Alex Sent Female Co-stars Into a Twitter

paget brewsterTV Guide tells us that Paget Brewster from Criminal Minds had a little “yen” for Alex while they were filming his upcoming guest star role in the episode titled, The Big Wheel. According to Brewster, “Alex sets all the girls into a twitter. Various departments were vying for Alex’s attention”. When asked if her character had any “moments” with him she said, “Prentiss had no moments with Alex! [Laughs] He’s a cutie-pie!”

Alex not only makes his fans weak in the knees he has that effect on his co-stars and the female crew! We could have guessed that. 😉

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  1. Alex você é explendido e muito lindo, tem os olhos mais doces e cativantes do planeta, derretem até geleiras, eu acho você D+ e muito sensual, seu sorriso é contagiante. Que DEUS te proteja e que você seja bem sucedido na sua carreira profissional e muito feliz em sua vida pessoal, beijos de montão

  2. Julia Ormand (Ormond) has been cast in the Three Rivers Pilot as the head of the transplant department.

  3. Hi Linda & everyone,

    You had a typo. Linda, the episode with Alex as a serial killer on Criminal Minds is on APRIL 29TH AT 9PM, EDT (CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS FOR COMPATIBLE TIME NEAR YOU) , not on April 27th…

    I am an oldies, but goodie and like “eye candy” like anyone else…Heck if someone doesn’t, the undertaker forgot to do their job and bury the poor soul… However, I tuned Moonlight in originally because of the vampire storyline with an interesting twist (THE DIFFERENT FOLKLORE CONCERNING VAMPERISM) not for the actors…To be absolutely honest, I did not know who Alex, Sophia, or Shannyn were and had only read about Jason being on the cancelled Veronica Mars, that I never watched, prior to his being Josef Kostan in Moonlight… What kept me coming back for more Moonlight, which I could not bathe in it enough, was the storyline performed by these newcomers who made their characters so believable, in return, awarded our love and dedication to make this show a success…

    Linda, Moonlight was watched by an estimated 10,000,000 viewers, not 8 million…Alex states this in a video clip (should be able to view on YouTube if it has not been deleted by TPTB, like they deleted Moonlight’s name on the award roster for the People’s Choice Award) where he is on a beach in AU in a white cotton dress shirt accepting the PC Award… And that number only encompassed what the Nielsen could record , since it an archaic system that does not count all household worldwide, and cannot count PC viewers who watch online as many foreign countries do…so the pssiblity is that the count exceeded more than we actually know…

    And as far as these old eyes can see, the best chemistry I have ever seen on TV is that of Alex (Mick St John) and Sophia Myles (Beth Turner) in Moonlight…I would love to see these two back in a show together, romantically linked, again soon…

    And hey Alex/Moonlight fans, help Tiffany out sometime, too, to get news to her site…If we stumble across and online article pertaining to our sexy 30ish vampire or any of ML cast,send her the article vai e-mail so she can review it and let the whole AOLO following know… Check this site for Contact Info…Same goes for her other site, “Always Twilight”…

  4. Hi Everyone – We had both eye candy and an engaging storyline with “Moonlight” and much to our saddness, it got cancelled before it really had the chance to succeed. Let’s face it, the success of any new project for Alex will probably rest on a few high-priced, overpaid exes, like our “friend”, Nina Tassler. If 8 million viewers, a “People’s Choice” Award and one of the “Sexiest Men” on TV, wasn’t enough, it’s anyone’s guess how this will turn out. Getting back to the “eye candy”, chemistry between leads is also a MUST. We got spoiled rather quickly because of the chemistry between Alex, Sophia, Jason, and the rest of the “Moonlight” cast. We all know that Alex is a force all on his own so let’s hope others are cast that can match him. Yes, Tiffany is right, “eye candy” is only a beginning, a good beginning. All we can do is hope that this new project gets more than 16 episodes before TPTB decide it’s future. TIffany, keep us posted. Untl next time friends, stay safe, stay well. 🙂

  5. Eye candy will definately hook me but it is not always that way…for me at least. In fact I was excited about Moonlight for 2 months before I saw it because I LOVE the vampire genre. I had no idea if it weould have eye candy…I hoped for it though. I also hoped for a really good story because while eye candy may be enough for me…it is not enough for many others.

    For instance, I LOVE the show “Lie to Me”. It is on every Wednesday night. It has ZERO eye candy. All the men in it are not the least bit attractive to me. The women are pretty but I don’t roll that way. 😉 The story is the true shining star…it is one of the most engrossing and clever shows I have seen in years.

    So I can see it both ways. Eye candy may hook viewers for ahile but a consistently engaging story is what will keep a show going for many seasons.

