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From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

One week from today cameras roll in Pittsburgh on the CBS pilot “Three Rivers,” a medical drama about transplant surgeons, donors and recipients. Although we know a few of the supporting cast members, CBS has yet to announce much else about the project.

Veteran director Daniel Attias (“Big Love,” “The Wire”) will direct the pilot, but who will star in the show?

The first rumor I heard was actress Rene Russo. It’s an interesting notion and would fit the CBS pattern of taking people who were once movie stars and giving them series (see: James Woods in “Shark”). Russo hasn’t made a movie since 2005, per, so she could be ripe for a CBS series.

The more recent rumor is that former “Moonlight” star Alex O’Loughlin is slated for a leading role (H/T Dorothy). This also makes some sense because O’Loughlin had (has?) a talent holding deal with CBS after “Moonlight” was canceled and CBS executives were eager to get him in a new show because they believed the rabid fan interest in “Moonlight” was “actor-centric.”

CBS had no comment on any of these rumors Friday and wasn’t prepared to make any announcements. But it’s worth noting that just because a piece of casting sounds believable doesn’t mean that it is going to come to pass.

As for “Three Rivers” locations, those also remain a mystery (and not just to me). And still no word on extras casting either. None of this uncertainty is particularly unusual in the pilot process. It’s a typically chaotic time in TV production. I imagine we’ll learn more about casting later this week.

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    heather, you have no idea on how many times I broached the subject of our multi-million strong fans around the world to invest in CBS stocks to get noticed and attempt to do our damndest to cause a stock block… It fell on deaf ears on every Moonlight fansite, especially MoonlightLine… Everyone seemed oblivious that we could have some control… At one point, around the cancellation of Moonlight & some shift of major merged investors pulling out, when CBS stocks prices had plummeted and we could have gone in, NOT INDIVIUALLY, but as an investment group comprised of Moonlight fans…No one understood that we could have been in the Cat Seat and even if we did not block the CBS stock, we would have been noticed, not as “actor-centric (I so hate that terminology That Woman made up to use)fans”, a cult so to speak, but business men and women protecting what we truly wanted, the reprise of Moonlight…

  2. MOONLIGHT is far better that Twilight or True Blood and Nina didn’t have the farsight to see it. PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD AND NOW SATURN. I only wished I owned enough of their stock to have her dumped off the network. The entire cast was excellent. The story was one that the entire family could enjoy. The fan base deserves to have the story completed … a movie would be something. I wish Alex goodluck with the project and hope it’s a hit. BUT WE DESERVE A FINALE TO MOONLIGHT.

  3. Moonlight is sooooo much better than Twilight

  4. Yes, I noted that “actor-centric” snub in the article for that is how I took it , in my opinion… This Mr Owen also slurred Rene Russo, in my opinion, for writing like she is a “has been” since she has not made a movie since 2005… Let’s face, she was very hot for a time and sometimes being “TOO HOT” can burn a person/actor out, so perhaps she decided to take a Hollywood Break & who can blame her???

    I did not appreciate the way this Mr Owen wrote this article for he shounds like he knows absolutely diddly squat and is barking at hunches for nowhere in the previous announcement about the Three Rivers pilot having Alex starring at Dr Andy Yablonski, was Russo mentioned… But who is to say that she cannot play another doctor along side Alex, or perhaps his wife… I read that Dr Yablonski/Alex, is separated from his wife, in the show, and is living in a motel nearby to the medical facility where he has his transplant practice or which he is the head doctor…Really do not think the pretty Ms Russo could pass for a Andy Yablonski…

    Furthermore, why did this Mr Owen bring up actor-centric again? Seems to be the in word with TPTB, but is a total lie and misconception… I, for one, as well as some others of my Moonlight Friends, knew nothing of the actors on the show, Moonlight, so how could we be tuning in, off the bat, to watch Alex, Sophia, Jason (though his name was more prominent in TV previously in Veronica Mars, which I never watched), and Shannyn, if they were not known to most of us MOONLIGHT FANS…Yes, I capitalized the words, because it was the storylines of tha vampire show plus the way the characters presented themselves through the adapatations of these relatively (to this country) unknown lead actors that brought us all coming back weekly to view Moonlight… As time went on we came to appreciate the tremendous talent of all of these young hopefuls including Alex’s vast talent… WE WERE NOT HUNG UP ON THE SHOW, ME OWEN, OR TPTB, BECAUSE WE WERE JUST HUNG UP ON THE ACTORS, THAT CAME TO BE LATER IN THE TOO-SHORT LIVED SERIES, BECAUSE THEY (THE ACTORS) PASSED THE AUDIENCE APPRECIATION TESTS BECAUSE THEY ARE TRULY TALENTED NOT JUST ANOTHER PRETTY FACE IN THE VAST TINSLETOWN RIVER…NOT ALL WHO COME TO HOLLYWOOD AND THINK THEY CAN ACT CAN PASS THAT MUSTER!!!! Alex has and Alex will continue to do so!!!!

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