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  1. That is so nice. I just love the one of Alex with the governor. Thanks!

  2. Great photo : Thx Tiffany !!!!!!

  3. Was there ever a dvd of Three Rivers made? I have been searching for one for a long time and can’t find it.

  4. Thanks Tiffany for the great pics with the governor and the cast of Hawaii Five-0. Alex really suits the tan that he has gotten while working and living in this gorgeous state. I’m sure tourism has peaked in the last couple months. Love to go myself. I live in Canada and right now we are in the middle of winter and Hawaii sounds really lovely. Anyway, just wanted to show my appreciation to you for all that you do to keep Alex fans up to date and in the know. Thanks again and have a great week.

  5. Tiffany, thank you for sending these terrific photos of Alex and the Governor, as well as H50 team. This has made my day!

  6. Thanks for posting those gorgeous pictures of Alex! He is so damn sexy! I love Hawaii Five-O! He is a great actor and he needs to be in more movies! Love you Alex:) XOXO – Kimberly

  7. Love the picture of the team with the governor. I was wondering tiffany if you know if CBS is going to bring Hawaii 5-0 brack in the fall. Love ya Alex, you rock.

  8. great pics and a great moment for the same cast 😀 thx for posting Tiffany :kiss:

  9. thank you alex for keeping us informed and showing us these great pics.

  10. I love these pics of Alex, the cast and Governor of Hawaii! Alex looks great, happy and relaxed! Thanks so much Tiffany. 😀 :heart:

    1. I totally agree with you. Alex looks so so good. I am so jealous; he’s going to get an awesome tan. I live in Blaine, WA and we are getting pounded with snow. xD :heart:

  11. In each episode, Alex is getting better, he is amazing, talented and very beautiful, I really admire him, kisses Alex. :love:

    1. I totally agree with Nel 🙂 ..Alex just get’s better each week, and OMG..he is so very beautiful :love: there is no one else on this planet like him.. :heart: ..I thank you Tiffany for the great picture’s of the Govenor and Alex and the cast 😀 ..I love you Alex :love:

  12. The fact HFO is there is good for the economy of the state! What an incredibly attractive cast for this show. Each of them is just adorable and Alex is a TALL guy, isn’t he?

    1. Yes, Alex is 6’1″, but Scott is really short, only 5’5″. They’re both HOT!

  13. Rge Governor must be short Alex towers over him. The lady at the end must be the newest cast member, she looks better without the glasses.

  14. thank you very much for the info on hawaii five -o and i just love the photos of alex and the cast and the governor of hawaii

  15. me too I love being in his arms…… :heart: :love:

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