a success and the characters all work well together.

  7. My Local Newspaper give THREE RIVERS a fighting chance with a B- grade — Trauma Grade C with Mercy a Grade D. (medical show line up for the new 2009-2010 season)

    Three Rivers” (Sundays, 8 p.m., premieres Oct. 4)

    “Sure, it’s a medical drama with all the fast-paced life-and-death decisions we expect. But at least it’s about something different — organ transplantation. Let’s hope they really explore all the provocative ethical issues that come with this special kind of medical practice. The pilot showed some hope. Grade: B- ”

    Now it’s up to the fans to expand that Grade upward.

    Yes, I miss Moonlight and nothing can take it’s place including THREE RIVERS but lets give it a shot and watch and then go into the reveiws and tell them what we think.

  8. I agree with wubbywubby. They seem cute together but Mick and Beth will always be the cutest couple.

  9. Nothing against the lady, pretty good actress, but I wish is was Sophia Myles instead, just can’t help it. 🙂 🙂

  10. I felt the same way as Jeannie. From her still shot she looked very young. After seeing the video, she can act and seemed to have a lot of chemistry with Alex!

  11. Well I”M inpressed!

    From her still shot, I thought his leading lady candidate looked a little young and light-weight.

    I stand corrected.

    The lady definitly has some acting chops!

    I LOVE leading ladies that are cute and feminine and have real grit. She’s got an edge to her.

    This could get REALLY interesting…….

  12. Well I could watch that one it was Youtube not CBS. Yep sure argree Charlene I reckon you would have to be a real grumpy miserbale person not to get along with Alex, he sort of throws off vibes that seem to effect people, certainly effects me LOL

  13. i just got done with three rivers the actors hit it of but alex is so nice any one would get a long with him

  14. Umm!! I think you are right Tiffany!! I was getting a vibe from Alex even though it was directed at her so I am sure she felt it…LOL!! But I think Alex can drum up chemistry with just about any female he is in a scene with. His magnetism is just that strong. What a great guy and talented actor.

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