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  1. He is actually running across the snow in a fur hat and boots. Nothing else! Saw this in an interview with Gabriel Macht and Alex on YouTube discussing the movie.

  2. “Alex O’Loughlin Could have Chemistry with an Ice Axe”!!!

  3. Now I’m thinking it WAS fur boots!! That’s even better…a hat might cover up too much of that beautiful head!!!!!!

  4. Ok, I thought I remember hearing that he ran through the snow in nothing but boots???
    Even better yet!!!!!

  5. A fur hat? I thought it was a coat but a hat sounds so much better.

  6. Only a fur hat…that’s what I thought too, but can’t find the reference!! Can’t wait for the um, hat!!!

  7. Yes, we will indeed take Alex either way, good guy or bad guy. The only thing wrong with being a bad guy is it usually ends bad. I heard that the snow scene was wearing a fur hat NOT a coat. Don’t we all look forward to that.

    1. Fur hat?! Been so long I can’t remember.. please let it be so!

  8. Yes Tiffany, I read that he runs through the snow wearing nothing but a fur coat. Let’s hope they didn’t cut it out. Always look forward to your e-mails. The pics of Alex are great.Thanks.

  9. Great pics and trailer, finally we got to see Alex, Thanks!

  10. Who doesn’t love a bad boy?

    1. Ah yes Alex as a bad boy god id take him any way i could get him sad and pathetic i know we havent heard much about whiteout here in australia is he in much of the movie of is he one of those meanies u only get to see at the end when the good guys kill him

      1. I think he is in the movie from the beginning. He plays a pilot. Maybe he flies in supplies and people as needed. I read in article months ago that he runs through the snow wearing nothing but a fur coat in one scene.. unless it has been cut. That leads me to believe he was part of the “gang” and then they find out he is the killer.

  11. Only the one photo you can actually see it is him. Yes, bad guy this time.

  12. Yummy! Alex in fur! Alex in snow! Cold Alex!

    ummmm… Hot!

  13. Oooooh, Alex being bad, oooooooh! Love him bad, very bad.

  14. i saw the trailer for whiteout lsat night and in the very beginning there was a close up of alex..i think lol

    1. I saw it too! I saw a beautiful face and blue eyes and thought ‘was that Alex?’. Then I saw the commercial again and…yes it was him:-)!!!

    2. Yep, I also saw it. It has one lovely shot of him looking up to the sky.

  15. Good guy, bad guy…I’ll take him any way!!!

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