Hawaii Five-0 1.18 Loa Aloha Recap

The opener of this one was a nail biter. It showed a male Judge and his young adult daughter on a zip line platform. The daughter takes off, screaming in glee and the father takes a phone call from a mysterious man who asks him what his last words to his daughter were. Just then the line breaks and the daughter falls to her death. The line was blown up with a remote detonator. The 5-0 team starts trying to whittle down the large list of potential threats.

Meanwhile Danno’s little brother Matt surprises him with a visit. Matt manages to get himself, Grace, Danno, the ex, and Steve all at dinner together for Surf n’ Turf. While Matt and Danno trade stories about each other Danno notices some Feds watching them. He and Steve excuse themselves and confront the men and after some squirming they admit that they are investigating Matt for defrauding millions of dollars. Steve gives Danno some time to try and figure out what is going on.

The next day Steve meets a Deputy Prosecutor who gives him the Judge’s “threat” file. The Judge is a “hanging” judge which means he puts violent offenders away for life or death and not many are able to get back out to seek revenge but there are a few. The Deputy tells them who he suspects and Steve takes off on a mission to bring the guy in and they find him but the Deputy receives a call after his lunch date and his son is promptly killed in a car bomb.

Kono uses cell phone photos of the explosion to find an SUV that may have housed the killer. Chin Ho tracks down the chip used in the bomb to a toy remote control and he finds the shop that sold it and gets a description. The man bought three of these toys so the team deduces that there are 3 targets.

Danno confronts Matt and he finds out that his brother is guilty. He prepares to go back to the mainland with his brother to make sure that he turns himself in and does his time at a minimum security prison.

Kono finds the guy who rented the SUV. His name is Travis Roan and he is from Wyoming where he works construction. His 20 year old son was convicted by the Judge of DUI and sentenced to 18 months. Ten days prior to the bombing he was killed in a  prison knife fight. They go the hotel where his Dad stayed when he came for the funeral and discover that the third victim is likely the public defender who accepted the plea deal that got Thomas Roan (the son) locked up. As they are discussing strategy the sick freak manages to get a bomb into the backpack of the defender’s son… and speaks to him even.

Steve and Danno manage to get to the defender and her son in time and they arrest Roan. But the drama doesn’t end. The feds confront Danny and tell him that his brother took a deal to launder money for a drug cartel in order to escape prison. Danny tracks him down at a small airstrip ready to leave and his brother gives him the option to shoot him or let him go. Danny lets him go. Seriously this show had two of the scummiest excuses for human beings thus far.. a man that kills innocent young kids to punish their parents. And a I guy who ripped off millions to cover his own ass and then opts to start working for murderous drug dealers to avoid prosecution for a white collar crime.

But all in all a very captivating episode IMO.

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  1. last night’s may of been a replay… no problem … still 100% worth still. :whistle:

  2. Tiffany, where is the recap for the episode that was on February 14? The one about the kids on spring break who were hijacked by pirates. I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    1. Its not there because I didn’t do one.

  3. I realy liked this episode as Steve and Danny’s characters face different personal and professional challenges. The surf and turf scene was great!

    Congratulations to Alex and the H50 team for their second season!!

  4. I love Hawaii Five-O so much! Alex is very hot. :love:

  5. I just got the latest issue of Entertainment Week and it contained an article about which shows are being renewed; H-50 was a definite. I’m happy for Alex and the rest of the cast, but I hope in future episodes the camera angles on Alex won’t make him look like he’s looking down; I want to see his beautiful, soulfull eyes straight on! :kiss:

  6. Can anyone tell me if there was a recap for the episode titled Powa Maka Moana? It was the one with the students being hijhacked by pirates during spring break. It was the episode that was on on Valentine’s Day. If there was one, where can I find it? I see a recap for episode 16 then 18, but no 17. I love these and I don’t want to miss any of them.

  7. There is nothing ominous about a 3 week hiatus. A lot of shows are doing this. Vampire Diaries is going on hiatus till April 7th. They will be getting ready for the Spring sweeps is all. Don’t worry about this show being renewed. It is going to be renewed.

  8. This was a great episode and it was lovely to see Alex’s Character so relaxed and enjoying an evening out with friends I first started watching H5-0 because of Alex as I have been a devoted fan for a very long time now but I have come to love the show on all levels. The entire cast is talented and gorgeous . The stories are becoming more and more interesting and even the “Procedurals” are very well done with the action and beautiful Hawaiian scenery.However having said all that I agree that we definetly need more background stories on Steve, Kono and Chin HO and not just Danny. It is fascinating to see the storyline of Rachel and Danny and their little girl but I want to see more of Chin Ho and his ex and what happened to the Cutie Pie Kono was with in her ‘ “Surfing”” episode not to mention some fill in about Catherine and Steve’s Romance. There seems to be much more to that than just a “Booty Call”There is obviously affection and tenderness between them Let,s a bit more of that !!! I also want his little sister back to give him a family as soon as it is safe for her to return. Taryn Manning did a very good job as Mary Anne MC Garrett and there is so much she could fill in about Steve,s background and HEY all that should take us into Season THREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Mary E, I agree w/ all you said and have told CBS over and over to keep filming 5-0 !!!! A loyal FAN.

  9. One thing about this episode that seemed out of character for McGarrett was to sit with Danny and family for lunch and stay until nightime – wasn’t there a killer on the loose? I know Kono and Chin were working on the case but that still didn’t seem right that they took that much time. I loved the ending with Danny and Rachel. I would have loved to see them
    kiss(sorry Stan). I guess they want to tease us a little bit longer.

    While this was not one of my favorite episodes it was still pretty good. I would love to hear feedback about what people’s favorite episode is. My favorite was when they were guarding the general and Steve’s friend Nick Taylor turned out to be bad.