  6. Hi Everyone – They just do not get it, do they? Do they think that viewers really watch a show on a whim? No, the first thing that attracts an audience is the actor/actress in the lead role, the rest is secondary. They can get through a boring plot line as long as their favorite actor (in this case, Alex)is in it. The problem is, TPTB want instant gratification and high Nielsen numbers. That was proven by the cancellation of our beloved “Moonlight” – 8 million loyal viewers were not enough to keep it going. If and when “Three Rivers” becomes a reality – we need to support this 110% plus. So what if we watch because of Alex – do you think people watch other programs for the plot? Not hardly, they want the weekly eye candy. One thing we can do in the immediate future is to tune in to watch “Criminal Minds” on April 27th JUST BECAUSE OF ALEX. If TPTB at CBS want to accuse us of being “actor-centric”, then we’ll give them something to talk about, won’t we! Let’s see how many more viewers tune in for that episode!!!. Let’s hope that Tiffany has more info soon. Until next time friends, stay safe, stay well. 🙂

  7. Well, I guess I am actor centric becuase he is very easy on the eyes to look at.And of course his talent as an actor.

  8. Yes, I noted that “actor-centric” snub in the article for that is how I took it , in my opinion… This Mr Owen also slurred Rene Russo, in my opinion, for writing like she is a “has been” since she has not made a movie since 2005… Let’s face, she was very hot for a time and sometimes being “TOO HOT” can burn a person/actor out, so perhaps she decided to take a Hollywood Break & who can blame her???

    I did not appreciate the way this Mr Owen wrote this article for he shounds like he knows absolutely diddly squat and is barking at hunches for nowhere in the previous announcement about the Three Rivers pilot having Alex starring at Dr Andy Yablonski, was Russo mentioned… But who is to say that she cannot play another doctor along side Alex, or perhaps his wife… I read that Dr Yablonski/Alex, is separated from his wife, in the show, and is living in a motel nearby to the medical facility where he has his transplant practice or which he is the head doctor…Really do not think the pretty Ms Russo could pass for a Andy Yablonski…

    Furthermore, why did this Mr Owen bring up actor-centric again? Seems to be the in word with TPTB, but is a total lie and misconception… I, for one, as well as some others of my Moonlight Friends, knew nothing of the actors on the show, Moonlight, so how could we be tuning in, off the bat, to watch Alex, Sophia, Jason (though his name was more prominent in TV previously in Veronica Mars, which I never watched), and Shannyn, if they were not known to most of us MOONLIGHT FANS…Yes, I capitalized the words, because it was the storylines of tha vampire show plus the way the characters presented themselves through the adapatations of these relatively (to this country) unknown lead actors that brought us all coming back weekly to view Moonlight… As time went on we came to appreciate the tremendous talent of all of these young hopefuls including Alex’s vast talent… WE WERE NOT HUNG UP ON THE SHOW, ME OWEN, OR TPTB, BECAUSE WE WERE JUST HUNG UP ON THE ACTORS, THAT CAME TO BE LATER IN THE TOO-SHORT LIVED SERIES, BECAUSE THEY (THE ACTORS) PASSED THE AUDIENCE APPRECIATION TESTS BECAUSE THEY ARE TRULY TALENTED NOT JUST ANOTHER PRETTY FACE IN THE VAST TINSLETOWN RIVER…NOT ALL WHO COME TO HOLLYWOOD AND THINK THEY CAN ACT CAN PASS THAT MUSTER!!!! Alex has and Alex will continue to do so!!!!

  9. good news goo for alex i know u gonna do good think to make happy your fans and your zelf i am very happy for u make your life perfect god blees u ..bye xxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Hi Everyone – I went on to “Adoring Alex” website and read the article about “Three Rivers” with a little concern. Mr. Owen mentioned the words that are familiar to Moonlight fans thanks to Nina Tassler. Those words are “actor-centric”. Let’s hope this time those are positive words and not another snub. Maybe this time, in their own way, TPTB are admitting that they screwed up by cancelling Moonlight because the article said that the lead was offered to Alex because of his rabid fan base. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that things start roling on this new series. I think Alex would be fantastice as a surgeon. Just imagine him in scrubs!!!!

  11. In relation to Alex being cast in Three Rivers go to Adoring Alex website and see the article written by Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – you may find it interesting as he says casting is not complete and may star Rene Russo or Alex and that no announcements or confirmations from CBS are forthcoming, no location has been set and that this uncertainty is usual in the pilot process and that it is a chaotic process and more will be known later this week. The article is dated March 16th, 2009.

  12. Patty, we have no idea of the “type” of show Three Rivers is going to be exactly.
    I’ll differ to the last post Alex made on his blog, about how he had narrowed down projects he “really wanted to do”. If Three Rivers is the plan, then I’d be willing to bet this is something he “really wants to do”… and since we all know how much he brings to the characters he plays, then this is not going to be your typical ER or Grey’s Anatomy show. This doctor will have the “Alex” touch, have no fear.

  13. I agree that Alex makes a great cop, but who wouldn’t want him as your doctor…with all that bedside manner just there for the asking.

  14. I’m sorry but I think Alex’s talents will be wasted on another doctors show. He would be better on the spin off of NCIS. He makes a better cop than a doctor…..he’s more of an action man.

  15. Good news.I am very happy that this young actor will be seen in a new series. I can understand why the ladies want to see more of this young man. This project sounds very interesting. I hope it works for him. Good Job.

  16. Oops, That’s supposed to read “The SIGHT of Alex, not site…


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