Criminal Minds “The Big Wheel” Details

Alex’s guest star role on Criminal Minds will be airing on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29. In case you don’t watch this really good show, they refer to the criminals they pursue as Unsubs. Alex will be playing the Unsub…a serial killer who sends the Criminal Minds team a video with details about one of his crimes and a hidden message that contains a plea that they help him stop killing.

The episode is titled: “The Big Wheel


Source: Criminal Minds Fanatic

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  1. Hi Everyone – Thanks Tiffany for the “Criminal Minds” info. I too have boycotted CBS but I agree with Pat and I will watch this episode to support Alex, not the network. Keep us posted. 🙂

  2. Understandable. I do watch Criminal Minds. It is a darn good show with great talent.

  3. Thanks for verifying that date, some were wondering and I was not certain… So that’s April 29th, WEDNESDAY, is that 8PM MST or what? That is the time zone I am located within… And again I will state I have boycotted CBS since Moonlight’s Sonata, so not sure when Criminal Minds is on… And this show and any TV series Alex stars in will be the only times I ever watch that network… I am supporting Alex, not the network and do not mind putting that in print…

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