    Thanks Tiffany for another great update!

    1. I noticed that too Jeanne. It was weird for Steve to keep ignoring the case but I figured they had to do that or Scott would have had too many scenes alone.

    2. Jeanne B. My favorite epi was the second time we saw Steve w/ Catherine. But.. the best epi so far I think was the one with the bank robbers – the whole team worked as a unit to solve the cast. It was on again last night !! Great everything…cast, story lines, and energy !!!

  10. This episode was great as always. Yes I agree that some of the fame has to be shared with Danny. Although it is Alex that makes the show. I sure hope CBS renews it for the fall. The show is doing great and getting great reviews. I think CBS would be making a big mistake by not renewing it. A bigger mistake then what they made with Moonlight.

  11. I know that we haven’t heard anything about Hawaii Five-0 being renewed for another season yet but I’m 100% positive that it will be back in the fall. It is a big success for CBS and they wouldn’t be that stupid to let it go. It’s pulling in great numbers each week and I’m convinced it will be back.

  12. Very good episode! I love the close friendship developing between Steve and Danny. They compliment each other beautifully.

    As for the personal lives focus, I’d like to see a bit more of Kono and Chin. And it’s easier to focus on an existing family situation such as with Danny. Steve has been a loner and while he enjoys the physical comforts of his occasional relationship with his Navy officer girlfriend, he has yet to be involved on that deep level. That may or may not come. But given how fast they have been having to write the episodes, they are doing a good job.

    I can’t see CBS letting go of this show. It has a large following, beautiful scenery, interesting plots and attractive stars. Why give up on that? I think we’ve seen Steve’s character grow and open up nicely. Anything too fast or dramatic at this point would not be true to his character. Danny is by his nature a very open and dynamic character and Scott Caan brings the goods. Alex is that proverbial strong silent type whose emotions run deep under the surface. He will surprise us, I have no doubt of that.

  13. I’m spanish, I’ve just watched Loa Aloha on my computer.
    My English is not good enough but I need to say what I feel. From the beginning of Hawaii five-0 I’ve realised that clearly the writers are focusing on Danny character, this situation is unfair to Alex.
    Please ladies, you that can express yourselves properly in English comment on magazines reviews in order to support Alex’s role, otherwise I’m afraid the second season (If there’s a second season) will be all about Danny Williams.

    1. they were focusing on alex for awhile about his moms death and that it wasn’t an “accident.” they just switch it around a little because alex can’t get all the publicity or else it wouldn’t be fair to danny…evn if i would like to see a bit more about alex :heart: all the others have been alot about alex and now they have one about danny. its just a little change and i’m sure it’ll go back to alex soon. 😀

  14. 3 weeks without a new episdoe? Torture!

  15. hawaiifive0.net “TRAILER – ‘FIVE-0’ 1.09: “PO’IPU” REPEAT! ”
    Hawaii Five-0 is taking a 3 week – hiatus till March 21st..
    this monday 2/28/11 replay & monday 3/7 & monday 3/14, untill March 21st/…..

  16. Tiffany or anyone out there who might know something,
    When will CBS let us know if there is to be a second season? I, too, would like to see more of Alex’s personal life as part of the plots… MaryAnn, his father, maybe even a new active love interest. How can we let the script writers know what we want? I’m a script editor for a small, half hour PBS program… so I think Hawaii Five 0 writers can do better by Alex.

    1. Char we should have already heard by now. I am not sure what the freak is going on with the delay.

      1. Should we read anything ominous in the three week hiatus? Should we start writing to CBS. Not that that would do any good. I’m remembering Moonlight. Sure hope we hear something soon. :sick:

  17. I loved, loved, loved the surf-n-turf dinner scene. They both were relaxed and joking, and it showed how great friends they’ve become. We got to see Steve lighten up which is always a plus–Alex has such a great smile and doesn’t get a chance to flash it all that often on H-50. I replayed this part over and over in addition to the one where they confront the Feds. And the ending was so touching. I’m sure they’ll string the Danny/Rachael thing for a long time just because it is such a tear jerker–they obviously both still love each other. I agree with Audrey. Danny’s about the only one who has a life away from the team. We need more of Steve’s personal life. I’ve read where Alex wants this as well as the fans–he loves character development and not the cop forumla week after week–I agree with him–it does get boring.

  18. Reely good ep. Danny once again doing his own thing whilst the rest of the team work on the main storyline. Enjoying them all.

  19. This is such a great series. There hasn’t been one week that has disappointed me. Monday night was also good. Alex is wonderful, he looks as gorgeous as ever, his acting is the best and the whole team works well together. Looks like a winner to me.

    Now I say all that, but why don’t they tell a bit about the others in the team, so far they have focused mainly on Danny and his family and their woes, etc. etc. We know Steve likes Katherine, but we’ve only seen her twice so far, his sister disappeared and his father was murdered. I like to know more about the others in the team as well. Chin and Kono aren’t even on the radar as we know not much of their background.

  20. I thought that the show was great as always 😀 ..I loved the way that Steve lied for Danny so he could find Matt. I think maybe Danny and Rachel might get back together 😉 .But the best thing about the show for me is the same every week, just seeing Alex :love: ..He is so sexy, so hot, so adorable, so gorgeous the most beautiful eyes on the planet :whistle: ..I could go on and on but I better stop and save room for the other fans..I just love Alex :love: :heart:

  21. Another excellent recap! Thanks Tiffany! The show’s been great! I’m very happy for Alex! :heart:

  22. the show was great every week the show is great and alex is real hot

  23. OMG
    Alex is very HOT :heart: :love:

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