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  1. Alex is an icredible actor and he is so hot. Season 2 of Moonlight will be great. Whosoever Alex is dating is lucky. I love him

  2. Great pics! He still rocks the henley like no one else. I wish they’d chosen to show the tats in the movie but he’s still looking good even without.

  3. Alex is handsome down on the farm. He is way too hot to be “undercover.” More shirtless pics please.

  4. i´m agree with you carree. We love Alex looks a simple boy like whoever friend or neighbour
    or strange that you could found wherever. I always hate ribs ! but now …
    it´s true, i rather the look he tooks on moonlight but I love this man. I prefer the first picture where hes weared but the second hasn´t got waste.
    Thank you Tiffany for this two picture and for all the information you put on here. I divine that you are the most lucky cause all this news dosn´t get whoever.

  5. Hi Moonlight Lovers, I think Alex looks great and does not need anything to make him look heavier. Could the red on his arms be sun burn, I thought I read somewhere he was going to get rid of some Tats. Thanks Tiffany for all these great pictures. signed hopeful

    1. Hope, it does appear he got rid of his forearm tattoos as he has been seen off set without them, but the upper tats are still there… just covered in makeup so the “sunburn” would have to be due to a clever makeup artist.

  6. Alex shirtless and sitting on a tractor OMG! Thanks Tiffany.

  7. Great pix,,,,,,but someone needs to feed him some pie!!! Put some meat on those loverly bones!

    1. oh no he looks perfect just the way he is,thanks for the hot pics Tiffany.

  8. OMG!!!!!!! The man is awesome – I enjoy seeing pics of Alex in any form, with shirt on, shirtless, Tats, without Tats, longer hair, shorter hair – WOW. He is such a handsome man. I think his PR people are working overtime – as they should. This is a man who has definitely arrived. Thanks to Tiffany for giving us our daily dose of Alex. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Thankl for the posting the pics, Tiffany … He’s always the best IMO …

  10. Given that he’s been filming and promoting *both* a movie and a TV series if he’s dating anyone I hope he’s getting B-12 shots for stamina! 😛

  11. I just read that Alex is dating Sophia Miles. Please verify this is true. They make the best couple ever!!!

    1. Where did you “just read” this? This has been a rumor since Moonlight first aired and I have heard nothing to confirm it. As far as I know Sophia has been in England pretty steady since the cancellation and Alex has been in Oz and LA.

      1. Yes, where did youread this?! However,nice it would be, I think that Sophia has not been State-side to see him, or the press would have jumped on it and gooten a picture. Whoever Alex is dating is a mystery. I respect a man who tries to keep some of his personal life pri\vate, rather than say, Tom Cruise’s ” jumping the couch”.
        The pictures are defintely aimed at creating a mass appeal for him, sensitive, handsome,, but gosh, he can plow the south forty acres just any of the good ol’ boys! 🙂 Just glad to see his career doing so well…

  12. I kind of like how they used the “sunburned shoulders” effect when covering the tats. Hats off to the makeup dept. That is a lot of body art to plaster over! The redish tint really helps make all the layers of makeup needed to fully obscure the tats look more convincing.

  13. Hes hot, but still doesn’t look like the Alex we know and love. Tats are gone and ribs are showing. He really needs to put on some weight. Thanks for the new pics.

  14. Wow , I’m speechless – this is one incredibly good looking man, talented too. what more could you ask for??

  15. Hot! hot! hot!, but what was he driving a tractor for in BUP?
    He sure did lose weight after Moonlight. But still a hot bod.

  16. Great pictures of AOLO !! Thanks,. Tiffany.

  17. Thank you for this two “HOT” pictures from Alex!!!

  18. thats so weird i was just going to email u and say there was a hot shirtless pic of alex..but yeah definetely hotttt!!!

  19. He should come out in the twilight saga movies since he played a good vampire in moonlight!

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