Moonlight Nominated for Saturn Award

The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films has announced the nominations for the 35th Annual Saturn Awards. Moonlight has been nominated in the TV category!!!


DOCTOR WHO (The Complete Fourth Series) (BBC Warner)
HEROES (Season 2) (Universal)
LOST (The Complete Fourth Season) (Walt Disney)
MOONLIGHT (The Complete Series) (Warner)
REAPER (Season One) (Lionsgate)
TORCHWOOD (Season 2) (BBC Warner)
THE TUDORS (The Complete Second Season) (Paramount / Showtime)

The show will take place on June 25 at a site to be announced.

Source: Saturn Awards

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  1. well ok so i am more than a bit late on this one…. yet i did happen to go and look it up to see as to what the outcome was….. and to say that on their site…”…. as for Best Series on DVD: …

    the Winner …….. MOONLIGHT……

    if by chance u happen to go looking there to just of weel see… its way s on the list of winners..& reads…

    Best Series on DVD:

  2. I am a new alex o’Loughlin fan,I watched all the shows of moonlight..

  3. Denae, welcome…now please enjoy checking out for some of Alex’s movies as well as TV mini series he filmed in Australia and see what suites your fancy to buy for your own provate collection…

    Warning… the only series that cannot be viewed on our American DVD players is Alex in BLackjack… It needs a Regional player, but Amazon has those too… I, myself, after veiwing trailers on YouTube plan to treat myself to one of those regional DVD players for Easter…

    No kids to buy Easter finery or fill Easter Baskets for anymore, so filling out my Alex colllection…And yes, I give to charities before anyone accuses me of not taking care of children in need….

    Oher Warning: Alex can become addictive to his fans!!!!!

    Oh, before I forget…Fans of Twilight (not to get away from Alex news) the DVD is now being advertised on TV for coming out on March 21st… They are also talking about some stores, where it will be sold, of having MIDNIGHT TWILIGHT PARTIES…When I hear of any in my area, which is Southern AZ, Tucson area, I will let us know… I have had my TWILIGHT DVD on pre-order for a couple of months now, can’t wait…That cast did a great job presenting us with all of the Twilight characters, especially Bella (Kristen Stewert) & Edward (Robert Pattinson)

    Speaking of Robert…does anyone here watch Brothers & Sisters on Sunday nights on ABC, after Desperate Housewives? The new “illegitmate” son of William Walker, character Ryan Lafferty, sure looks an awful lot like he could pass for Robert Pattinson’s brother in real life though we know Robert only has sisters… What do you all think (who watch the show)?

  4. I am a new fan of Alex, can’t get enough! I hope they do win this award to show the “powers that be” what a mistake they made cacelling the show.

  5. Thanks a lot Tiffany!!

  6. Ah I see. It wasn’t deleted. It just never posted…got caught in the spam folder until I manually approved it. So it never appeared on the site and it was never deleted but it has been posted now:

  7. No, she said that Moonlight had been nominated for a Saturn Award, her comment said it was under “mediation” and then it disappeared? She has several illnesses and this is one of the few Moonlight sites she checks out every so often when she can type. Thanks – her call name is SonjaMMK

  8. I see that my mother left a message about the Saturn awards early this morning and that her message has been deleted – can you tell me why?

    1. JaimeM,

      Seeing as how I posted this in the late afternoon I am not sure how your mother could have commented on it early this morning. She must have commented somewhere else.

  9. Please excuse the typos, but I am sure I made myself clear even without correcting…

  10. Thanks Tiffany… Hope our Moonlight DVD wins and brings light to the need to resurrect Moonlight in some form, if not a seried on TV, then sequels with Alex, Sophia and the entire cast on the Big Screen of the movie theaters… Let’s face it, Alex is right now only filming a project vehicle called Three Rivers (Can’t wait to see him play a doctor…Heart beats faster symptoms, “Paging the Dr Andy Yablonski!!!”) and even if it went into acceptance and filming of the entire season of the series began , many actors can take on doing movies on their off time from a series…Unless of course Nina tries to cabash it… Which, I feel, in my opinion, would be unjust and an act that would call for her to be on the “hotseat” if someone truly held Alex’s career first ahead of some “B”oss in CBS…

    If Moonlight ever goes into production as a series of movie sequels, and Three Rivers comes into ur homes wekly with Alex in the lead, we can all have the best of both worlds and Alex, Alex, Alex…I do not think we will ever get tired of that face and the man’s vast talents…

  11. So cool, our Moonlight still in there and not forgotten by the Entertainment Industry… Follow this link to read more and hopefully get your vote counted… It is:

    If is does not highlight when posted, just type it into your Search Bar and you will be linked…

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