Whiteout Poster Revealed

This movie is next month! Although the lack of Alex in the trailer and in the credits of the poster tells us he does in fact have a small role I still can’t wait to see it. Hopefully after The Backup Plan in January Alex will always be the leading man he already is with us.

Love the tag line… See Your Last Breath…

whiteout poster

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  1. In “August Rush” both brothers were supposed to be Irish. Both Alex and John were faking Irish acccents. ( think so)

    1. Oh…I thought I was a little off in that. But he did use his own accent in Oyster Farmer didnt he?

      1. Barabara, ” Oyster Farmer” is filmed along a river in New Sotth Wales.
        ( Aussies correct me if I’m wrong). Australians have more than one accent, and I am told that his Australian accent was native to the region.You may have noticed that his voice was a little ligter and youinger sounding.
        Elle- as you may know the concept of the American detective goes back to the 30′ and 40’s and the books of people like Dashiel Hammett. Think of Humphrey Bogart in the “Maltese Facon”. Not only did the writers catch the mood of that genre in ” Moonlight”, but Alex’s voice DID have that smokey. jaded sound to it. Lonely. The voice-over was a great concept. Alex made his del;icate and beautiful features and physique seem bigger and more rugged with t he help of wardrobe ( that jacket and those henleys), but also with his skill as an actor.
        I agree; he is poised for mega.-stardom. You have to wonder when actors get it, does it not seem like a double-edged swrod?

  2. when I watched the clip for Whiteout, I didn’t see Alex, but I’m positive I at least heard his voice – just a one-liner, but still recognizible as his. I, too, love his voice and think he is an incredible talent with a great future ahead.

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    All I need is one small glimpse of Alex. And I sure don’t need to hear anymore negative comments about films and show that haven’t even aired yet! Hey people, let’s give Alex’s projects a decent chance. Support is what he needs not pooh-poohing. Please stop.

    1. As the song wnet…” let’s give the boy a chance”. You have admire Alex for working his little derriere off. Wonder if he plays an Aussie or American in Antartica. I mean tht would be interesting.
      I have never seen Alex playing a Brit. Love to hear his accent.
      Rob Pattison in “Twilight” said it was easier to slip into a role when you used another accent. Alex has a marvelous American accent; his voice was the first thing that I loved about him in “Moonlight”. It was deeper than , say. “Oyster Farmer”. (I guess I have a voice fetish! Ha)

      1. Bonnie Alex had a couple of scenes with Jonathan Rhys Myers(is that his name?) in August Rush and he spoke in his natural accent in that movie.

      2. I’m with you, Bonnie! I loved Alex’s voice and American accent in MOONLIGHT. He does a spot on American accent!. As Mick St. John his voice is so deep and sooooo smoky & sexy. Of course for me, the first thing I noticed about him was the whole package…from the stunning looks and fabulous wavy hair to that sultry voice. It was LOVE at first sight! I’m definitely looking forward to his future projects, especially “The Backup Plan” movie. I think he is going to really catch on as a superstar after that with the general public finally noticing him (he’s already a superstar with us).

  4. I reckon in this movie, not many people will be seen clearly, there will be lots of fur parkas and cover up.
    Probably not got a big part. But, hopefully this will be his last minor role movie.

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    A little bit of Alex goes a long way!!!! he is that GOOD of an Actor!!!!!

  6. Maybe Alex will be an unforgettable bad guy in the movie. I hope it does well. I can’t wait to see our leading man in The Back-Up Plan. Just wait, the movie going public will have it’s taste of Alex and will love him as much as we do. It’s just a matter of time.

    1. I know what you mean Natalie. I am still very possesive of him but at the same time I want everyone to love him and be overwhelmed by his magnificent talent and propel him to be one of the most sought after actors in the business. He deserves nothing less.

  7. thats pretty kool…but i wish alex had a bigger part..and yes, hopefully he will always be the leading man in future films! <3

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